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Author: Subject: 20 Years Since the Passing of Brian Pillman
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posted on 10-5-2017 at 05:07 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
20 Years Since the Passing of Brian Pillman

Pillman died on October 5th 1997. Amazing and sad that 20 years have gone by. What those next few years in the Attitude Era would have been like had he lived we will never know.
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posted on 10-6-2017 at 09:04 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I don't think Pillman would have had that much of an impact... he was 35 with a pretty major injury that affected his in ring abilities; and with close ties to the Hart's the whole Screwjob thing probably wouldn't have sat well with him, or at the least would probably have made Vince cautious in using him.

I recognize that Austin, and Taker were also older and have varying injuries as well- but they could still work their style whereas Flyin' Brian had to drop the Flying part- In saying that let's say Vince stayed behind Pillman (he did give him one of the few WWF guaranteed contracts of that era) and Pillman could get past the whole screwjob thing... 97 was a pretty crowded top of the card with Austin, a rising Rock, Taker, a heavily pushed Kane, HBK still in the picture but on his way out, and Foley... I think if Pillman was able to fine tune his fused ankle more grounded style then you might have seen a feud with champion Austin... Given how protected Austin was and the small circle of guys they let wrestle him I don't know that BP would have gotten anything more than a month or two mini-feud with the Champ... Vince seemed to like himself in the centre piece of feuding with Austin (and why not, it was a license to print money) and otherwise it was mostly big number attacks by corporate flunkies who were mostly indistinguishable, with the bigger feuds save for his top guys... it even took HHH a bit to crack into that circle.

I think Mankind would have worked with Bryan- the loose cannon gimmick might have meshed well with what Mick was doing at the time... kind of a battle of the crazies maybe... but otherwise I think (and all I'm doing is spitballing here) BP would probably tread water in feuds like his last one against Goldust.

Assuming he cleaned up his personal life habits, and maybe got through some mid card feuds against the likes of Goldust, Gunn, Owen, Boss man, and Shamrock... and made it to 1999 then I think he could have really shined against Jericho; that might have gotten him some attention, but by this point we were pretty much in the Rock/HHH era, and at 37 he'd been looking at an infusion of talent he'd need to stay ahead of... Jericho took time to take off, Big Show was lost in the Wilderness, the Radicalz didn't get there until 2000, but Angle was probably always going to have a rocket strapped to his ass, and of course the whole 6 pack of tag wrestlers (Dudley's, Hardy's, E&C) took up time... most of those former mid card guys from 96-98 kind of petered out, so I don't think BP ceiling would have been that high, but being tight with various big names of that era might have kept him from becoming another D'Lo Brown (talented, but relegated to C shows for the most part).

Of course never say never in wrestling... anyone is just one good promo and feud away from who knows what; but I think looking at the mid card that didn't make it from when he came to the WWE, his injuries, the Screwjob and his ties to the Hart's, and of course his drug problems (the WWE may not be the most stringent piss tester back then, but they did bounce some bigish names for being too messed up)- the deck was probably stacked against Pillman from being much more than a mid carder with the odd showcase feud.

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posted on 10-6-2017 at 03:56 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
He would've been TNA champion, that's for sure.
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posted on 10-7-2017 at 04:07 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I MISS Brian Pillman very much!!

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