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Author: Subject: NWA-TNA was . . .

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posted on 6-20-2002 at 06:36 AM Edit Post
NWA-TNA was . . .

I don't know . . . it wasn't bad, but I can't say if it will catch on at all. Also, notice that even though he didn't win the title -- who got the most push tonight. Ole Sonny Boy himself, Jeff Jarrett and he gets to feud with "Da Drunk Guy" or at least wrestle him next week. That is worth buying it next week (I got a friend to shill out the money and give me the tape).

The rest of the show was hit and miss. I was glad the chose Shamrock because maybe we can have a Severn/Shamrock feud when Severn comes back (if he comes back).

I liked the Dupps tag-team . . . I know many won't -- but they cracked me up.

The Johnsons Tag Team is stupid and what is with the faggy looking Chris Harvard rip-off?

It was nice to see some of the familiar faces in both the wrestlers and the women. Nice to see Shannon (Daphee) and Francine again, but they really were the only women I found hot. Oh them and Fluff Duff -- man she was hot looking too.

The Flying Elvises? WTF? And people want to wonder why Elvis is just remembered as some fat guy that croaked on a toilet and not the KING OF ROCK N' ROLL and COUNTRY ROCK?

Not a great PPV, or even a great Indy show -- but it wasn't that bad . . . . or was it.

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