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Author: Subject: Division 2
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posted on 4-1-2019 at 09:13 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Division 2

Anyone else playing this?

I really dug the first game, and I think they did a good job of taking what worked in it and expanding on it. I hated the dark zone in the first game; not for any reason other than I just wasn't good enough to survive in there without having some 15 year old destroy me in a minute and steal my shit... But I loved the underground missions (were they DLC... can't remember?) and calling someone(s) in to either free roam or do a mission together.

I've mostly just kept to the campaign thus far... it's huge; I'm maybe halfway through and I'd guess it's about 30-35 hours maybe... possibly longer; lots of random skirmishes to distract you; which I think they improved on from the last game and the whole "control points" will make free roaming with a gang better... Plus I love that the missions level up with you, and so does crafting; so you aren't annihilating a lower level side mission like it's on rookie mode, and your guns and armor are easy to fix instead of spending forever to get one piece. Bad guy drops are fairly useful.

Minor complaint... needs more attire to customize your character; it's there, but few and far between compared to the last game.

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