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Author: Subject: My honeymoon in South Korea
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posted on 8-5-2017 at 06:29 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
My honeymoon in South Korea

I had my honeymoon starting on the 24th and I had a really great time. I wasn't so excited about going to SK (I originally wanted to go to Tokyo again, this time with my wife, but Russians have a hard time getting into Japan on short notice), but I decided to think of the things I would get to look forward to on this schedule:

-about a week on Jeju Island (beaches, easy to get by speaking Chinese since Chinese live here in abundance and thus, most every island native speaks Chinese, as well)
-2 days in Seoul (great food and the ability to go out and see many things and places we don't have in China that I miss from America)
-Back to China, but with a 2-day stop in Dalian, my favorite city here (just amazing scenery and clean city life)
-back to Harbin on Wednesday. (fuck)

-Jeju was really awesome. It's a hot fucking island south of the mainland, but it's really beautiful.

-I learned quickly that 7-11's are in abundance and have the goods. Fuck you, Harbin.

-Renting bikes is fucking expensive. Paid 150 to rent a pair for 4 days.

-When Korean fried chicken joints tell you something is spicy, don't underestimate them. I ordered some wings that made me go Lisa Simpson with a "I can see through time". I ate the majority and then spent the next 12 hours taking upwards of 20 shits because of how upset my stomach was. But man, they were great. I also ordered some beer-battered fried chicken, which was delicious. The pizza there was also reaaaally good. If you haven't had Korean fried chicken, I implore you to go out and do so. We have it here in Harbin but only 1 place does it properly.

-Our first real day, we rented the bikes and then went to the northwestern part of the island in the Iho-Dong section and the beach there was OK. They had a swimming pool and the water wasn't so clean. It was my wife's first time swimming though, and she enjoyed it.

-Later on, we had the best Mexican food I have ever had at a place called "Macho Grill". I implore you to go there. It's fantastic.

-After that, we had Churros on their central street-style place and I played some arcade games and such. Really nice place, so far.

-The next day we wanted to have the cream of the crop when it came to Korean BBQ, so we went to Black Pork Street in the Ildoil-Dong region of the island (by bike, of course) and found ourselves near a lovely port, so we went for a walk. The seafood restaurants all over the place had fish I had never seen before and everything was so fresh, but since i hate seafood, I chose not to eat any.

-Next day, we mentally prepared for how rough it was going to be to get to Hamdeok Beach. We had already been burned pretty badly and sunblock doesn't seem to help at all. Not on this island.

-Hamdeok Beach is a fantastic, wonderful place with the most beautiful emerald-colored water I've ever seen. The sand is white, and the water is refreshingly cold. I took a bike there from the main city area and it was a total of 22 miles combined going and coming back. I saw some beautiful scenery on the way and my wife and I took a few breaks here and there. Getting to the beach was more than worth it. The ride back felt like one of the more accomplished things I had ever done. Jeju is very San Francisco-like in how the streets constantly go up and down at steep angles and some of them are very hard to bike up.

-Seoul was great. Went to a major museum dedicated to a great king and the inventor of their language, saw a huge temple right next to it at the end of the street the museum was on (the museum is underground, if you've ever been there), but I was a little bored because my wife's friend (who is Korean) was just leading us around and I hate that shit. She was really nice, though, so all was good. The next day we agreed to have a day apart so we could have a break and let me go find some good pizza I heard about from a mate.

-Next day, I walked a long way through Seoul to get to a pizza place called The Pizza Peel, which was FAN-TASTIC. Just awesome. highly recommended. On the way, I had some Gelato from a neighborhood and visited a park and a shopping mall, and saw my first Korean supermarket, which was awesome.

-Later on, met up with my wife and her friend outside of a Krispy Kreme and she took us to this Korean pub which was the craziest night of drinking I've ever had since i can remember. We played a drinking game with Soju bottles and then I decided to make it more interesting by making gambles on people around the bar (how many of the people at that table play Starcraft 2/how many of those girls have boyfriends/which one of those girls speaks English AND Chinese/Does the waiter have a girlfriend?...etc...), which made everyone in the pub really excited whenever we came to their table to ask. It was a great night and we met some really nice people.

-Then we went back to China, and Dalian was awesome, as it always is. Then Harbin.

Overall, I'd go back to Korea in a heartbeat. I loved it, but not as much as I loved Japan. Japan was a place I had always dreamed of going and it was an experience I will never forget. I truly felt it. Korea was just a damned-fine place to go and Jeju Island was the right choice. I loved the island feel and I will definitely be going there again someday.

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