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Author: Subject: Magnum Force

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posted on 8-31-2002 at 04:08 PM Edit Post
Magnum Force

I just watched this movie on my Home Entertainment system and it was cool. It isn't as good as "Dirty Harry", but I really enjoyed the first sequel. Because you take a guy (Dirty Harry) who hates "wrong-doers" period, even cops.

**Spoiler Space

I felt the movie was a good follow-up, and featured a great cast (Eastwood and Hal Holbrook). It had a great storyline and great action and like the first movie. Having Lt. Briggs be the evil cop was good, but I'm sure many could see it coming when Briggs went "Everyman is gulity . . ."

Of course, many felt Harry was more mellow in this one. I don't know, uses Brigg's explosive device on Briggs was kind of hardcore. I mean, only Harry would expect a "so-called do-gooder" like Briggs to try to blame Harry for all the deaths, instead of shooting Harry. Harry's gamble was right. Which is why it went from " a good man always knows his limitations" to "a man's got to know his limitations". Kind of like the subtext in the first Movie when you compare the "44 Magnum" dialogue with the bank robber and the Scorpio Killer. So I wouldn't call Harry mellow at all.

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"A man's got to know his limitations." -- Harry Callahan, "Magnum Force".

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