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Author: Subject: Crystal Method and the like

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posted on 6-22-2018 at 04:16 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Crystal Method and the like

I know a few of you are music buffs so I would like some recommendations.

I bought Crystal Methodís Divided by Night (extended mix) CD a few months ago and it is still on heavy rotation. What I really liked were some of the collab efforts Ė Drown in the Now (with Matisyahu), Kling to the Wreckage (with Justin and Stephanie Warfield), Black Rainbows (with Stephanie Warfield) and Slipstream (with Jason Lytle). Iíve listened to some of the collab people - mostly Matisyashu Ė individually, but they donít really do anything for me. It's the group efforts that really hit my musical sweet spot. I donít want to say itís all EDM, because itís not: Kling to the Wreckage sounds like they took a time machine back to the 80s and 90s, and Black Rainbows is more haunting melody than throw-the-glowsticks-in-air music. The baseline is electronic music, and after that they go into some pretty different areas.

(Please note: Like everyone else who has ever listened to this album, I simultaneously love and hate Sine Language. The Crystal Method music? One of the best on the album. The singing by LMFAO? Absolute garbage. Itís the musical equivalent of watching Pacific Rim starring Pauly Shore and Rosie OíDonnell.)

What I would like from you guys and gals is some recommendations for other songs/groups/etc like this album. Iím going back through Crystal Methodís discography, but since a lot of you are more into music that I am I figure you would know of some other songs from other bands I can check out.


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