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Author: Subject: OOWF Hell On Earth 7 PPV

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posted on 9-22-2011 at 12:09 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
OOWF Hell On Earth 7 PPV

OOWF Hell on Earth 7
Live! From Dayton, Ohio

OOWF World Heavyweight Title Fatal Four Way

Alexander Darling vs. Eric O'Mac vs. Davin Moreland vs. Stank

OOWF Intercontinental Title Match - Falls Count Anywhere

Chris Evans vs. Stan Fulton

OOWF World Tag Team Title Lava Pit Match

The Flyin Hawaiians vs. Texpress

OOWF Onslaught Championship Match I

El Lobo Sangriento vs. J-P Sparxx

OOWF Onslaught Championship Match II

Lobo/Sparxx winner vs. Moose/Psykle winner

Teams On the Line, Last Person Standing Match

Drink & Destroy vs. Regicide

Onslaught Rules Match

Moosehead Jack vs. Psykle

Firewoman vs. Attitude Adjuster

Ecosystem vs. Alexis Darling

JW Westgaard & Honcho Williams vs. TBA

Card subject to Jim Tressel

[Edited on 9-25-2011 by mooseheadjack]

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posted on 9-22-2011 at 02:01 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
*Davin Moreland is HELPING~! to pack the Camry, as Davin and His Angels prepare for the relatively long road trip to Dayton.*

SDM: Do you have her mobile?

SFJ420: Mobile? What Mobile, man?

OGMSJ: You know the one. The one with the World Title belts on it, with Davin in the middle?

SFJ420: Ohhhhhh....right right right...

SDM: ...

OGMSJ: ...

OGMSJ: Oh...uh, no, I haven't seen it.

DM: *carrying what appears to be the last couple of bags* I have. It's in here. We're going to have to get another belt for it.

SDM: Why? Did you break it?

MM: *starts crying*

DM: No, I didn't break it.

MM: *stops crying*

DM: We're just going to need a 5th one on there for after Hell on Earth VII in Dayton, Ohio. *cheap pop*

SDM: Oh, I see what you did there. You know, there are 3 other guys in the ring with you. They're all pretty good.

DM: They are.

OGMSJ: Let me guess. But you're better?

DM: Well? Look at what everyone else had to go through for Pick Your Poison. Me? I put on a little wrestling exhibition for my fans, and then when I got bored it that, I ended it. Clean. No problem. I'm not beaten, or bruised, or bleeding. For the first time in months I'm in tip-top shape.

SFJ420: I think, like, they're all, like, sleeping on you or whatever, man.

*Davin gets in and they all head off*

DM: The whole OOWF has been sleeping on Ol' Davin for months now. They know who the fuck I am.

*Samantha punches him in the arm*


SDM: Not in front of the baby.

DM: *sigh* Fine. They know who the...intercourse...I am. I'm the 4-Time OOWF World Champ. Never been done before, won't ever be done again. I'm the first 6-pack champ. I won the Grand Slam faster than anyone else. There's lots of talk about people being past their primes and whatnot, but you know what? This Sunday, I'm going to show EVERYONE just how past my prime I am, when I walk out of Hell on Earth VII with the World Heavyweight Championship for the FIFTH time. And they fear it....Oh, that locker room fears it.

SDM: We might fear it too.

*The Angels, even the infant one, all think this is funny*

DM: You doubt me, Samantha? Who are you to doubt El Davin?

SDM: Nice. And no, I don't doubt you.

DM: Good. Because this is a business trip, ladies.

OGMSJ: *rolls her eyes* Really? I thought we were vacationing in Dayton. I hear it's lovely this time of year.

DM: Who does business better than me?

Angels: No one. (also, some dribbling noises)

DM: That's right. I dispatched of Firewoman. In fact, I've dispatched of everyone of late. All those tag matches? It's Davin who won. I know facts get easily lost in the shuffle of hype and hoopla. But here are the facts. I'm the most decorated champion who will be in that ring, including the most decorated World Champion. I know how to pick my spots, and I know how to end up on top, and I KNOW how to win at Hell on Earth. I'm walking out of Dayton as your OOWF World Heavyweight Champion; and I don't care who knows it. Cock a doodle doo, mother...grabber...

SDM: We need to work on that.



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posted on 9-22-2011 at 02:39 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Eric O' Mac is on the phone.

EOM: Don't give me any excuses about Canadian law! I paid you to do a job, and you better get it done. I haave half the mind to just do it myself!..Oh, you don't think I can? I hired you out of charity, asshat! I have better things to do than put Firewoman out of wrestling. You don't. And it's apparent that even if you thought you did, you can't. That match against Stank? Worthless! You use to wipe the floor with that guy!...I don't care about the travel schedule! Simply listen to this. This Sunday, at Hell on Earth in Dayton, Ohio (cheap pop!)...Yes, I'll get cheap pops whenever I damn well please. It's not like you own cheap pops!...Oh, I don't care if you DID trademark the phrase! I'll give you another $5 for that...Five HUNDRED!?!?! You're crazy!...Yes I will talk to your attorneys! Just take out Firewoman, or I'm going to make your life miserable until someone takes you out of wrestling!

Sting is the dumbest man in wrestling. That's a well established fact. I'd personally find it offensive and out of character if Sting didn't volunteer to do the stupid thing.
--Lucky Lopez

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posted on 9-22-2011 at 03:11 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Firewoman is walking out to the loading dock where the cars and stuff are to get on her motorcycle. She lights up as a metallic grey McLaren pulls up next to her and the passenger window rolls down.

AD: Going somewhere?

FW: Why are you not in medical?

AD: I have my stitches, my ice packs, and my pain meds.

FW: Oh then it's great that you're driving.

AD: Where are you--

FW: I have to go to New York to watch people who know how to tear down a ring tear down a ring, and then Dayton.

AD: How you getting there?

FW: Bike.

AD: No, get in the car.

FW: Excuse me?

Alexander puts the emergency brake on and gets out of the car and walks around to where Fire is standing.

AD: It's raining. And you're angry. Not a good combination on the bike. Ricky will take it on to Dayton for you. What's wrong.

FW: I'm not interested in you hovering right now.

AD: TOO BAD! We've been over this. No more going off on your own when--

FW: I lost.

AD: I know. I was kind of surprised the locker room is still standing.

FW: Yeah, well....

AD: So what?

FW: We were fine...good match...then....I got mad....I lost focus...and I lost. I mean, he still may have won if I hadn't, but....I did.

AD: Well, it happens, and besides, it was shame in losing to--

FW: That's not it. I LIKE him, and I got mad. What happens Sunday? How am I supposed to keep my focus then?

AD: You just will, okay? C'mon....let's go to New York.

FW: Okay.....but I'm driving.

AD: What? No you are not...

FW: Exactly what all did they give you?

AD: They gave me .... stuff.....

FW: Uh can't tell me what it was, then you're in no condition to drive. Get in.

Alexander finally nods and Fire walks around to the driver's side.

AD: No smoking in my car!

FW: OUR car.

Fire holds up the ring around her neck as proof of that, and then field strips the cigarette, throwing the filter away. Fire does not litter.

AD: You know, I am a little disappointed you couldn't have at least softened him up a LITTLE for me for Sunday.

FW: You don't need it.

They both get into the car and it peels out, heading toward the house show in New York.

[Edited on 9-22-2011 by firewoman]

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posted on 9-22-2011 at 09:41 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
~~~ A Randomly Numbered Sexy Female Journalist knocks on the Texpress Dressing Room Door at the OOWF Arena in Dayton, Ohio (LOUD Cheap Pop) Bridgette Answers~~~

RNSFJ: I.... I'm supposed to interview Chad & Zane..

Bridgette: Not now shug, they're in the middle of a pretty intense film session

~~~ She steps out into the hall. We get a quick glimpse inside where Chad and Zane are both sitting watching a monitor, leaning forward intently, and with notepads in hand. The door then shuts. ~~~

RNSFJ: But, I'm supposed to..

