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Author: Subject: 2018 bOOardies: The Winning-ing!
SpeciASSl CUMedian

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posted on 1-3-2019 at 07:21 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Originally posted by First 9
Better luck next year, DK.

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The Immortal One

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posted on 1-4-2019 at 06:56 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Hey wow thanks guys... 2 awards this year... and actual good ones to boot.

Do I give a speech?

It's funny in that I've been here since like 2002 or whatever... I lurked pretty heavily for a couple years before I signed up and seem to have quietly piled up a respectable amount of posts all while managing to avoid any big fights over the years but to be honest still occasionally feel like the fly on the wall observer as opposed to a core member here... even despite watching a good chunk of those core members move along.

I say all this and yet you fine folks have always made me feel included... be it awarding me the break out poster of the year several years back despite having more than a 1000 posts when I won, or my "Goon and Gooker pic of gayness" that won best avatar a few years back (can't remember which bro grabbed and "avatarded" it... or maybe it was CiG? Avatarded feels like it should now be an award category...)... The warm and awesome feedback the movie thread has gotten, and now this poster of the year love.

Anyway, sincerely thanks guys... This is an awesome place full of awesome people... but really, would it kill us to maybe get a few more chicks in here?

Let the "teh gay" comments begin!

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posted on 1-28-2019 at 01:49 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Wow, I'm honestly surprised to have won something, first time for me here at OO, thanks guys.

Hopefully in 2019 I'll do something here other than create some crazy suggestive trip for a combo wrestilng/orgy event in Phoenix.

"Is it too much to ask that the wrestling on my screen is fast paced, entertaining, interesting, and at least a little bit LOGICAL???"

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