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Author: Subject: RIP Mac Miller
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posted on 9-7-2018 at 11:31 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
RIP Mac Miller

Just saw news that rapper Mac Miller died today of an apparent drug overdose. He was only 26. This one hit me kind of hard. I got into his music with Watching Movies with the Sound Off and saw him in concert in Philadelphia on his Divine Feminine Tour in 2016. Ariana Grande recently broke up with him and said something to the point of she didn’t want to feel like she had to babysit him and that she prayed for his sobriety. More recently, he got a DUI after wrecking his car into a guardrail. And now this. It really sucks that he couldn’t get control of himself and his substance abuse and it sucks even more that this is how it ended for him.

First thing I thought of when I heard the news and his age was a lyric from a previous album, GO:OD AM... “to everyone who sell me drugs, don't mix it with that bullshit, I'm hoping not to join the twenty-seven club” ...well, you avoided it, Mac. You’re a year early.

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posted on 9-8-2018 at 02:35 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I hadn't heard of this guy (and no, this isn't one of those get offa my lawn posts) until I checked out the Wikipedia app on my phone earlier. It showed him, Burt Reynolds, a female Japanese tennis player (and since I follow tennis I knew why she was trending), a horror movie called "The Nun", and Elon Musk as 'Trending'. Two of those people are no longer with us (I had to make sure Musk hadn't met a tragic and sudden end). It's usually not good when somebody shows up under the Trending header.

For whatever it's worth, you have my sympathies on the loss of an artist you enjoyed (and hopefully continue to enjoy) the work of.

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