Bridgette: Here, let me help you out there. My boys are a little tied up right now, doing everything humanly possible to be ready for The Volcano Match at Hell on Earth 7.

RNSFJ: That's what I wanted to talk to them about.

Bridgette: Well, let's see. The match is a lot like an Ultimate X match, with the ring surrounded by fire. So they're watching the Best of Ultimate X from TNA and of course the OOWF Ultimate X matches as well. taking notes on ways to secure the Championships as they hang from the crosses wires.

RNSFJ: But the fire..

Bridgette: Yes, the fire. What's no clear is how close the fire will be to the ring. So they're looking into creative ways to get the height needed to win. just stepping outside and climbing the tower to the wires and shimmying across might not be an option, depending on where the flames are and how high they get.

They're also doing alot of intense flexibility training. Dexterity will be a premium, so they are focusing less on the weights and more on stretching and cardio work this week. The little weight work they will be doing will be biceps and triceps, as well as some specialized hand and finger strengthening as well.

RNSFJ: Kai and Aina are both the same agile build. Zane is more of a power wrestler. Is that a disadvantage for your team In this match where smaller guys seem to have an advantage?

Bridgette: No, that's a typical misconception. Have you watched them finish someone off with a Double Dropkick? Zane gets the same height and snap on his Chad does. He has deceptive speed. Both have spent plenty of time in Mexico working Lucha Libre matches to be plenty comfortable in this type of match.

RNSFJ: well, Ok.. I guess that's it. Are you sure I can't talk to them myself I wanted to ask a.... personal type question.

Bridgette: Yes, you can get or give Chad your number. But don't expect a call until after the Pay Per View on Sunday. He's been very focused in there and won't want his concentration broken.

RNSFJ: But I...

Bridgette: Listen Hon, I'm sure there's going to be one heck of a shindig after the show. You're very pretty, I know he'd love for you to join us then.

RNSFJ: (Smiling) Ok. Tell him Good luck.

Bridgette: Oh I will. But luck won't have anything to do with it. Two of the best teams on the planet will do battle on Sunday. When the Smoke clears, The Texpress will have won Championship Number Seven at Hell On Earth Seven

~~~ Fade ~~~

OOWF Historian

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- Msgt Hal D. Aaron

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posted on 9-22-2011 at 06:08 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
FADE in on a very intense looking Stan Fulton.

“This is a message to the entirety of the OOWF.

“I mean to defeat New Guard Chris Evans at Hell on Earth 7, right here in Dayton, Ohio.”

(cheap pop® 2011 Attitude Adjuster)

“Chris, you’ve gotten the best of me over the last few weeks. I can respect that. I was wrong about you. But the respect and apology does not constitute a walk-over this Sunday. I mean to give you everything I have in order to win back my Intercontinental Championship.

“But, win or lose, OOWF, after Hell on Earth, I’m coming for the World Heavyweight Championship.

“So this message is specifically for Alexander Darling, Eric O’Mac, Davin Moreland, and yes, even you Stank, but it's good the rest of you should hear it. I don’t care which one of you is holding that title aloft on Sunday night. But you are forewarned that come Monday morning, you’ve got a huge target on your forehead and I am to hit the bullseye.

“Enjoy the pain.”


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posted on 9-23-2011 at 02:10 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
**SFJ#47 approaches L.D. Williams.**

SFJ#47: “L.D., Sunday night at Hell on Earth, you and Tytan are putting your team on the line in a match with Drink & Destroy. Your Thoughts?”

LDW: “We’re going to beat the crap out of each other.”

SFJ#47: “And?”

LDW: “And what? What else is there to say? It’s going to be brutal, and when all is said and done, one of us won’t be a team anymore. Simple as that.”

**Williams turns to walk away.**

SFJ#47: <muttering under her breath> “Davin’s right.”

LDW: “Excuse me?”

SFJ#47: “Oh!…uh… nothing.”

LDW: “No, you definitely said something. It sounded like ‘Davin’s right.’”

SFJ#47: “Well, he is! That was such a two-dimensional answer! ‘We’re going to beat the crap out of each other.’ What does that say? Where’s the feeling? Where’s the depth?”

**Williams glares at SFJ#47. His eyes narrow and she takes a step back. Suddenly, Williams shrugs.**

LDW: “What the hell. Come with me.”

**Williams walks down the hall and enters his locker room, SFJ#47 and the ninjacam at his heels. Williams takes a book out of his bag and drops it on the table.**

SFJ#47: “What’s this?”

LDW: “Depth.”

**SFJ#47 opens the book, which is a photo album. The first page is a picture of a woman in her late thirties and two children - a boy and a girl.**

LDW: “My wife and kids. They split their time between Columbia and Canada, but they hop continents to be nearby when I get a day off.”


LDW: “The top three kids are in Nicaragua. The bottom pair are in the Phillipines. They’re not mine, but I promised their daddies I’d see to them. I don‘t get to visit as often as I‘d like, but Donnie checks on them once a month or so. We‘re working on getting them visas so they can go to school in Canada.”


LDW: “Donnie.”

SFJ#47: “OOWF Hall of Famer Donovan Viper.”

LDW: “My half-brother.”


LDW: “My sister.”

SFJ#47: “Isn’t that -”

LDW: “ My sister. She wants to make it as a wrestler so bad she can taste it. I leave her bouncing around the independents getting screwed over by TNA and the WWE because I saw what this place almost did to Donnie and I don’t want it to happen to her.”


LDW: “Ma and me when I was eleven. <chuckles> See that bandage on my arm? Something Ma was involved in went south and a guy broke into our house and came after her with a knife. I’d never killed anyone before. I got a whole popsicle that night.”


LDW: “I keep that map for the weird tours we go on. The red countries I’m not allowed to go back to. The purple one I’ll be shot on sight if I cross the border.”


LDW: “Yes, I carry around a picture of a wrestling ring. Our ring. When Underdawg left he passed the torch as it were, and made it my yard. I know it’s a big joke, and people laugh about it behind my back, but I feel responsible for what happens in there. I still have nightmares about what Tytan did to Fire, to Eco, what Moose and Alex tried to do to each other…


SFJ#47: “A hospital?”

LDW: “That whole Fear the Fraud thing? I gave some of the money to Covenant House for Fire’s sake, but the bulk of it went toward building that. Check the name.”

SFJ#47: “The Davin Moreland Free Hospital.”

LDW: “They decided to name it after him because his name is more marketable than mine.”

SFJ#47: “-”

LDW: “I don’t have the personality or the charisma, to be like Davin…or Stank…or Alex...or Eric. People don’t pay to hear me talk. They aren’t interested in any of the stuff I just told you. They want to see me wrestle. They want to see me win. And that’s what I do. Doesn’t matter what division. Doesn’t matter who my opponent is or where I am on the card. I may not win every match, but in the long run, I succeed. kz, Weapon X, Fear Us, we all won the tag titles. Sunday night…if Tytan and I don’t win that match…not only is Regicide over... I fail.

You asked me for my thoughts on the match with Drink & Destroy. I only have one. I have to win."


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posted on 9-23-2011 at 02:51 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
We come up in the Destroyatorium, where Drink and Destroy and El Lobo Sangriento are celebrating their Trios title win. Well most of them are. Dashing Victor Dinero sits alone in a corner watching OOWF TV, in particular LD Williams last promo. Ashley slides into the booth beside him and punches him in the shoulder.

Ashley: Vic, come on, the boys and Spence are waiting for you to come have a victory round with us.

DVD: I just can't right now. I'm looking at what LD has to say, and it just brings up memories.

Ashley: Memories?

DVD: (smiling slightly) Yeah Memories. You where around for most of it, but I want to recap for the fans at home. (Vic motions to the INC with his last remark.)

DVD: Around this time last year, me and Danny made our debut here. I will be honest, I did not think it would last. I thought this would be a fad, that Danny would get tired with it, and we would move on. After all, we were feuding with Mario, and every woman on the roster felt the need to beat me up within the first week.

Ashley: Me and Spencer did not.

DVD: (smirking) Well, I'm not sure if I would call you and Spencer "Ladies".

Ashley playfully punches Vic in the arm, but he just smiles and keeps talking.

DVD: In the end, we where enhancement talent, We feuded with Mario for pete's sake. That is until two guys reached out a hand to us in friendship. Those two guys where Outback Jack and Spin Hansen. They offered us friendship, mentor ship, and a chance to truly make a mark in this business. Taking them up on that offer was the best thing that ever happened to us.

Ashley: Because it introduced you to me and Spencer?

DVD: (laughing) I won't deny those are some nice perks, but no. People like to sleep on Jack, but he has taught Danny more in a year than me and him would have ever learned on our own. We joined them when they where in the middle of a blood feud with one of the most dangerous men in this company.

Ashley: Stank?

DVD: Of course. At HOE last year we faced him and that sadistic bastard Moose in a last team standing match, and lost. For a lot of people, that would have been the end, but something in Danny refused to let this dream die. So we pressed on. Danny and Jack worked harder than I would ever have expected. We made friends and enemies, and even friends who became enemies. But we persisted. We watched so many teams come and go.

Ashley: And you won the tag titles.

DVD: That we did, but we persisted we kept moving on even while so many naysayers told us we should let it go. I hear the rumors. Danny would do better as a single, He carries Jack. OBJ is past his prime. Without Jack to carry him Danny would be another curtain jerker. For every fan we have we have just as many naysayers.

Vic takes a deep breath, and this time looks directly into the camera.

DVD: LD you say if you don't win this match you would fail. Well, one year ago we did that. For you this is a bout success or failure. For us it is about redemption. One year ago Drink and Destroy should have ended. Me, Danny, Jack, we refused to let that happened. This Sunday at Hell on Earth we have to find out if we made the right choice. You want to win this match to prove you haven't failed. We HAVE to win this match, otherwise, everything we done has been for naught. You and Tytan are multiple time tag champs, both former world champs. You want to and should be a team that dominates everyone who faces you. We are an upcoming rookie, and a veteran that is no longer seen as a threat. At Hell on Earth that changes. Not because we want to beat you, but because we have no other choice.

Ashley: But what if you lose?

DVD: Then it ends, Drink and Destroy goes it's separate way, and we find out where the next turn in the road takes us. This is not a blood vendetta, this is not a thirst for gold, or a desire to take the spotlight. This is two teams, stepping up to decide for themselves, if this is the path they need to take. Sunday, Hell on Earth, Drink and Destroy, Regicide, Last Team Standing. The match will speak for itself. It may not be the final match on the card, but it will be the match where we guarantee, something changes. Forever.

With that Victor picks up his drink and takes a sip.

DVD: Ash, go rejoin the party, I'll put on a smile and join you soon.

Ashley puts a peck on Vic's cheek and heads back over to rejoin the celebration as the scene fades.

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posted on 9-23-2011 at 07:34 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
~~~ It is late at night (or early in the morning if you prefer) and we oddly see Zane Myers walking the hallways of the OOWF Arena in Dayton, Ohio (Cheap Pop, tho quieter due to the lateness of the hour). He stops in front of the Destroyitarium and heads inside.

