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Author: Subject: Craziest thing that's happened and/or happened to you in your lifetime?
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posted on 8-20-2017 at 11:55 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Craziest thing that's happened and/or happened to you in your lifetime?

Trump being President or 9/11 are the obvious crazy things that have happened in my lifetime.

Craziest thing that's happened to me was a bit more life-threatening. One time inbetween 6th and 7th grade, we were all playing around in my friends room and he had a hammer that he always would act like he's gonna throw. He'd really make you think he was gonna throw it!! Thing is, this particular time, the head came flying off the handle and whizzed by my head at max speed. It was seriously one of the most insane things I can ever remember. I either would have been dead or completely blind and fucked on the left side of my face. I remember he was like "whoa, that was pretty crazy" as if it was cool, but I looked at it as something much more akin to Jewels in Pulp Fiction explaining how a Guardian Angel was watching his ass. Angel or not, thay was when I started being a lot more careful about what I did and who I played around until I got older, and then it was more about being wary of my surroundings. It really taught me not to play with serious equipment/tools that could hurt you severely.

I don't speak to that guy anymore, but I still have him on my Facebook. I wonder if he'd even remember it.

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