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Author: Subject: My interview with Roddy Piper
The Big Shit

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posted on 12-6-2002 at 05:25 PM Edit Post
My interview with Roddy Piper

Hello folks, this is Paul Wight, your WWE Champion and I have a special guest today at the titty bar I am at, and it is Mr. Hot Rod himself -- Roddy Piper.

<"Rowdy" Roddy> Remember to go to so they can hear my "shoot" interview tonight.

Now Piper, we know each other for a few years . . .

<"Rowdy" Roddy> I told you to lose some weight son, because you know fat can slow the access to the brain. Now before tonight, I would like to shoot in gaelic. Oh shaw -- ebbit caw en da mah sa. Dur se da en la ca da. Ben Lad Da -- beer una. I have made my case over and over again about how Owen Hart was murdered by Vince Russo as final revenge to ensure Bret Hart would never join the WW -- F. Speaking of F -- I would never bow down to some g' damned Panda. There too many freaks out there today that get by with stupid shit, and then there is me -- the hot rod. I made mistakes -- I don't deny that -- but you'll never see me hand a guy 900 feet in the air and drop him to his death.

It was more like 80 feet, Roddy.

<"Rowdy" Piper> This comes from the guy that thinks Andre weighed 700 pounds.

He was more like 800, 900, 1000 pounds -- but I really don't want people to think I am full of myself -- so we agreed on the 700 pounds. I took Andre the Giant, weighing 1100, 1200 pounds -- I pressed him over my head, dribbled him like a basketball, spinned him on my finger 25 times, and slammed him into the ground and it shook my feet. God Rest Andre's soul.

Uh, Hulkster -- I am interviewing Piper here, and Vince doesn't want me to talk to you.

<"Rowdy" Piper> WHICH ONE, MCMAHON OR RUSSO!!!!!

Uh, McMahon.

<"Rowdy" Piper> Oh good, because McMahon is just a little mislead at this time. He allowed garbage like Russo to hold his dick, and now his little slut of a daughter is . . . now I have respect for children -- I have 800, 900 kids myself.

Uh, no "Rowdy" he weighed 1200, 1300 pounds and I pressed him over my head . . . and the crowd chanted . . .

<"Rowdy" Piper> In galeic they chanted -- "Bullshit" which comes out to sound like "Hogan" sometimes.

You just jealous and upset that I single handed destroyed the big smelly, wart infested Andre the Giant -- that weight over 1500 pounds and that you couldn't come close to defeating Andre.

<"Rowdy" Piper> Listen Hogan, Andre the Giant was no 1500 pounds. Also I put Andre on a stretcher 1500 times.

No, Andre weighed 1700, 1800 pounds as I lifted him over my head, threw him ino orbit -- had my rotate around the planet -- 900, no 1000 times and then caught him, spinned him on my finger and SLAMMED HIM TO THE GROUND. Then I launched into the air and after rising up 500 -- no 5000 feet into the air -- no higher as I enter orbit and all the world of Hulkamanics chanted my name -- did I return to earth and DROP THE LEG on the smelly, wart infested Giant.

That's it -- I am out of here.

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Bud Ellock

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posted on 12-7-2002 at 05:32 AM Edit Post
Is this guy for real?
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posted on 12-7-2002 at 07:48 AM Edit Post

I am become Death,
The shatterer of Worlds.

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