Inside the celebration seems to have wound down consderably. Jack is leaning back in a booth, smoking a cigar with a pyramid of beer bottles covering the table. Victor is seated at the bar, head down, apparently having fallen asleep still holding his drink. Danny is behind the bar wiping things down, while Ashley and Spencer are with a group of SFJ's gathered around Lobo as he spins tales of his travels in Canadia & Mexico

Zane approaches the bar and Danny spies him, reaching under the counter immediately and pulling up a bottle of Aquafina ~~~

Zane: Thanks. I need to apologize. Chad and I had already started planning for this week we didn't even pay attention to the rest of the card. Let me offer you our sincere congratulations on winning the Campeonas.

~~~ Danny shakes his hand & makes the 'belt around the waist gesture,' then points at Zane and gives him two thumbs up. ~~~

Zane: And good luck to you. Beating LD twice in a row will take some effort, but I know you two can do it. When we win the Tag Team Championships, consider Drink & Destroy first in line.

~~~ Danny nods and Zane heads over to OBJ, and silently shakes hands with the veteran. He then heads to Lobo ~~~

Zane: Congratulations on the Campeonas win and good luck on Sunday. Chad and I love what you have done with that Onslaught Championship

VG: (slow and slurring his words) A scchhlow of respect between two intense competitors

Lobo: Call it a night, Eh? (to Zane) Thanks Mate. Join us? I was just telling the girls here about this one time in MooseJaw

Zane: Mate? Hanging around Jack too long?

Lobo: It grows on ya. Anyway, as I was abooooot to say.

Blonde #1: Hey ! Where's Chad! He needs to come to the party too!

Zane: He's asleep.

Blonde #2: Mmmmmm sounds like fun

Zane: That's my cue. Have a great time folks.

~~~ Zane heads out the door as Lobo resumes his story. Zane heads out the side exit to the parking lot where the wrestler's personal vehicles usually are. He sits on the hood of his 1965 Mustang and leans back to stare at the surprisingly clear night sky.

A few minutes of this, and then certain 1995 Toyota Camry pulls into the parking space next to Zane, and Davin Moreland gets out, carrying a couple of shopping bags from a local drugstore ~~~

Davin: Comrade

Zane: Comrade

Davin: You're up late

Zane: I was about to say the same to you

Davin: (holding up the bags) Late night Diaper & Forumla run.

Zane: Davin Moreland, Superdad.

Davin: Ehh. Sam had just gotten Mickie to sleep, Shawn sleeps like a rock, and Moonbeam was .... let's just say she's in no condition to drive.

Zane: Gotcha. How is the little one doing?

Davin: She's great. Got her mommas good looks and her daddy's wit already.

Zane: Naturally.

Davin: You and Bridgette talk about.....

Zane: Kids? Yeah, we've talked about it. Still way too soon.

Davin: You're not getting any younger.

Zane: Still younger than you are.

Davin: Touche. You know, you two can come around a little more often if you want.

Zane: I know. We will. I promise. Bridgette had a blast visiting with Sam while we were in Japan. I think she's planning on stopping by during the show.

Davin: I'll let Sam know. I know she'll be thrilled. Good luck Sunday

Zane: You too Davin. It'd be nice to see us all with Championships again. Just like old times

Davin: (unzipping his jacket and opening it with one arm to reveal his faded Run DEA Jersey) Just like old times.

~~~ Davin heads inside as we fade.. ~~~

[Edited on 09/23/11 by TexShark300]

OOWF Historian

Life is about choices. You can choose to have a Good Attitude or you can choose to have a Bad Attitude.
- Msgt Hal D. Aaron

House watches TNA. He goes bowling. I Knew I liked that show for a reason.

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posted on 9-23-2011 at 02:23 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
*Fade in to El Lobo Sangriento’s hotel room, where we find El Lobo Sangriento WAKING UP~! a little later than usual...

ELS: Keep it down, eh?

VG: What’s the matter Lobo? Not feeling so good today?

ELS: I feel like shit. How many beers did I drink last night?

