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Author: Subject: 2010 bOOardies: The Winning-ing!
Steers and Queers

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posted on 1-7-2011 at 06:48 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
2010 bOOardies: The Winning-ing!

Well, time to shutter these and delcare winners. We had a rather interesting time this year, with fake account voting - a major topic and sore spot from the first Draft this year and fodder for some of the bOOardie entries - deja-vuing, driving revoting in the finals, a banning, and cementing somone as Jackass of the Year. Not sure if real time events during bOOardies ever influenced an outcome as much as this has.

In any event....this brings us to the point literally HANDFULLS of us have been anxiously awaiting - the crowning of the winners in our 2010 bOOardies!!

Lifetime (Un)Achievement: ChrisIsGood517

Poster of the Year: the goon

Breakthrough Poster of the Year: JBKing

Jackass: MadStepDad

Feud: mabey!!!! ok fine. WWE vs. TNA

Avatar: matte's RIP Lucky

Flame: modsquad's rip on "judo joe"

Post: ChrisIsGood517's Hogan rant

Wrestling Thread: Daniel Bryan - released?

Off-Topic Thread: Ask a strip club DJ

Trainwreck Thread: DATELINE RICK: To Catch A Duplicator

Congrats to all our winners and nominees. Thanks to everyone for playing, voting, commenting, etc.

EDIT: I don't watch / listen to Jim Rome. Is there some signature sign-off statement I'm supposed to be saying here?

[Edited on 1-7-2011 by williamssl]

Don't Mess With Texas

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Best There Is Was or Ever Will Be

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posted on 1-7-2011 at 07:04 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
holy shit, a thread I started actually won something?

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posted on 1-7-2011 at 08:35 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote

Justice. Fucking justice. Awesome! YES! YES! YES! Seriously, from the bottom of my heart thank you guys so much for this award. This is for all those haters out there who can’t take a joke. This is for all the d-bags and slunts that wanted to run me off this board, smear campaign me, and try to take away any freedoms and fun which was what originally drew me to this community.

About my attitude towards race. I guess I shouldn’t bother trying to explain myself like I have several times over and over but I will. C’mon guys, I do not take my recaps seriously. It is comedy. It is ranting. Any and all material that I provide or contribute to the board is for pure comedy and reflective purposes. Although I do tend to throw in serious commentary on how or why WWE/TNA or anyone else should fix/change their product, but why not express it through humor? I do not discriminate against anyone for race, gender, creed or orientation. Anyone who bothered to know me would tell anyone I’m actually a really nice a funny guy. I do jokes that push buttons, but usually its never intentional to piss people off. If you want to shit on me for doing a bad joke, GO AHEAD. I already know I throw out some stinkers out there, but I do feel I throw out gold too. But don’t blow something so out of proportion that it causes fake infamy. On the other hand, if it wasn’t for a good portion of these stuck up twats my reputation may not have built as big as it did. So I guess I’ll say thanks I guess for that. If you want to be my friends send me a request via XBL (JB KING) and I will not hesitate to accept.

On to the memories and thanking. First off thank you initially for everyone that voted for me…twice. And not just for a vote, but for not being afraid to laugh and say “Hey, his recaps are pretty cool”. Thank you for having an open sense of humor. And thanks for anyone who sent feedback saying never to fall under pressure and to keep going with what I do. I seriously over came much adversity because of you guys . Thanks.

On to my competition. Mbah, I do not know you. Perhaps if I spent more time in the Sports or draft threads I’d get to know you better. In any case thank you so much for being an honest competitor and not whoring yourself out like MSD. You have my respects. Onto MSD, thank you for being such weak competition. Thank you for having no pride. Thank you for being a dick. Thank you for having no rhyme skills. Thank you for ruining multiple “fun” competitions on this board. Thank you for being a Celtics fan, making this win THAT much better.

Glorious. Oh, and thanks for finding me funny.

