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Author: Subject: Are the Rumor Crap threads low key killing the bOOard?
SpeciASSl CUMedian

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posted on 8-11-2017 at 04:51 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Personally when I log onto the OO Forums and see that the rumors thread has magically gone from 27 pages to 34 I get really excited. I mean, that's a perfect amount of long winded snark for a great duece or two.

Extra points to everyone who helped derail this thread too.

Anyway, as I'm closing in on a decade as a poster (on top of being around lurking creepily as far back as like 99 (what the fuck)) I still love this place. A decade ago we got 7,000 word daily posts from Lucky Lopez detailing the merits of wrestling like it was the god damned ballet, and now we get Janerd's tranny gifs. The gifs are better. Plus ... they won't steal your fantasy baseball money!

In conclusion I'm going to keep posting top of my head nonsense.


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posted on 8-12-2017 at 02:57 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Originally posted by Paddlefoot
Umm, no, because mods tend to go off the reservation so to speak. You missed the days of old around here when the mods could successfully curate the place of any fun at all. They were needed more in the dial-up days when gif-posting could paralyze the board by hogging all the bandwidth. Now with exponentially more power available compared to, say, 2004 it's no longer a problem. These days IMO no one is acting up enough or being a colossal enough dickbag to warrant having hypersensitive mods around giving folks a bad time just because they feel like it.

As you can see by my post count they pop up from time to time when their little feelings get hurt.

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Rocco Rock of Jabroni

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posted on 8-12-2017 at 03:24 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
The Ted Cruz avatar is even more cruel.

Well you know, just because these young men have little education and live in squalor, it doesn't entitle them to commit antisocial behaviour and get away with it.

it's a child molesting robot

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