VG: All of them.

ELS: Yeah, that’ll do it. Oh well. Totally worth it. Great celebration with D&D. It feels nice to be holding two titles again.

VG: And this time, you don’t have to choose which one to keep.

ELS: Good point. So, what’s on the docket for today?

VG: Breakfast. Training. Lunch. Training. Training. Training. Dinner. Training. Shower. Beer.

ELS: Busy day. What’s for breakfast?

VG: I made you some eggs, but they’re a little runny.

ELS: Ugh. Not what I needed to think about right now. Stupid hangover. Fuck it. I’m replacing “breakfast” with “shower” on the itinerary.

*Lobo stumbles through the process of showering and getting dressed for the gym. He starts to head out the door without even looking at the eggs that someone took the time to make for him…

ELS: Really? A guilt trip?

VG: It would just be nice to feel appreciated.

ELS: How about I buy you a breakfast burrito? Would that shut you up?


ELS: Good. Let’s roll.

*Lobo gets in his rental car and heads toward the nearest Taco Time…

ELS: Guess I should say something about Hell on Earth 7. I mean, I do have two title defenses to make it through that night.

VG: Assuming you win your first match.

ELS: I’m not looking past Sparxx, but I think I’ve proven I can beat the guy at this point. And Evans is going to have his hands more than full dealing with Crusher on Sunday, so he should be a non-factor. Still, I expect that Sparxx will give me everything he’s got – like he always does – and it won’t be an easy win.

ELS: I’m really looking forward to Psykle vs. Moosehead Jack, too. I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t end in a disqualification on one side or the other. Those guys weren’t programmed for this division. Makes them dangerous.

VG: Who would you rather face in your second match?

ELS: Honestly? Whoever comes out of their match in worse shape. I’d love to sit here and say that I just look forward to defending my title and I don’t care who it’s against, but I know Sparxx is going to wear me down, and I’m not looking forward to stepping into the ring with either of those monsters after that.

VG: I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sound so worried about losing your title.

ELS: The odds are not in my favour. Nothing I can do but lay it all on the line and put on a show for the Wolfpack.

*Lobo pulls up to the Taco Time drive-thru as we *FADE*

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[OOC: Yay for intermittent Internet access!]

Fire has returned from her morning run with Stank. Zane is standing at the loading dock entrance.

FW: Um, hello?

ZM: Hey...look....uh.....

FW: Just spill it. You're only friendly with me when there's something you want.

ZM: Yeah....I know...and...well, this is no different.

FW: I should just tell you to pound sand.

ZM: I'd understand if you did, really.

FW: But...*sigh*....RunDEA. So what do you want?

ZM: Inferno match. Chad and I have been trying to watch all sorts of fire-matches to figure out how to--

FW: So you thought you'd come to the expert, eh?

ZM: Bridgette and Chad thought it'd be a good idea, yeah.

FW: So why are you the one asking...

ZM: Because they're right, and I figured you wouldn't come over if you thought I wasn't on board with it, so....


ZM: ....

FW: Well...I have some paperwork to do, but...yeah, I'll stop by.

ZM: Okay, thanks. Maybe we can talk Trios....

FW: Yeah? Sure. Better be careful. People may start thinking there's an impending RunDEA reunion at Hell On Earth VII in Dayton, OH*...

ZM: *smiles*

FW: *smiles*

ZM: See you later then.

They nod. Zane holds out his fist for a 'terrist fish bump.' Fire hesitates, then smiles, and obliges.


[*OOC: Hey, everyone ELSE is getting over with the cheap pops!]

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GM Selena is sitting at her desk looking over some papers. Someone enters her office and sits in the chair across from her.

GMSa-T: One sec.

Familiar Voice: Take your time.

Selena looks up with bright eyes and a wide smile. She hops out of her seat and comes around her desk to sit in Poe's lap.

GMSa-T: Omie.

Selena wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him.

GMSa-T: Glad you made it.

Poe: I wouldn't miss you hosting the OOWF Awards.

GMSa-T: I'm like so totally nervous.

Poe: You will do fine.

GMSa-T: Oh, I know, I'm awesome, but there's just been so much work. Do you know how much the insurance dudes go bonkers over Hell On Earth? Especially this year with the Volcano Match and Firewoman vs. Attitude Adjuster, and Uncle Moose's existence.

Poe: Plus after last year...

GMSa-T: Yeah, let's not talk 'bout that, k?

Poe: Beloved, you don't seem yourself.

GMSa-T: People are getting on my nerves. I mean I know some don't like me, but like now even those that I thought did are like testing me.

Poe: It comes with power. You are handling it remarkably.

GMSa-T: Thanks. But some people just suck.

Poe: That they do.

GMSa-T: You're staying through the show, right?

Poe: And leave my Beloved? Not a chance in Hell.

GMSa-T: *grins* I was hoping you'd say that.

Selena kisses Poe again as we *fade*

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*Stank is resting after his run with Firewoman. Justin Sane walks in.*

Stank - Come here Justin. I need to tell you something.

JS - Sure thing boss.

*Justin walks over to Stank and the big man leans down and whispers in his ear. We can't hear what is being said but whatever it is has Justin looking unusually deadly serious. After Stank finishes Justin stares at Stank with a combination of Shock and irritation.*

JS - How do you know?

Stank - I don't. I just feel it.

JS - What do you want me to do?

Stank - I suppose there's nothing you can do.

JS - I can borrow five dollars.

Stank - Sure... here you go.

JS - Thanks. I can also find out for you.

*Stank contemplates Justin's words then simply shakes his head no.*

Stank - Don't worry about it. I just wanted to give you a heads up.

*Justin looks sad for a minute then simply turns to walk away.*

JS - I'm going to find out.

Stank - Well good luck with that.

*Justin Sane walks out and SFJ#2 walks in.*

Stank - Alicia.

SFJ#2 - Thoughts on your upcoming match at Hell on Earth 7?

Stank - Well if you're going to half ass it, so will I. Should be a good one.

SFJ#2 - *sigh* Do I really need to ask a complicated question?

Stank - I suppose you don't.

SFJ#2 - So I'm just here to hold the mic. Do you have anything you want to get off your chest?

Stank - Ah that's better. Sure. I'm going into Hell on Earth 7 facing three men who all deserve to be there, but only one of us can walk out the World Champion.

That one will be me.

Will it be easy...? No way in Hell.

You got the four time World Champ in Davin Moreland who despite what he might say needs to realize that I for one, am not overlooking him. He and I have gone to war too many times for me to be stupid enough to think I can just walk over him. Eric O'Mac is a mastermind. The motherfucker is crafty. Combine that with the fact that he is a great athelete, and has been World Champion before, and only a fool would think he didn't have a shot at winning the match. Then there's the current World Champion, Alexander Darling. The man dug deep, he scratched and he clawed, he did everything he could and finally beat me clean in the middle of the ring. For that he gets my congrats, my admiration, and my contempt. I have lost before and I have never liked it. But I don't dwell on it. I come back stronger, each and every time.

Alex holds the prize and I WILL have it... why? Because I can more than match everything that the other three men bring to the table. I have the ability and I am determined like no other. You see the stakes are somewhat higher for me because after the match, win, lose, or what have you, I'm out for a month and I don't get another opportunity at any championship for 90 days once my suspension is up. So you can add in there a bit of desperation to win. I don't only want to win. I NEED to win. That is why I will win no matter what. So what I will do is this... I will make life HELL for those other three men in that match and I WILL walk out of Hell on Earth 7 your new OOWF World Heavyweight Champion.

Don't believe me?


"I like to drink wine more than I used to... anyway I'm drinking more."

