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Author: Subject: Wicked Pissah Wrestling!!! TotalNonstopAssplay's OOIV results week 1!!
Total Nonstop Assplay

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posted on 10-4-2011 at 01:41 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Wicked Pissah Wrestling!!! TotalNonstopAssplay's OOIV results week 1!!

Every week I will post results of my matches in an effort to boost up my votes. Also for clarification all of my match's are under the old ECW rules where the use of chairs, tables, etc were permitted at the ref's discretion. Week 1's results are as follows:

Public Enemy defeats Riggs & Bagwell to advance

Yokozuna & Owen Hart defeat Crimson & Amazing Red with help from Mr. Fuji's patented powder toss

Glacier defeats Wrath

Dreamer & Sandman defeat Alex Wright & the Wall in the bloodiest match of the night

Brodus Clay w/Jazz defeats Mason Ryan w/Chyna via countout after Brodus uses a two-handed chokeslam to put Mason through the Spanish announcer's table. Jazz knocked out Chyna with a chair shot to the face following the chokeslam

Ricky Steamboat Jr narrowly defeats Johnny Gargano, Akira Tozawa, and Justin Gabriel to capture the WPW Cruiserweight title. Gargano had the the title in his grasp only to have Justin Gabriel hit him a springboard dropkick to knock him from the ladder. As he fell he pulled the title down but it fell to the mat. Ricky Jr and Tozawa both scrambled inside the ring to claim the fallen prize but Ricky Jr was to catch Tozawa with a fisherman's suplex capture into a brainbuster finish and claim the title for himself as Gargano regained his senses moments too late.

The Sheik & Sabu defeats Ultimo Dragon & Juventud Guerrara in a very high flying match complete with dives into the crowd and multiple brojen tables.

Chris Jericho defeats Sheamus, Goldberg, and Andre the Giant to capture the WPW Heavyweight title. The match began with Andre quickly dispatching Goldberg and Sheamus to the outside leaving Jericho all alone with this monster of a man. Jericho attempted to take Andre down with repeated kicks to the right leg however his mistake came when he attempted a lionsault to the still upright Giant. Andre caught him and threw him to ringside onto Goldberg. An enraged Sheamus caught Andre with a Brough
kick but even that could not fell this beast. As Jericho and Goldberg fought outside Andre began to put the boots to the much younger Sheamus eventually chokeslamming him from the ring apron to the outside mat. The first fall was gained by Andre over Goldberg after Goldberg missed a spear and then ate a chokeslam. Jericho tried to capitalize on Andre being down with a missile dropkick from the top rope as Andre rose. Andre fought his way back up and chokeslammed Jericho. As he went down for the pin Sheamus entered the ring armed with a steel chair and bad intentions. Sheamus hit Andre with the chair and then repeatedly hit Andre with the chair even as the ref tried to stop him. The ref counted to five and disqualified Sheamus for not stopping the attack. Sheamus left the ring after a short protest which resulted in his giving the ref a taste of the Celtic Cross. Jericho regained his senses and rolled atop Andre. A new ref ran from the back to assist but was too late as Andre raised a shoulder at the last second. Jericho waited for Andre to reach one knee and connected with a codebreaker for the win. Sheamus re-entered the ring and hit Jericho with a brough kick. He spits on Andre and closes the show by standing over them both title in hand.

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posted on 10-4-2011 at 11:20 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Originally posted by Total Nonstop Assplay
Every week I will post results of my matches in an effort to boost up my votes.

Ahhh, young na´vetÚ. Sorry, welcome to the loser zone (population: me and JB, so far), where no matter who/what you draft, how well thought-out your cards/plans are, or how much effort you put in you're simply not going to win. Hell, you probably won't even beat anybody. It's the nature of these drafts.

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