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Author: Subject: Teen Titans Go to the Movies

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posted on 7-16-2018 at 05:50 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Teen Titans Go to the Movies

I had mentioned in another thread how DC shows are great compared to the movies. But I was comparing live action to live action. Cartoons are a whole Ďnother category.

I canít comment too much on Marvel animated vs DC animated, only to say that from what Iíve seen on the intrawebs the DC animated shows and movies seem much more popular. And I donít think Iíd be mistaken in saying that Teen Titans Go is far and away the most popular of the comic book cartoons.

Which means we have a real interesting thing coming up next week. Teen Titans Go to the Movies is hitting theatres next Thursday/Friday. For those who have not seen TTG, itís got a huge following among kids. Obviously. Maybe not as much as a few years ago, but itís one of the mainstays of Cartoon Network. Itís got a fanbase among adults, too. Mainly those adults with kids, because half the references in the show seem to be written with 30-40 year olds in mind. Like having Bea Arthur and the other Golden Girls in the Two Parter episodes. Or the PacMan/Frogger/Zelda video game references. Hell, the original Night Begins to Shine episode was a love letter to the 80s. In a completely un-scientific survey Iíd say half the parents of my kidsí friends have watched the show along with their kids. Iím not saying that parents watch it religiously, but I am saying that parents like it and have no problem watching it if their kids have it on.

I donít want to predict how well or bad it will do, because I have no idea. But I do want to see how well it will do against the live action DC movies and how it does against the Marvel movies. Comparing live action to animation is comparing apples to oranges, but it will be interesting to see how it shakes out. And you know if it does good there will be a thousand internet articles about how DC has finally "righted the ship", or "the new Marvel/DC movie war!", or something else for comic fans to debate.

IíM going to go see it with my kids and some of the aforementioned kidsí friends and parents. Any of the rest of you taking your kids to see it, or looking to borrow your siblingsí kids so you can justify seeing it?

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