"John Cena is poopy." - CM Punk to 6 year old kid on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"What I said was deliberately untrue. However, that does not make it a lie. It's what we call in sophisticated debate terms a "implyo-obliqué-prevariclative," which is a statement that deliberately runs counter to the truth and is not factually supported — which is totally different from a lie..."

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posted on 9-23-2011 at 08:01 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
*Davin Moreland is ON A CONFERENCE CALL~! Many reporters, 1 Davin*

R#1: Bob Johnson from the Albuquerque Journal...

DM: It doesn't matter what your name is!

R#1: Haha! That's a good one, Davin!

DM: No. Really. It doesn't matter what your name is. You're an intern working the "wrestling beat" for the Albuquerque Journal. Nobody gives a shit. What's your question.

R#1: Why are you so awesome?

DM: Ok, let me put a stop to this right now. Anyone who joined this conference to ask me "why I'm awesome" or "how awesome am I" or "Why do I think I'm so awesome" or "have I always been awesome" or any other "awesome-related" questions, please just go ahead and drop off this conference call right now.

*Nothing Happens*

DM: Fine, I promise we will do a future conference call covering all your coveted "awesome-related" questions. However, I will not be fielding those questions today. If that's your question, please drop off now.

*Suddenly several dozen "bloops" signifying people dropping off the conference call happen. In fact, it's so many, Davin resorts to this*

DM: Wow. Anyone left?

*A handful of "yeahs" respond back*

DM: Ok good. I have no idea why everyone is so obsessed with my awesomeness.

R#2: Because it's all you ever talk about.

DM: Wait, what? When was the last time I said - wait, who the fuck is that, anyway?

R#2: Gregg Easterbrook. I write the Tuesday Morning-

DM: Yeah, I know who the fuck you are. The "Patriots are Cheaters" guy. Tried to make your name off of that. And now no one cares anymore except for Patriots fans who want to beat you senseless on sight. The friggin' ESPN OMBUDSMAN wanted you to get fired. Solid career decision, jackass.

GE: Hey, I can't help it if the Pat-

DM: Do NOT even say that. Hell, NFL Network, of all places, just wrapped up a 2-Part Biography of Bill Belichick. Your little spike in recognition is completely gone now. You're back to the "Jersey-A, Jersey-B" guy. Wow, that's so fucking clever. I don't know how you can write that without a straight face.

GE: I can't.

DM: I figured. Your question, douchebag?

GE: What makes you think an old, slow, past your prime wrestler such as yourself has a chance to win this Sunday.

DM: Old, slow, and past my prime? Let me ask you a question, fucko. Davin Moreland has been in 6 matches the last six weeks, both individual and tag, in this little round-robin we've had. Know what my record is?

GE: 3-3?

DM: 6-0, you shameless fraud. And guess who got the pin in every single one of those matches?

GE: Eric O'Mac?

DM: Yeah, Eric O'Mac got every pin, especially in my singles matches. You really are a clueless twat, Easterbrook. I'll make sure this exchange gets in the hands of your bosses at Disney, ok? The answer, to the non-twats still on this call, is Davin Moreland. 6 matches. 6 wins. 6 pins by Davin. I'm the hottest wrestler of the four of us, coming in. While everyone else is going all Sleepytime Tea on me, Davin's gonna shock the world at Hell on Earth one more time. Now go kick rocks, Easterbrook.

GE: *crying* *bloop*

DM: Next.

R#3: Bill Simmons,

DM: Bill! How you been, man? Been a long time.

BS: Yeah, this thing is proving a lot harder than I thought it would be. I mean, almost everyone from Boston Sports Guy came over to ESPN Page 2. But pretty much no one has gone from Page 2 to Grantland.

DM: Yeah, that's because you stopped being funny around 2006 sometime. Now you sound like Mike Lupica.


DM: Who let that pussy on this conference call? SECURITY!

ML: *bloop*

BS: That's not very nice, Davin.

DM: Neither is becoming an LA phony, Simmons.

BS: Can I ask my question?

DM: I don't know, can you?

BS: *sigh* May I ask my question?

DM: Of course, Bill.

BS: What do you think of the Red Sox?

DM: I think that nobody gives a shit about the Red Sox, unless you're a girl, over 50, or in the media. And even those first two, I question these days. It's football season, Bill. Patriots are 2-0.

BS: How can you say that only the media cares about the Red Sox?

DM: Because it's true? Look at who goes to games these days. It's the media, rich people, and college girls looking to break up their barhopping. They're there to sing "Sweet Caroline". They're like Cubs fans. They don't care about the actual game. They've won their World Series. 2 of them. Here's the list of people who still live and die with the Red Sox: 1) WEEI 2) NESN 3) Because of NESN, the Boston Globe 4) College Girls 5) People over 50 6) The National Media. That's it. Yankees fans don't even care about the Red Sox like they did a couple of years ago. Check your TV ratings, Bill. When a Patriots Preseason game out-rates a Sox/Yankees game 4 and 5 to 1, that's all you really need to know. How long does the media perpetuate this myth that "Boston is a baseball town"? Boston hasn't been anything approaching a baseball town since 2004. Sox win the World Series, Patriots win back-to-back Super Bowls. That's when it turned. Ask Bob Kraft if you don't believe me.

BS:! Tradition!

DM: Boring. Unlikeable players. 200-year-old ballpark. You've got GOATs at QB and Head Coach in Foxboro. Likeable players who sacrifice their personalities to the betterment of the team. When was the last time David Ortiz sacrificed anything for anybody? JD Drew? John Lackey?

BS: So, what do you think about the Red Sox?

DM: I think the Patriots are on the road this week to face Buffalo, with a chance to go 2-0 in the division, both on the road, and 3-0 in the conference. That's what I think about the Red Sox.

BS: *cries* *bloop*

DM: Anyone want to ask me about wrestling?

*Several more bloops*

DM: Anyone left?

R#4: Rick Scaia, Online Onlslaught.

DM: I'm not in WWE, Rick.

RS: Why is WWE so vastly superior to your bush league promotion?


RS: *cries* *bloop*

DM: Anyone left?

R#5: Yes sir. This is Jimmy Templeton from Directional High School in Ohio.

DM: Yes, little Jimmy, your question?

LJT: Sir, you've been mentioned a lot in promos this week by various wrestlers, but no one who's actually in your match. Why is that?

DM: Great question, Little Jimmy. I would like to address a couple of things first. First, to LD, if he had gotten a recent picture of that hospital, he would have seen that I went apeshit when I saw that, and it has been changed to "OOWF Wrestlers Free Hospital". Mostly because the entire "Fear the Fraud" campaign was LD's idea. I just helped to promote it. By the way, if you'd like to contribute to OOWF Wrestlers Free Hospital, or any other number of charities supported by the Fear the Fraud campaign, you can go to, or you can buy the Fear the Fraud T-shirt on And I do want to mention that LD did a hell of a job on that promo. It's good to see. And you and I? We've got a match coming one of these days. Don't think I forgot.

LJT: Thanks for that, Davin. Now, what about Stank, Alex and Eric?

DM: Stank, Alex and Eric are savvy veterans. Champions, for that matter. They've been here long enough, and more importantly, been around ME long enough to know that a war of words with Davin Moreland is a war that they have no chance of winning. It would just be a slaughter. Crowd support...or more accurately, crowd "reaction", is an extraordinarily underrated factor when it comes to any match, but especially a match like this. And, as the four of us are well aware, winning the war of words is the best way to get the crowd to react to you. By not mentioning it at all - they've pretty much handed that aspect of the match to me; but it will be muted because it has been ignored. These three are all smart, tough guys. They know what's up. Smart, savvy, veteran move.

LJT: So, you're not mad about it?

