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Author: Subject: I may agree with a Trump policy

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posted on 7-4-2018 at 12:50 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I may agree with a Trump policy

This has been in the back of my head for a while. There's lots of ways to look at it, but I don't think the idea of treating people differently based upon race during college admissions is a good thing. I've heard the idea touted that if one wishes to level the playing field, one should go by zip code first, as zip code will tell you potentially more about someone than race. This idea was first posited to me by a very Left leaning professor at college. The idea hinges upon the reasoning that black Americans will have a harder time getting ahead, because they've (in many areas) been held back, first and foremost by economic roadblocks (such as crime, poverty, gangs, unemployment, ect...) However these same roadblocks can hurt white people (or any people) that are also in the same exact neighborhood.

I generally didn't think too hard about affirmative after this because "out of sight, out of mind" but recently I heard a podcast discussing discrimination against Asian Americans in the admission process and it piqued by interest once again.

"But with his high G.P.A., nearly perfect SAT score and activities — debate team, tennis captain and state orchestra — Mr. Jia believes he should have had a fair shot at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania. Those Ivy League colleges rejected him after he applied in the fall of 2015.

It was particularly disturbing, Mr. Jia said, when classmates with lower scores than his — but who were not Asian-American, like him — were admitted to those Ivy League institutions.

“My gut reaction was that I was super disillusioned by how the whole system was set up,” Mr. Jia, 19, said.

Students like Mr. Jia are now the subject of a lawsuit accusing Harvard of discriminating against Asian-Americans in admissions by imposing a penalty for their high achievement and giving preferences to other racial minorities.

The case, which is clearly aimed for the Supreme Court, puts Asian-Americans front and center in the latest stage of the affirmative action debate."

In the past if you spoke up against such systemic use of race, you (if you look like me... white and male) would've probably been greeted with "Oh your white feelings must be hurt." But now that line of identify politics is harder to use... because the race being targeted is in fact a minority. Awkward.

This is where identity politics runs aground. When you can't just yell 'fuck white CIS males" as a rebuttal, you better be able to find your moral justification for what is really beginning to look like federal mandated discrimination based upon race.

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The Rowdy One

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posted on 7-4-2018 at 06:25 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
It's easy dismiss this as a correct action when you're not apart of the affected group, but consider that racism was absolutely prevalent in college admissions until affirmative action came along to help fix that situation. Such a policy is a boon for diversity on college campuses and not just stuffing school rosters with black and brown people to meet a quota.

Black student who gets in over white student: affirmative action charity case.

White student who gets in over asian student: More well rounded.

White female who gets in over white male: adding much needed diversity.

Legacy student gets in over anyone: Well that's just how it has always been done.


Legacy students are 45% more likely to get in than 'normal' applicants at America's top colleges, regardless of grades. Harvard, Yale, and Princeton admit between 20 and 35% of those who apply as legacies, with normal admission rates of only 5-8%. Why don't we get rid of that constant bias if we're going to promote blind, bootstrap-based admissions?

AA is complicated, and in a perfect world, it wouldn't be needed. We need a better solution but getting rid of AA isn't it. On worrying about Black and brown undergraduates students taking their place, Black students only make up 8% of Princeton and Hispanic make up 11% of students.

All in all, i'm not shocked that a racist like Trump would do this.

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posted on 7-4-2018 at 10:52 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Can't do anything about the legacy kids. The colleges need the money that their tuition brings in as well as the endless donations from the alumni parents of those students. Besides, look at what happened at the University of Missouri when the alumni got majorly pissed off at the SJW's taking over the campus with the BLM/Melissa Click debacle. Both donations and new tuitions have collapsed because alumni and legacy parents have withdrawn their support over what they saw as the school's drift to the hard-left. And it also fed right into the narrative of out-of-control leftism that allowed right-wing Missouri state representatives to start slashing the school's yearly funding from the government. Events like that, or the one at Evergreen State College in Washington where a leftist teacher was driven out of the school by the students for not being left-wing enough and ending up on the bad side of the local BLM group, are just part and parcel of the culture war that ended up sending more votes to the likes of Trump.

There is no perfect solution. Judging students by area code as well as their parent's employment situation and tax returns would probably be fairest in terms of getting underprivileged students with good high school grades who deserve a chance at a place at the schools. There's no way though that it can be made up to minority students who aren't poor but get rejected due to lack of space and there's probably no way to end the discrimination-based lawsuits that will continually happen as a result of those rejections.

Well you know, just because these young men have little education and live in squalor, it doesn't entitle them to commit antisocial behaviour and get away with it.

it's a child molesting robot

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