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Author: Subject: PS3/memory question
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posted on 3-3-2011 at 06:23 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
PS3/memory question

So I've owned a 40 GB PS3 for over two years, but lately have been vaguely entertaining the idea of trading it in towards the 120 GB slim version for two reasons. One, it's a refurbished model from GameStop, so I'm just paranoid it's going to crap out on me at any time (even though it's worked completely fine so far, minus it won't play some regular DVDs). Two, which is more the main reason, I'm worried I'm going to eventually run out of memory space on my current model, so the idea of upgrading to something with three times the memory capacity is appealing. The only problem is that even with trading in my current PS3, I'm sure the slim model would still cost me at least $200, and I don't know if I want to spend that on something that I basically already own.

Anyhow, which leads me to my question, is there a cheaper way to get some more memory space on my current PS3? I know it's possible to get a new hard drive, but I basically know jack shit about that kind of stuff and would be worried about installing it myself. So my next thought is getting a USB flash drive for some extra memory (I saw a 32 GB one for less than $50 on Amazon). Has anyone ever used one on their PS3 and if so, how does it work exactly?

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posted on 3-3-2011 at 07:01 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Wow. After years of lurking, my first post!

Anyway, it is very easy to upgrade the PS3s harddrive to a new one, but you do need to back up your current one before changing it out, which I believe they have made easier with their "Backup Utility".

I'm sure you can Google PS3 harddrive requirements to find out the specific type that you need (and how to change it), but I do remember it being very easy - 5 minutes when I changed mine.

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posted on 3-4-2011 at 04:47 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I have a 500gb external hard drive I use on my PS3 to put movies on there you have to format the hard drive to FAT32, which you can find fairly easy instructions on eHow. As for the flash drive, for movies it works pretty easy just copy the file onto the flash drive and plug it in one of the USB ports works pretty good when I'm being lazy. For whatever reason the PS3 wont recognize MKV and FLV files though, so you're probably better off sticking with AVI files.

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