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Author: Subject: Getting to know each other
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posted on 1-16-2020 at 10:23 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Long time no post.

Money issues suck. Started Doordashing a few months ago for extra income. Cool for now but tax time won't be fun. (Hey, I've owed the last few years, I'll owe again this year.)

Been delving back into the Transformers collection. Quit making cool stuff, Hasbro!

Social media has left me a bit numb with regards to others. Seems like a never-ending argument, whether it's politics, wrestling, or whatever. It's honestly damaged my wrestling fandom as I have trouble getting enthusiastic about much of anything any more. Honestly, it may be for the best; not everyone's a fan forever, you know?

My tastes have definitely changed as I appreciate the old-school approach more. NWA Powerrr is super fun. Conversely, I'm burned out on the bang-bang indie spotfests since so many people do them. It's funny that the more traditional approach has actually become the "alternative" now.

So much drama out there and I have trouble investing in wrestling people since so many turn out to be garbage. It's happened locally as well.

At any rate, diversifying my interests has helped (as well as therapy). I'm barely on Twitter any more, but I'm trying to use Instagram more. Either way, I'm hitting the age where a lot of free time is spent napping.


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