DM: I'm pissed about it, Little Jimmy. But what am I going to do? Say that Alex is a pussy who has lucked his way into the position of Champion? Say that Stank is a broken down old man with 2 bad knees and is a shadow of his former self? Say that Eric is a lucky never-was who is only in this position because there was nowhere else to put him after his stable quit on him? No. I'm not going to say that.

LJT: Well, technically, you just DID say that.

DM: Ah. Touche Little Jimmy. You're a sharp kid.

LJT: This is the part where you say you didn't mean any of that, because it's not true.

DM: Right. I didn't mean any of that.

LJT: ...

DM: ...

LJT: Because it's not true?

DM: I didn't mean any of that. Any other questions, Little Jimmy?

LJT: Oh, sure. Uh...there have been rumors, again, of a Run DEA reunion at Hell on Earth. You all have teased this before - is there any reason we should believe you now?

DM: I'm wearing a Run DEA t-shirt?

LJT: Nah, you've done that before.

DM: Fine. Jimmy, let me tell you something.

LJT: Ok.

DM: There will come a point in time when Run DEA will get back together. And when that day happens, the rest of the OOWF will shit their collective pants, because 3 years down the road, all we have is more experience, more smarts, more understanding. The in-fighting will not exist because we're all much more capable of focusing on our common purpose. Those little personal issues won't matter anymore; because we're all aware that they don't matter. It won't matter how we're booked, or who thinks we're what - it will be a common goal. It will be a collective mind. And it will be the OOWF's worst nightmare.

LJT: Is that point in time....Hell on Earth?

DM: That's my time, Little Jimmy. And everyone else. Buy the Pay-per-view, buy the t-shirts, especially Fear the Fraud, of which 100% of the proceeds go to charity, and Cock a doodle doo...mother....f-er. Yeah, I gotta work on that. SAMMY?!?


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Stank - Hi. My name is Stank. I would like to take this time to mention my opponents at Hell on Earth 7 LIVE in Dayton Ohio THIS SUNDAY~!!

*Justin Sane wanders onto the scene.*

JS - You already did that.

Stank - I did?

JS - Yeah like two promos ago.

Stank - Oh...

JS - Anyway I called your brother.

Stank - Justin WHY would you do that?

JS - I wanted to KNOW.

Stank - ... ... so what did he say?

JS - He denied it.

Stank - He would.

JS - I'm going to keep digging.

Stank - I wish you wouldn't. I told you there's nothing you can do.

JS - I can borrow five dollars.

Stank - What did you do with the five dollars I loaned you earlier.

JS - It's right here.

Stank - Give it to me.

*Justin hands the five spot to Stank.*

Stank - Now here. Take this.

*Stank hands the five back to Justin.*

JS - Waait a minute! I know that TRICK!

Stank - You do?

JS - Yeah! You take this back!

Stank - Okay.

JS - Now HERE. Take this one too.

*Justin hands Stank another five dollar bill.*

JS - Now lemme borrow five dollars!

Stank - okay.

*Stank hands one of the fives back to Justin.*

JS - THERE now we're even!

Stank -

JS -

Stank - How about you take this one too.

JS - Gee. Thanks boss!

*Justin walks away with his prize.*

Stank - That's the future Internet Champion there. Zack Ryder barely escaped last time, but Justin has got his number. Just you wait.

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:Outback Jack is in a random corner of the ring, eyes rolled up in his head, and Jack of the Hinterlands has taken over:

OBJ: Regicide, I don't know who will win, but I do know who will feel the pain!

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posted on 9-24-2011 at 01:23 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Psykle is all alone in front of an OOWF banner, somewhere near Dayton, but not at the arena yet. Once again, he is still taking IQ's advice and staying away from the arenas where people tend to go a little crazy backstage, and instead taking advantage of the luxury training centers IQ has set up for him.

Psykle: Lobo, you're right. I'm not programmed for the Onslaught division. Never have been, never will be. I am a rage-aholic with a VERY bad temper, known to lose control. How known? Let's just say there's a reason I'm a redhead now and legally changed my name.

Psykle pulls down his shades, and winks at the camera.

Psykle: Now, while I may not be programmed for the Onslaught division, there is one achievement that man has the capability of that separates artificial intelligence from true intelligence. Man can overcome his programming. Sure, Moose and I will probably beat the living hell out of each other. Frankly, I expect that you and Sparxx will do the same to each other. Then, whoever is left standing from each of those matches will go on to face each other, and probably beat whatever is left in each other out of them.

Psykle pauses for a minute and thinks.

Psykle: You see, at the end of the night, only one of us will walk out of Dayton, Ohio (cheap pop® 2011 Attitude Adjuster) as the Onslaught Champion, but two things will be proven. One - which ones of us four deserve to be in the division, and two - which one of us deserves to be champion. Make no mistake about it, I'm not expecting this to be a cake walk, I'm not playing down ANY of the opponents involved in these matches, though I will talk about Sparxx and his buddy Evans in a moment. No, this is it. This is the time that we all show what we have and what we deserve...and the display will be glorious.

Psykle smiles before getting a deadly serious look in his eyes and stepping closer to the camera.

Psykle: Now, as for you Sparxx, and your buddy Evans, and the whole New Guard faction. You think I stand for the same things you do? Keep dreaming. Look at how you had to win your match this week. Evans had to grab my leg, and hold it down so that you could pin me. You didn't earn that win, just like I don't feel you've really earned the right to be in these matches for the Onslaught Championship. Just like I feel the New Guard isn't about earning their way into the limelight, but is about whining and taking what they want, deserving or not.

Psykle relaxes and backs away from the camera.

Psykle: Moose? Sunday, I'm begging you, bring your A game. I want these matches Sunday to be all about proving we belong. Win, lose or draw, I will prove to you and to everybody else in the locker room, in the offices, in the boardroom, that I belong here, that I belong at the top of the Onslaught Division, and that I belong in high profile matches. I can't do that if you show up and because of whatever is going on in that messed up head of yours, you only half ass it. I want the Moosehead Jack of Legend, not the Moosehead Jack of Loonytown.

Psykle leans down and picks up a t-shirt. It appears to be one of Lobo's t-shirts.

Psykle: Lobo, you left this t-shirt in my locker a few weeks ago. "If you fuck with me, I'll knock you the fuck out." I like that attitude. I also like how you respect the Onslaught division and have brought it to the highest levels it has been at in ages. In that ring, you are one of the best competitors I have ever faced, and that's because you don't draw out my rage, but draw out my competitive instinct. You make me take my game to the next level, and make me stop relying on my power, and start relying on my brains and the technical skills I've developed training with IQ. In all honesty, I'm hoping you beat Sparxx and that I make it past Moose. To face both of you in one night, two completely different types of opponents, who bring out two completely different styles from me, and to win...that would prove it all. Moose, Lobo, even you Sparxx, we all have the opportunity to steal the show and prove to everyone what we are all about. Let's do it...

Psykle takes his shades off, and steps dangerously close to the camera.

Psykle: ...because if we don't, if one of you even partially half asses it, I will prove to you why it's been in EVERY ONE's best interests for me to stay away from the arenas.

Fade to black.

I don't believe in signatures.

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posted on 9-24-2011 at 07:54 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Firewoman Promo

We open in an empty arena in Dayton, Ohio. Firewoman is sitting on a stool in the center of the ring, with Lucky sitting on a stool next to her, microphone in hand and OOWF promo banner behind them. The houselights are off, and just the center of the ring where they are sitting is illuminated, but with only dim spots.

L: Fire, we're here today to talk about your upcoming match with Attitude Adjuster at Hell On Earth VII in Dayton.

FW: Yeah...but I think to do that, we need to do a little history.

L: Oh...okay....

