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Author: Subject: Weekly Ratings / Battle of the Brands
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posted on 2-4-2013 at 01:48 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Weekly Ratings / Battle of the Brands

This hasn't really happened in like ever. Good concept but hasn't caught on with any consistency.

I am game with trying a reboot but this is kinda an "all/most or nothing" thing re participation.

I only watch Raw with any consistency so can't rate the other shows.

If we don' ok with zapping the references in the show threads?

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posted on 2-7-2013 at 10:53 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote

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posted on 3-11-2013 at 07:47 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I was going to say, I think Raw would be the only one worth even rating at this point considering the other two shows don't even consistently get threads (and in Smackdown's case, if it does, it gets about six-to-eight posts on a good week).

EDIT - Jesus, I just saw this thread started a month ago. I'm thinking the consensus is nobody cares.

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posted on 3-12-2013 at 04:21 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
As I mentioned in the other thread: sorry I didn't really realize this was an ongoing thread till now...

But now that I see it, I agree the present show threads are a bit silly, in regards to the "rating' aspect. Let's say we just -- for the sake of tradition -- keep things how they are for a couple more weeks, and use WrestleMania as the excuse to shake things up.

RAW really is our best, weekly thread; even with "lurker blocking" technology we're doing about 100 replies and 10,000 views per week. I don't think we need anything to change there.

SD and Impact, though? I'm open to suggestions. SD seems to be on a slight uptick, lately, but that might just be WM Season. I like the idea of talking about shows, but TNA is still TNA (which is not a compliment), and unless we completely change how we deal with Spoilers, I don't know how much interest we can ever generate in SD...

I suppose wmmssssss point is that we just need to knock out the boilerplate verbiage on the TV threads.... and in so far as that goes, I'm amenable. It's clearly no longer fair to try to use the same scale to rate RAW vs. SD vs. Impact, whether that scale is Nielsen points or Arbitrary OO Points.

Short of making me write huge TNA previews each week, pretending as if I considered it to be a valid replacement product, what can we do to remedy this?


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