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Author: Subject: For those of you with an NES or SNES Classic
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posted on 12-20-2018 at 12:16 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
For those of you with an NES or SNES Classic

If you have either the NES or SNES Classic, how do you like it? Do you still play it much? Would you recommend it for someone (me) who has all of the games via emulator on their computer/modded Wii?

I ask because I know Nintendo is going to stop production on them after the end of the year, and I've wanted them, but couldn't justify spending the money on them since I barely play any of these games either on my computer or modded Wii. Hell, I barely play any video games at all these days outside of the 3DS I play on bathroom breaks at work, and have a library of probably 20+ untouched games on PS4 through PS+. I even bought Horizon Zero Dawn 3 months ago and have yet to touch it.

But I still kinda want the classics. Particularly the SNES one.

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posted on 12-20-2018 at 12:27 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I picked up the NES classic. Got an off brand snes wireless controller. Mainly have played a bunch of Dr Mario. And realizing how some of the newer Mario games have given me bad habits. No wall jumps makes things way harder than I remember.

Not sure I could recommend it, as I play more games on my iPad (some really good board game apps out there) and still play too much Marion Run.

But it is cool.

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posted on 12-20-2018 at 12:49 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
See, that's part of what kept me from the NES Classic is that most of these games, as great as they were, have all been improved upon by 30 years of sequels, and going back that far just never appealed to me. The SNES Classic was about as far back as I could go, also mainly because that was the system that was around for the bulk of my childhood that I could actually read and write and have some understanding of how mechanics in games worked (ie running straight at opponents and attacking isn't always the best solution).

But that being said, I'm with BFG on the "getting sucked into playing other things" area. It's nice to know I have the SNES, and my nieces are getting old enough that they can figure out pressing an arrow moves the guy on the screen in that direction, which keeps them busy for 15 minutes or so at a time (which, with toddlers, is an eternity), but actually sitting down and spending quality, actual gaming time on it is only going to happen once my current gaming docket is empty (which given I still have a new Dragon Quest plus at least five other RPGs on it, will take a solid two months straight of playing to empty).

It really depends on whether you really want to own one down the road or not. Because if you do, it's a matter of spending $70 now or waiting and hoping people sell used ones at a reasonable price later.

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posted on 12-20-2018 at 02:44 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I still have my old NES and SNES (Sega Genesis, too). I haven't had much time to play since my son was born, but I can tell you that, while I haven't dusted off the NES in years, I still find myself switching on the SNES from time to time; I just finished a playthrough of Secret of Evermore about a year back, and I know I've gone through Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG in the last few years, too. Nintendo was starting to engineer out a lot of the cheapness of NES titles, and there are a lot of SNES games that still hold up really well.
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posted on 12-21-2018 at 09:50 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
As OO's premiere #1 Nintendo fanboy, who owns both the NES and SNES Classics, here's my two cents: it's a tough call.

On the one hand, it's hard to justify recommending that you spend $140 just to re-buy a bunch of games that you already have downloaded on the Wii and/or emulators (I was in the same boat, in that I probably already had 90% of the games on the NES/SNES Classics downloaded on my Wii already). On the other hand, both systems provide you with a super authentic retro experience and the controllers are amazing; these aren't just "retro-style" controllers like on the Wii, these are legit NES and SNES controllers recreated in the year 2018 and they feel glorious in your hands.

So if I had to make a recommendation, and in light of the fact that Nintendo is discontinuing these forever soon...yeah, fuck it. Buy them. If nothing else, they make for really cool collectibles and even though I don't use mine on a daily (or even weekly) basis anymore, I like having them hooked up to my TV, knowing that if the need to ever play some Ninja Gaiden or Super Metroid arises, I have them right there.

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