FW: You know, sitting here, in this arena...this has been the site of some of the most important moments of my career here at OOWF. My first Hell on Earth, was the end of the war between Bennett and Rick for control of the OOWF and the formation of RunDEA. Then the next year, the formation of the Five...two of the most dominant factions in the history of OOWF. Then last year, I finally got to meet one of my oldest foes in the ring, and beat him to retain my world championship.....

Firewoman pauses and looks at the lights a bit.

FW: In many ways, that was the beginning of the end, really. Although it kind of started in Vegas....

L: Wait....your wedding?

FW: Yeah, kinda...I mean, not that it ended up as bad as I thought it would at the really hit me this past weekend, while I was at the Morelands' house, surrounded by family and in-laws, holding my niece and cousin....let me start over here....

I've come quite a long way this last year or so. In many ways, the wedding was a wake up call that I was out of control...but it wasn't until I defeated Poe, and then followed him to the airport.....that it really started to sink in.

L: When you started hearing Ecosystem's voice?

FW: Yeah...and I still don't know if I really heard him, or maybe I just needed to define it as that so it wasn't really me thinking I needed a change...but then, I went the wrong way. I was weak...I let Ecosystem manipulate me....I thought I was getting more control in my life, but I just wasn't.

L: What does this have to do with--

FW: I'm getting there. You know, there were a lot of cultures which suggest that you can only go through great change through some sort of ... I dunno, death ritual. Or that to be spiritually enlightened you need a near death experience and a total deconstruction of your existence.....

L: Well, that would certainly describe your time with Ecosystem. We all thought we'd lost you, first just ... physically... Then, emotionally.

FW: I'll never be able to make up for all that...but what I can do is just keep moving forward. And an amazing thing happened after I ... well, woke up. There were people there. Stank, Chad, eventually Davin....

L: Alex....

FW: *she smiles* yes, Alex. Mostly Alex.

L: Moose?

FW: his way, I guess... but still, no matter what had happened, they were....they were THERE...they didn't....well, this is getting way too sentimental, but it showed me that ...I could really change if I wanted to.

L: So...are you saying that Ecosystem is right? That he saved you?

FW: What? Fuck no. He tried to kill me...destroy me. And when he couldn't do it physically, he tried to kill my spirit. He managed to do what no one on this planet has done since my mother. He did what Poe tried to do, and I resisted him. He made me a puppet...He controlled my thoughts and actions...I will never forgive him for that, and I will never EVER forget it either. One day...*fire sighs*...but this is not about that...the answer, though, is NO! Ecosystem did NOT save me.

L: Well then...

FW: I came back from that...and I'm not going to get all sentimental, but I gradually came to realize...there was more. More than just blood and vengeance. In those dark days after leaving Trinity I caught a glimpse...just a shimmer really...of something I thought I gave up on when I was still a child....

Fire pauses again, looking again up at the lights.

L: Well, you have really changed over the last year. Fans who used to boo you now cheer you. You're commissioner now, and the locker room accepts you as both a wrestler and as commissioner.

FW: know...a year ago...couldn't even see that. Wouldn't have believed any of this was possible.

L: I'm not getting where this is heading, Fire...

FW: Lucky...there's one person that I can thank for this. And, although Juni will say it was No, it's not Junichiro Muyo.

L: Ahhh....Alex.....

FW: *smiling* I don't want to discount how surprisingly important his role in this is...A year ago, I couldn't have, my relationship with Alex is a result of this, not a cause....

L: Then...

FW: No...the person who inspired me...the person I did this for.... is me.

L: ....

FW: That's right. I could have done all this to impress Eco, or to keep Alex around, but that's not genuine. And it doesn't last. No...this past year has been about ME changing FOR ME.

L: Wow...that's....

FW:'s what I have to say about Sunday.

Firewoman grabs Lucky's microphone, stands up from her seat, and looks straight into the camera.

FW: Attitude Adjuster. Eric O'Mac for reasons I still don't quite get, and don't even really care about anymore, has decided to hire you to end me. To end my career. To undo all that work that I just talked about. I think you should know that while I have changed a lot since I hit you upside the head with that sonogram machine, there are some things that aren't any different. I will not go quietly. I will not simply stand in the ring and let you take everything I've worked this last year away from me. I will not bend or break or tap or let you pin me. In fact, my job Sunday night, at Hell On Earth VII, will be to make you completely regret ever agreeing to take Eric O' Mac's offer.

You've threatened to take away everything I've worked for. I simply will not allow it. I will make you bleed, and leave you battered and bruised, and if I decide to show you mercy, and that's a big "if," Alan, you will be able to do nothing except crawl back to your hovel in Vegas, and start panhandling for coins for the slot machine.

Because to see you, once again, on your knees, groveling, and begging me for mercy....AGAIN? Yeah...that'll sparkle with me.

Fire drops the microphone and the camera pulls back to see her leaving the ring.

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*Shawn Johnson and Moonbeam are WATCHING~! Firewoman's promo on OOWF-TV. The rest of the crew is, well, elsewhere.*

FW: No...the person who inspired me...the person I did this for.... is me.

L: ....

FW: That's right. I could have done all this to impress Eco, or to keep Alex around, but that's not genuine. And it doesn't last. No...this past year has been about ME changing FOR ME.

OGMSJ: Hey, whaddya know, it's all about HER. Who knew?

SFJ420: I dunno, man, maybe she's on to something...or something.

OGMSJ: Oh bullshit. She says a couple of nice things about Alex, but in the end, just like ALWAYS, it's all about her. Alex and I have had our differences to be sure, but man, that's not right.

SFJ420: And what about Lucky? That guy has done everything he, like, can to bail her out of some pretty sticky situations and stuff, man. He gets no credit.

OGMSJ: See what I mean?

SFJ420: You're just, like, biased because of Alex or something.

OGMSJ: Oh please. That has nothing to do with it. I'm more concerned with how it affects Davin.

SFJ420: How would it affect Davin?

OGMSJ: I dunno, maybe he overlooks some things when it comes to her?

SFJ420: Dude, did you, like, SEE, their match last week?

OGMSJ: Yeah.

SFJ420: Davin Moreland overlooks nothing. That's why he's, like, as good as he is, man.

OGMSJ: I guess you're right. Just the "me me me, it's all me" shit. I hate it.

SFJ420: Check it, though. Do you see Davin in the middle of all that?

OGMSJ: Well, now that you mention it, no.

SFJ420: You think that's, like, an accident, man?

OGMSJ: Hmm. I guess you're right, Moony.

SFJ420: Damn right I am.

OGMSJ: It just makes me mad, you know? Gives all us women a bad name.

SFJ420: How?

OGMSJ: You know. Claims she's all about "girl power" and supposed to be this badass; and yet - if it's not for man after man after man giving her opportunities, or having her back, or bailing her out - she'd be jobbing to Kelly Squared or something. The next time she does something on her own will be the first time.

SFJ420: Why are you so harsh about her, man?

OGMSJ: My spidey sense goes off when it comes to her. She's gonna hurt Alex, or worse, Davin. And when she does, it won't be easily fixed like last time. She's evil. More evil than her brother - and just as psycho. I just wish people would believe me when I say that.

SFJ420: *thinks* I'm not going to, like, say I agree with you, dude. But I'll promise I'll totally do this. I'll keep an eye out for it.

OGMSJ: If you can keep your eyes open, that is.

SFJ420: Don't make me kick your ass, half-pint.


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<Moosehead Jack is sitting on a stack of pallets at the back of the Dayton Arena smoking a cigar and looking off into space. He must suspect an INC is standing there because he speaks>

A lot of people will say that their next match is the most important match of their career to hype it up, to make it sound more impressive. I have never been one to do that, a match is usually a match. Tomorrow night, at Hell on Earth, this really may be the biggest match of my career.