I would also like to thank Lucky Lopez. Thanks for appreciating me for building early NXT threads and keeping the traffic steady on tuesdays. Thank you for having to give me shit because a select few were spamming him with requests to ban me or shut me up. Thanks for setting a great example of what it means to follow the rules and abide by laws. I will see you in 5 to 10 homie. That is of course you haven’t killed yourself with what happen to Low Ki.

Onto NXT, I had a lot of fond memories being one of the last few giving two shits about the product after Danielson got treated like a little bitch. I probably had more fun with the NXT recaps then the RAW recaps in general. Thom, Noob, Lucky, CiG, DK, Matte and others should be appreciated for keeping it alive when all seemed lost for the show. Hell, I’m sure half of you have or had an avatar from one of my recaps. In that case, you’re welcome.

Onto other material, with everything that happened this year I don’t think I could possibly remember all the quotes and material I provided since January. If you want to look it up for a quick trip down memory lane go ahead though. First off I guess I’ll thank Micheal Cole for having me rolling through all of NXT. Thank you, Batista for just being Batista. Thank you Adobe, for a lot of things. Thank you Justin Roberts for being the poster boy of LOL for 2010. Who knew a single perfectly timed camera shot of a choking could do so much. And thanks to all the botchtastic fun I saw this year.

But this is getting to serious, we need to end this on a fun note that a lot of you come to expect me to do. So Ill tell you what, since there was always a pro and anti-JB camp for some weird reason lets just have fun with it. Are you pissed I won? Are you happy? Fine. Lets do something awesome. We’ll get a John Cena-esc duel chant going. Anyone who voted for me or supported me or hell even liked me simply type out “Thank-You-J-B”. And the other side of people who wanted me to lose, hate my guts, or want me to die a slow death simply respond with “Fuck-You-King”. Serious, go ahead and say it I wont mind nor hold it against you. Matter of fact, I probably wouldn’t want it any other way.

Ok, I’m done. I’ve said my piece and hope to continue to post, rant and most importantly entertain and have fun with this community for more years to come. Once again, and I mean it, thank you guys. You’re acceptance is greatly appreciated. And if any of you still hate me and are pissed with the results of me winning the same contest twice…


Two time Winner for 2010 Breakthrough Poster of the Year Award. You read that right.
I also win shit without having to do ANYTHING! (2012's Jackass of the Year)
XBL Gamertag: JB KING

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posted on 1-7-2011 at 09:37 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I'd like to thank Lucky for doing the unspeakable and landing his ass in jail. Without his disregard for the law, I would have never made my award-winning avatar.

It was a fair fight, TOD (after MSD got banned, at least).

"I'm a professional. I know exactly what I'm doing." - Jeff Hardy 2010

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posted on 1-7-2011 at 10:17 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Only two nominations I've ever gotten Matte has won. I think it's fair to assume he is my arch nemesis. KHAN!

Chalk up another victory for the terrorists (aka SCSA). One day america will regain its' former glory with a ToD victory!

Seriously though, congrats Matte. There is no doubt that your avatar was hilarious. I've always thought silver was a more badass color than gold.

I'm going to the win next year. I already have a few ideas.

Lets also get three cheers for Herpes! Team Venereal Diseases rulez!

OO's only mammal penguin

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Chris Is Good517
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posted on 1-7-2011 at 10:47 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Thank you to everyone who voted for me for the Lifetime (un)Achievement award. It's nice to be in the OO hall of fame and I had the sad realization the other day that other than Rick, I'm one of the only guys still around from the very first days of this board (I think Bones and BFG have been around as long, which is comforting). It feels nice to be recognized after 9 years of interaction with you guys, even if most of my stuff is terrible.

I still think Brad got hosed on Post of the Year because I genuinely believe that his Tiger poem was a thing of beauty, but I definitely appreciate everyone who loved my Hogan rant as well. It really might be the angriest thing I've ever written on this board and I'm glad some of you got a kick out of it.

