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Author: Subject: Jim, the Subway guy freaks me out
Bud Ellock

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posted on 12-13-2002 at 01:40 AM Edit Post
Jim, the Subway guy freaks me out

Not that I am a big fan of Scott Keith's, but after seeing another Subway comerical with Jim and the nerd tonight, I almost have to agree with this:

From the Smark Raw rant:

"Man, that Jim guy is getting creepier by the day. Now he’s hanging around fraternity houses (not SORORITY houses like a normal heterosexual male hoping to walk in on some naked chicks, nope, he’s picking up teen boys all the way) and ambushing pizza guys. If I’m the dude delivering 18 pizzas a night to a frat house and this fucker is costing me $200 a day, I’d start going medieval on his ass. I mean, fuck you if you want to tell these pot-smoking dipshits to go eat at Subway! They’re probably so fucked up on cheap beer and weed that they’ll eat three-week old Doritos off the floor anyway, so what’s the fucking difference if they have sub sandwiches or pizza? And what’s his pitch to the kids? “As long as it’s not round and greasy!” He then proceeds to give them all the big long tube-shaped sandwiches. WHAT’S THE MESSAGE HERE, KIDS? And then he’s moving in on the burger places, asking if the guy behind the counter knows the intimate details of his customer’s life. What the fuck? Now this guy is STALKING the teenage boys and learning their eating habits and personal details? I mean, sure, I enjoy Subway, but I don’t want the people who make my sandwiches to know anything beyond whether I want mustard or mayo on that. And I’m pretty sure Jim likes LOTS of mayo on his phallic-shaped sandwich, if you know what I mean. They should change the catchphrase to “Subway – Eat Dick” at this rate. Someone call the fucking sexual predator squad and report this sicko, pronto."

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Man of a Thousand Holds

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posted on 12-13-2002 at 04:16 PM Edit Post
i'll give one thing to subway, as bad as their commercials are, we tend to talk about them a lot, so they must be doing something right.

then again, they do not compel me in any way to go to subway right now, so at the same time, they're a total failure.

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posted on 5-23-2003 at 10:02 AM Edit Post
Speaking of Sub Sandwiches. Has anyone seen the new Sheetz comerical where someone dressed up like "Jarred" from Subway, sneaks into a hotel room to eat his Sheetz sub?

As a child, I was raped by a koala. Twice. Once on Earth Day and once on Christmas. But I got my Christmas wish.

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