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Author: Subject: Miz feud idea

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posted on 11-25-2017 at 10:15 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Miz feud idea

So I got this miz idea that I think could be pretty cool for him and give him a pat on his back. I think one of the biggest honors the WWE can give a wrestler is to give him a RR win, I would argue this is as big or bigger than winning the main event at WM.

So I think WWE should make a trade with smackdown, where HHH is the instigator of it with Steph, send Strowman .... and The Miz to smackdown (because HHH never liked that guy he can kinda chuckle when he does it) for Owens and Zayn.

Its not really relevant for now....however at RR have Miz return and and win the RR in the BSest of BS ways....maybe a bull shit dropkick that sends Strowman or some other hoss over the ropes who is distracted by whoever Strowman will face at WM.

The next night on Smackdown ...The Miz is declaring his awesomeness when Daniel Bryan says there is no way he will ever let The Miz represent Smackdown and waste a honor like that for someone who is more deserving. Bryan forces the miz to put his RR spot up against ....AJ Styles or Nakamura or whoever you want to be your challenger at WM that night on Smackdown.

Now ideally this turns into DB vs Miz (I think DB has been cleared and this is a nuclear feud) Miz can threaten to sue unless DB publicly apologizes to him. Miz can just berate how DB is just jealous that Miz can still wrestle and he can't, and it makes him sick to know that Miz is the better man, and he is too much of a pussy to do anything about it. Miz calls him coward, pussy, loser, everything and then DB snaps and goes after the Miz...but Miz doesn't run it is a BRAWL...the hate is real....DB is pulled back by the officials. Miz is screaming...DB is screaming .... The next week DB comes out and tells everyone he has been cleared to wrestle but the WWE won't let him..... and if they will not give him a match vs Miz he will quit ....he will go to New Japan, ROH, etc.....out comes Vince McMahon.

Vince tells him that yes Miz is a asshole, but DB is a liability to the company but the WWE is a publically traded company and in years past he woudl of allowed it ...but now he can't..... but if DB does quit, Vince will force him to honor his contract......DB now threatens to sue Vince because he has doctors that say he is ready to vince makes a deal DB has to sign a contract that absolves WWE of all legal wrong doing and WWE will grant him a match vs Miz at WM..... if Miz wins he honors his contract, he apologizes to Miz for screwing him out of WM, and he never mentions wrestling again on WWE TV.

DB agrees and they set up a non sanctioned WWE Street Fight between miz and DB.

If I was booking Id have Miz win in some sort of BS manner.... and run Smackdown through him for the foreseeable future winning the title at the following PPV after WM for Smackdown. Give him a stable of Roode and a tag team. But this isn't really important.

Anyway I think DB vs Miz has to happen and before DB leaves WWE. This is the best feud WWE has had in forever and it needs a payoff.

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posted on 11-30-2017 at 04:59 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Miz vs. Daniel Bryan is a Wrestlemania dream match for me at this point.

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