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Author: Subject: OOfficial Discussion Thread for: RAW (September 22, 2014)
Count Zero
The Great One

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posted on 9-25-2014 at 05:13 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
[stupid me hit quote instead of edit. ignore this space. ugh.]

[Edited on 9-25-2014 by Count Zero]

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The Great One

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posted on 9-25-2014 at 08:54 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
It's not that I've necessarily decided that he's being buried- I just find it a little strange that he's been seemingly absent lately. It's very possible they're saving him for something cool, and I hope that's the case.
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mark markham

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posted on 9-26-2014 at 12:34 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
They should have let Bray take out Jericho. Although he won the feud, it doesn't seem like he came out much for the better.

Speaking of making guys better. I think they are wasting Brock Lesnar right now. They could have made a new star or reestablished a stale guy in a match with Brock at NOC, and gotten exactly where we are today. If they had it in there minds that Brock retains via DQ and that a looming match with Cena will come in at Hell in the Cell..why not let Caesaro or Ambrose get a lucky shot at Brock? Brock dominates but this guy, whoever he may be, makes the big comeback in the end only to have Rollins screw him over...then before Rollins gets the pin--out of nowhere Cena appears and breaks up the cash in just as he did. This would have been Cena's first appearance since Summer Slam. Nobody would no what was up with Cena. People would wonder where his mind was at. Then you make his comeback lead up to Hell in the Cell...the guy who got screwed out of the title has a ready feud with Rollins. It makes things more tidy. If they aren't doing "real" PPVs anymore they should be able to do more risky things like this and not expect much backlash. Something good might come out of it. On the other hand we got what we got instead and we're looking at Brock vs. Cena three. I just don't see how this is helpful for anyone on the roster who isn't named John Cena.

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Dominated by my love for Randy Orton

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posted on 9-28-2014 at 03:44 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I thought, and still think the only way that finish made sense was if you addes Rollins, and ostensibly Ambrose, and made it a 4way title match at HIAC. So many cool possibilities could come out of it and it'd be a ripper match.

I do NOT love RKO, you sarcastic bastards.
"There are no politics in WWE." - Stephanie McMahon

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