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Author: Subject: OOfficial Discussion Thread for: RAW (July 16, 2018)
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posted on 7-17-2018 at 04:40 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
If they pull the trigger on an Elias face turn, I think he could do some good stuff with Dolph. He's had mini-feuds with Reigns, Roode, and Lashley, and extended feuds with Balor, Rollins, and Strowman.

It's coming sooner rather than later.

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posted on 7-17-2018 at 04:41 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Ziggler wins last night. Not in contention for title shot.
Rollins loses last night. In contention.
Lashley wins last night. Has to contend for shot against
Reigns loses last night. In contention.
Owens wins last night. Not in contention.
Strowman loses last night. Not in contention.

Fuck you, WWE. I get that we are going to Triple Threat at SS with probable cash in....but come on. Plenty of ways to get to a cash in without Reigns being involved.

Put Reigns and Jinder together in a program that runs through WM so I can fully not give a shit about an entire feud and tune out consistently for one segment every week for the next 10 months. Better yet, put Orton and Reigns on the same brand and do that. I donít think I dislike anyone more than those two. Black hole of apathy, disdain, and suck, conveniently bundled together for my (non)viewing convenience.

[Edited on 7-17-2018 by williamssl]

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posted on 7-17-2018 at 04:45 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Originally posted by bigfatgoalie
Alexa and Rhonda finally gave us something interesting tonight! Yeah! Women power!

I swear to christ, I'm banning the next person who spells it "Rhonda."

CAVEAT: probably not, and I only joke here because goalie is never getting banned evar. But seriously, everybody, she's one of the most famous people in sports, so if you don't know that she spells her name weird, it's kind of on you at this point.

In other news...

Reigns vs. Lashley next week? Ugh. Kinda felt like that it was inevitable once Angle announced the "pairings" (trio-ings?), but still ugh.

Unless there is a long con here, in which Lashley decides to do business with Heyman -- this wold be a "Brock loses on purpose to Lashley, because Lashley is Paul's new hired goon, and they'll sort it all out later once Brock is done with UFC" sort of deal, and even if you do a cash-in angle (Strowman insta-beats Lashley), Lashley continues as an elevated heel and Heyman is his advocate -- I just can't see this being very much fun.

The Strowman cash-in? Sure, fun. But the rest of this ride? Not so much unless there is at least one major swerve somewhere.

Glad I'm not the only one whose mind went there with Sasha and Bayley. I actually sort of trust the parties involved to do that story (if they choose to do it) in a pretty cool way, almost moreso than I could see WWE doing it if Finn Balor + Boyfriend was their first attempt at a modern LBGT story. "Dammit Bayley, you are the most important person in my life and always will be, but my career is always a close second and you keep messing things up for me on that front. WHY SO COMPLICATED???!!!!!!???"

My questions are about fans and how they respond. The reason why you don't do it with Finn is -- no matter how much his rainbow merch seems to be selling -- you risk a substantial portion of WWE's mouthbreathers booing the whole thing. The reason why I still might not do it with Bayley/Sasha is that those same mouthbreathers might cheer it way too hard and for all the wrong reasons.

Also, I'm fine if my pervy subtext is 100% wrong. Because thinking about a trade is kinda interesting, too. I'd swap Sasha (slow-burn heel turn, to do programs with both Becky and Charlotte) to SD in exchange for the IIconics, in a heartbeat.

Pretty sure this is Week 2 of Sarah Logan Viking Up... or, in a more general way, crazying up. With Ruby on the shelf for a while, there's an opening for a slightly more unorthodox alternachick on the roster. Logan used to be "Crazy Mary" on the indies, and I always thought she was picture perfect for "Sister Abigail," so some piercings and too much make-up could be her way back to her original niche.

Tag division looking nice: B-Team, Deleters, AoP, and Revival all in play given the way tonight played out.

IC picture? Not sure. Did Rollins just basically step aside (and slightly up), and Dolph needs a new challenger? Cuz Roode ain't it.

I am the 2%!!!! [Well, at least Yngwie Malmstein-reference-wise]

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