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Author: Subject: Impact 8-12 Spoilers
The Man

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posted on 8-10-2010 at 10:34 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Impact 8-12 Spoilers

Dark Match:

* Sam Shaw vs. Jesse Neal in Shaw's TNA tryout match. Winner via spear, Jesse Neal.

TNA Impact (Airing Thursday on Spike TV):

* The Whole F*N Show starts.

* Kurt Angle vs. TNA TV Champion AJ Styles, non title. Winner via ankle lock, Kurt Angle

* For the TNA Knockouts Championship, Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne. The Masked Rider rides out but Velvet Sky hits her with a chair and takes off her helmet but she has a mask on underneath. She gets away from Velvet and makes a run for it. The distraction allows Angelina to hit the Lights Out and win the Knockouts Championship.

* Pepa from Salt n Pepa is here

* Matt Morgan vs. D'Angelo Dinero vs. Mr. Anderson. Winner from kicking Anderson off Pope after a Mic Check, Matt Morgan

* Jeff Hardy vs. Shannon Moore. Winner via Swanton Bomb, Jeff Hardy.

* For the TNA Tag Team Championship, Beer Money, Inc. vs. The Motor City Machine Guns in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Winners of the first fall via Keg Tap, Beer Money. Winners pf the second fall via neckbreaker/frog splash combo, The Motor City Machine Guns. Winners via 2 neckbreaker/frog splash combos, The Motor City Machine Guns. Awesome match, crowd was into this match more than any other match in TNA since they came to Orlando.

* Main event for the TNA Championship, Ladder match with Janice hanging above the ring, Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss with special guest referee Eric Bischoff. RVD gave Abyss a sunset flip powerbomb into tacks and glass as well as a rolling thunder onto Abyss while a barbwire plywood board was on. RVD just got pushed off a ladder in the ring onto a ladder lying across the ring apron and the guard rails. Abyss got the board from the hook. When he went to use Janice on RVD, RVD moved and Janice got stuck in the turnbuckle. RVD then used a chair on Abyss and set him up in the corner with the barbwire wood on him and hit a Van Terminator with a chair and then a 5 Star Frog Splash for the win.

* After the match as RVD was celebrating on top of the ladder, Hulk Hogan's music hits and he comes out bowing to RVD. He shakes RVD's hand raises it to the camera. He gets on the mic and says he thinks everybody in TNA realizes why RVD is the leader here. He's seen them all but RVD is one of the best athletes ever. After seeing RVD step up and take out Sabu, the guy he considers the most dangerous guy in wrestling he saw why TNA is the best wrestling company in the world. Hardcore Justice raised the bar. When he saw all those guys do their thing his respect level went through the roof. With all that said, Dixie invited all his bros here tonight and wants to bring all his EV2.0 guys out here right now. Team 3D, Stevie Richards, Little Guido, Mick Foley, Tony Luke, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and Bill Alfonso come to the ring. Hogan says EV2.0 gave them a shot in the arm they needed and he gladly hands the ring over to them with all respect. The Dreamer gets on the mic and says that Beer Money, Abyss and others also raised the bar tonight. Dreamer thanks Dixie for everything she's done. He thanks his brothers for fighting one more night with them and thanks the fans. The lights go out and when they're back on, Beer Money, AJ Styles, Kaz, Matt Morgan and Douglas Williams are there with weapons and attack all the EV2.0 guys. Almost every EV2.0 guy bleeds. Chains, hockey sticks, kendo sticks, trash can lids, every weapon you would expect is being used. Abyss has joined in on the action too. Dreamer is the bloodiest of them all. Ric Flair has come out and is watching from the ramp. He gets on the mic and says Fortune is taking care of this trash. He's calling out Dixie Carter for letting these guys around. The beatdown continues for a long time with TNA dominating EV2.0. At some point Sandman came out to help but he's beat down too.


* Eric Young vs. Max Buck. During the match, Orlando Jordan ran down with the mannequin and made out with it. He threw it in the ring to distract the referee. He went to hit Young with a mannequin arm but Young moved and Buck got nailed instead. Young rolled him up to get the win.

* Non title match, Amazing Red vs. TNA X Division Champion Douglas Williams. Winner via running shooting star press, Amazing Red. Douglas Williams went to use the belt while the referee was knocked out but Jay Lethal ran out, took the belt and nailed Williams with it.

* Okada vs. Kid Kash. Winner via behind the back shoulder breaking, Okada.

I haven't caught TNA in a long time. I finally get a Thursday to watch it this week, but I'm not exactly talking myself into it. I dunno, it just seems like TNA not being live means they don't try to do spectacular stuff anymore, and there just hasn't seemed to be anything worth tuning in for.

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posted on 8-11-2010 at 01:55 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Ugh. More ECW stuff. I was really hoping we were done with it, and it's still possible that this is the final send off, I guess. But if there's one thing TNA has been consistent about, it's not knowing when to just let something be. Rumor has it that the match times were all really short, which is honestly not unexpected when you're cramming "PPV quality" into two hours with commercials. The only thing I really care about here is the tag title finals. This feud has been excellently handled.

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posted on 8-11-2010 at 12:36 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
So, are Matt Morgan and Doug Williams in Fortune now? Did I miss something?
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posted on 8-11-2010 at 11:32 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Originally posted by nOOb

* Pepa from Salt n Pepa is here


So I thought this was the free-per-view which made me assume it'd be live. Ass out of me I guess. Is it the normal 2 hours as well, or should I plan on starting early?

And, really, am I alone in thinking this is the biggest chance they've got to shine and besides the Guns match it sounds like they're really screwing an opportunity here. I'm not sure I've watched spike since last thursday but I sure figured they'd advertise the crap out of this and then put on a killer show.

Huh, how disappointing.

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posted on 8-12-2010 at 07:13 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I don't see how they're "screwing the opportunity" from the spoilers. A lot of reviews say it was a tremendous set of matches, if some of them ran short. Biased reviews? Who knows. But they put on a ton of wrestling using 100% their core roster and not the ECW or old dudes. It's getting good early reviews and ended the show by putting Fortune and Co over at the expense of the ECW guys. The show could have shoehorned some amazing Wolfe vs Joe match on or something but I don't really see the huge problem besides the "its not live" complaint. And really, what do you want? Live costs money. TNA apparently doesn't have a lot of it to throw away. There were no indicators or hints of it being live and we all made the personal choice to read the spoilers instead of wait 2 or 3 whole days and get it fresh.

I don't know, I guess I don't exactly get what you were expecting to be disappointed. None of the matches storywise compel me but I've been apathetic to TNA for awhile so I wasn't expecting that to change out of nowhere. They promised PPV quality matches and it sounds like they delivered (aside from some obvious time issues) so what can you do? I'd probably nitpick and tell them to cut the Moore/Hardy match and maybe something else to give other matches more time but I haven't seen any of it so its probably as credible an argument as their choice to feature more people.

I don't want the ECW guys around. But if they're going to be around at least its having Fortune kick the ever living shit out of them to close the show. I sure can't complain about that. My guess would be that they'll be back to get revenge and we'll do another faction war like TNA loves, and I'm ambivalent on that. But as long as its guys like AJ, Beer Money, Morgan, and Williams being put over at the expense of old names and legends then that's ok with me.

Originally posted by doctorbIs it the normal 2 hours as well, or should I plan on starting early?

Impact is 9-11 as always but they're debuting Reaction at 11. Reaction was just a recap/highlights/interview show in its original iteration but this seems like a very obvious opportunity to run over the 2 hours and use some of the show to run long, and then transition into a post show. So at least for one week I'd get ready to watch/record 3 hours.

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