You see, I am not like some people, I don't run around worrying about my Legacy. My Legacy is cemented. My Legacy is set. If I retired tomorrow, at Hell on Earth next year, I am in the OOWF Hall of Fame. I am not like some people, I don't need to constantly remind people how great I am. I don't feel the need to list my accomplishments in every single promo I do. My accomplishments are well known, they speak for themselves. I am not like some people, I don't need to complain about where my spot on the card is. I don't need to worry about when I will get an opportunity to take something I want, I have EARNED those opportunities.

Yet, all that said, tomorrow night is different. Tomorrow night, I have put it on the line. I promised I would win the Onslaught title by Hell on Earth. No one, not a single person believed I could do it. There was no way I would last five minutes in the Onslaught division. There was no way I could cut it. Well, here I am, fighting for a chance to face El Lobo Sangriento for that title. Here I am about to make four other men considerably less wealthy.

Psykle? I have to say, I have been impressed by the man. He is a perfect blend of speed and power, and he is able to keep his head in the game just long enough to let his talent show through. But Psykle, I have been here before. I have been in the spotlight of Hell on Earth before, you, not so much. That's a lot of pressure on you kid. It would be a damn shame if you were to fold under the pressure.

Now, once I beat Psykle, and make no mistake about it, I WILL beat Psykle, the man has got what he wanted, my full, undivided attention. I will face either J-P Sparxx or Lobo. Sparxx FINALLY appears to have his head screwed on right, and the kid may one day be one of the greatest onslaught champions the OOWF has seen. That day is not September 25th. If you get past Lobo, you will NOT get past me.

And finally, El Lobo Sangriento. Its me and you Wolfie. It's nothing personal, but you have what I want. You are fond of saying "Mess with me and I will knock you the fuck out" will you though? When push comes to shove? Let's see just how far you will go to keep that title.

September 25, 2011, Hell on Earth 7. There has been so much talk of old guard vs. new guard, of a changing of the guard, or things changing in the OOWF, about putting the old guys out to pasture, about the kids taking the spots they think they deserve. Well, gentlemen, you have the most grizzled veteran on the roster, this is your shot. Sparxx, you want to step up with Evans and make some noise? Here is you chance. Psykle? You want to prove you are more than a big man, that you are legit? Here is your chance. Lobo? You want to go down as the greatest Onslaught Champion in OOWF history? Here is your chance.

In the end? None of it matters. At the end of the night, I WILL be the new OOWF Onslaught Champion. I WILL prove everyone wrong. I WILL laugh at all of Them who cry because I hold a title that I have no business holding. I WILL become the first ever two time Grand Slam winner. And there is not a damn thing They, or anyone else can do about it.

Trust me

My personal fuck-off list: 1. Tony Romo 2. Eli Manning 3. The New York Yankees 4. LeBron James 5. Kobe Bryant 6. SEC Fans 7. The SEC 8. the Political Right 9. religion 10. Almost everything the WWE does

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Lineup changed to add Spot's awesome images

My personal fuck-off list: 1. Tony Romo 2. Eli Manning 3. The New York Yankees 4. LeBron James 5. Kobe Bryant 6. SEC Fans 7. The SEC 8. the Political Right 9. religion 10. Almost everything the WWE does

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Originally posted by mooseheadjack

Lineup changed to add Spot's awesome images


Yup, poor Davin getting shoved out of the picture. Just like in real life.

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posted on 9-25-2011 at 02:27 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I see you in that pic

My personal fuck-off list: 1. Tony Romo 2. Eli Manning 3. The New York Yankees 4. LeBron James 5. Kobe Bryant 6. SEC Fans 7. The SEC 8. the Political Right 9. religion 10. Almost everything the WWE does

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*Stank is walking down the hall when he spies a graphic on a nearby monitor.*

Stank - What THA HAIL??


"I like to drink wine more than I used to... anyway I'm drinking more."

"John Cena is poopy." - CM Punk to 6 year old kid on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"What I said was deliberately untrue. However, that does not make it a lie. It's what we call in sophisticated debate terms a "implyo-obliqué-prevariclative," which is a statement that deliberately runs counter to the truth and is not factually supported — which is totally different from a lie..."

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You know, for hours upon hours yesterday, I worked on a Breakfast club parody promo. One that would capture and show that while myself, Stank, and Davin Moreland are three completely different individuals, we were all the same. That Alexander Darling only saw us as the world sees us. In the simplest terms. For me - the son of a wrestling mogul who's completely full of himself with just a little extra psychosis on the side. Someone who is lazy, someone who doesn't have a passion for the business.

But then you dig a little deeper.

You find out that I didn't know who my father was until I was 18.

You find out that my mother raised me by herself, with out any financial support from the bastard that I now call Dad.

You find out that I devoted myself to becoming the absolutely best in the world at the young age of 24.

And as you keep finding more and more information about me, you learn how I became the way I am. You learn why I do the things I do, and you understand why I think the way that I think.

You see, when I got into this business, I studied every style of wrestling that I could think of. I started with submission wrestling. Man of 1000 holds? Try doubling that, and that's how many holds I know, and that's without including the armbars. So I mastered that style.

High-flying? Yeah, I know that too. Part of growing up in North Carolina means you HAVE to go through OMEGA. So, I went, did crazy shit, got hooked on pills and fucked Amy Dumas because that's what the school taught. And after doing all that, I was able to add those high flying moves to my arsenal.

Upon joining the OOWF, I started working some power moves into my moveset. Let me remind you that despite what Moose and LD will have you believe, they aren't the only OOWF original members. Just the only ones dumb enough to stick around for seven years. But when I joined, all of that hard work?

No one gave a shit.

So, I worked a little harder, added some new moves, re-dedicated myself to my craft. Got involved with the new Onslaught Division. Won the title.

What happens next?

No one gave a shit.

And on and on goes the story of my life. Work hard, no one cares. Work hard, it's not good enough.

So, yeah, excuse me for not having a fucking passion for this business. This business doesn't love anyone, so why should I love it?

So what am I still doing here, you might ask? What motivates me to continue to go through this shit day in and day out, night after night, month after month, year after year?

The idea that I can turn the wrestling world upside down.

You see, last summer when I came back, I came back to make a statement. and when no opportunities were out there to be had, I MADE my own opportunity.

I took Bryce Larson, good kid, good wrestler, good promo, but ZERO direction, and I made him into one of the best tag team wrestlers in the history of the OOWF. We were ONE DAY away from being historic. But I went in a division, where everyone was vulnerable and beatable, and I took those champioships and for five months, I was untouchable! I was unbeatable! And people whine about my methods and how we did things, but the fact of the matter is I GOT RESULTS! I promised results, and I GOT THEM.

And it flew right in the face of this company.

Who does that, they might ask? Who does exactly what they are going to say? How does that make any sense?

And that's what's wrong with this company. People talk shit, and they refuse to back it up.

Let's take Firewoman, for example. She was so pissed at AA. So mad. And even when AA told her "Hey, I'm not doing this because I hate you, I'm doing this for the money." She didn't believe him.

But it turned out to be completely true and Firewoman now looks like a fool because of it.

Honesty, Alex. No reason for me to lie. I'm going to be straight up about it. I will be champion one way or another tomorrow night. That's a promise. That's me telling you the way it's going to be and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Oh, and the reason I never finished the Breakfast Club promo? Because, in the end, it was just more work for something completely pointless. No opportunity in that. That, and while me, Davin, and Stank have similarities, there is one big thing that separates us.

At the end of the night tomorrow night, I will be champion and they...well, they simply will not.


Winner of a lot of wrestling drafts.

“In times of crisis, the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers.”

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