Congratulations to all of the other winners this year. Goon is and always has been a really good, articulate poster who tries hard to rise above the occasional drama that pops up and I'm really happy to see him finally get some recognition for all the effort he puts into being a great poster. Although I didn't vote for him, I can't deny that JB King is more than deserving of Breakthrough Poster and the more he posts, the more I'm starting to like him and appreciate what he brings to the table outside of his recaps, which admittedly aren't for everybody but still have some solid gold in them. Matte, your av is stellar and you earned that award. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. MSD, if you're reading this, you very well might be one of the most awful people to ever post here and given some of the garbage that's been through over the last 9 years, that's quite an accomplishment, so congrats for being horrible, I guess?

I hope we all have an awesome 2011, both as a board and as IRL people, and I'm looking forward to celebrating the 2012 bOOardies and the 10th anniversary of these forums with you guys next year.


Monday Night Flaw, a podcast about professional wrestling starring OO's own Figure Foreskin as Andy the Smarmy Host and Chris Is Good517 as Cousin Balki.

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Best There Is Was or Ever Will Be

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posted on 1-7-2011 at 10:53 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Hey Chris. #2 on the Member List, OOMike - still around. Just sayin'.
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posted on 1-7-2011 at 10:58 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Okay, JBKing posting that video of John Morrison has made him my favorite poster of the day.

Congratulations everyone. My only regret is that MSD got kicked off when we were probably getting ready to start next year's Feud of the Year.

resident sorceress and necromancer in training.

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MHJ: "if it is kinky, depraved, erotic, or a fetish, you will find it"

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the goon
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posted on 1-8-2011 at 03:00 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Now that I'm the 2010 Poster of the Year, there's something that I've been wanting to say to all of you for a very long time:

But seriously, thanks to everyone who voted for me. I never even would have expected to be nominated for Poster of the Year, so to win it is pretty damn cool. It's good to know that all of those hours of my life I've wasted looking up wrestling facts on Wikipedia finally paid off! Of course, when I told my girlfriend today that I had been voted Poster of the Year on the wrestling message board I frequent, I was met with a blank stare, so that brought me back down to Earth pretty fast.

And in case anyone has noticed (probably not), I haven't been posting much lately due to moving and not having the Internet currently at my new place. But come Monday I should be back to my usual schedule of posting about pointless wrestling stats, how much I love the WWE, and how gay my brother and I are (speaking of the gooker, I think we came this close to tying in the voting, though that asshole voted for himself in the redo thread and I never had the chance to do so).

Also wanted to say congrats to CiG on the Lifetime deserve it! And if Lucky doesn't resurface by this time next year, I think it should officially be renamed the Lucky Lopez Memorial Lifetime (Un)Achievement Award.

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posted on 1-8-2011 at 04:46 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Originally posted by salmonjunkie
holy shit, a thread I started actually won something?

It was based around a strip club. What did you expect?

"Hulk Hogan have the sex with some dumb bitch on the TV. The girl smart if she make the $$ from his bald ass but she also desperate to have sex with the howdy doody like Hulk Hogan. He worse than Mel Gibson and I think now %10000 he prove he have grasshopper dick and raisin balls." - The Iron Sheik

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posted on 1-8-2011 at 09:27 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Congrats to the winners, even the ones I didn't vote for.
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posted on 1-24-2011 at 11:17 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Originally posted by salmonjunkie
Hey Chris. #2 on the Member List, OOMike - still around. Just sayin'.

Thanks for the love....

I am proud to continue my streak as the longest poster with out an award...

Can't complain since I don't watch wrestling any more....

2017 where Nazis are defended and being against Fascism is a bad thing.

Prejudices are rarely overcome by argument; not being founded in reason they cannot be destroyed by logic – Tryon Edwards

Never let the facts interfere with a good rant.

The only OO columnist that has never written a column.

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