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Author: Subject: Part II

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Part II

Months ago, Parvini wrote this wonderful and heartfelt story about my Spirit Guide, Captain Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager. (You may not have heard from her because she's from the future.) Because I so loved Parvini's beautiful story, I have taken it upon myself to finish it.

Click Here for Part I

But she had never even had a passing thought about Seven of Nine in that way. She was probably one of the least desirable partners on this ship. Sure, she was good-looking, beautiful even, but she was cold as ice. The Borg had drilled all the passion out of her.

The only way to get over this is to just confront Seven, Kathryn concluded. One look in her passionless eyes should chase away this silly dream once and for all.
The Captain straightened her shoulders and entered the holodeck. She saw Seven was playing Velocity. By herself. The former drone had never gotten over her defeat by Kathryn. As the doors slide shut, Seven turned around and faced her.

"Do you wish to join me Captain?"

Oh, Kathryn thought, this is not good. This is not at all what I had intended. All her feelings from the dream came rushing back. She looked at Seven and all of a sudden she felt like she was seeing a goddess. So beautiful, so beautiful...

"Seven, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you."

Kathryn started heading out the door. She needed to be as far away from Seven as possible. Even though honestly, she wanted to stay. Before she could leave, Seven responded:

"You are not disturbing me. I think I am ready for a rematch."

"Not now Seven, I am... tired."

"Are you afraid of being beaten, Captain?" Seven asked with a quirky smile.

She had come a long way from being a drone. But this was not the time to turn on the charm.

"No. Yes. I... don't know." Kathryn stumbled.

Even though her mind told her to get the hell out of there, her body and heart told her to stay. She felt herself longing for Seven to live out the dream. Push her against the wall. The kiss.... Oh, this was too much!
Kathryn turned around and ran away.
When she was safely back in her quarters, she realized she had made a complete fool of herself. Get a grip, Kathryn she told herself as she was heading for the bathroom. A cold shower was what she needed.

Moments later, she was walking around in her robe pondering over what to have for dinner. She felt much better. Until the door chimed. Now what.


Who would come in but Seven of Nine. Great. So much for the cold shower. She suddenly became very aware of the fact she wasn't dressed.

"Captain, the doctor has told me to explore my sexual being whatever that may be. He explained to me what to do. I just need somebody to do it with. Will you be of assistance?"

What??? Kathryn couldn't believe her ears. Plunge right into the matter, why don't you, Seven

"Why me?" she managed to ask with a raspy voice, trying to maintain her composure, as she was wondering where this strange behaviour came from.

"You are my guide, my teacher. I trust you and respect you. I also desire you." Seven answered calmly.

At that she walked towards Kathryn and pulled off her robe. Her hand grabbed her neck and she pulled Kathryn's face towards hers. Their lips touched...

Again Kathryn woke up in a cold sweat. Another dream, and she couldn't even remember dozing off. This is getting out of hand, she thought. She really needed somebody to talk to. Now more than ever. But whom could she trust? Tuvok seemed the obvious choice, maybe some of his meditation...
She had another cold shower and some coffee from the replicator in her room. The more she thought about it, the less desirable a conversation with Tuvok became. He was still her security officer, her subordinate.
She called in sick for duty, even though she knew that was asking for trouble. If only she could just go away, have some time by herself, away from the ship...

She concluded the holodeck was as away as she was going to get. Once there, she programmed a sunny deserted meadow somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. She lay down on the grass and stared at the sky.

"Seven of Nine, tertiary adjunct to unimatrix 01, being alone in the Delta Quadrant has affected me in more ways that could have possibly foreseen. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined falling in love with another woman, but I have. I desire you and I need you to desire me."

She sighed. It sounded a little ridiculous spoken out loud.
She tried to relax somewhat and after a while she started drifting off in a slumber.

She found herself in her quarters with Seven of Nine. She had just finished declaring her love to the beautiful young woman. They were staring in each other's eyes.

"Captain, I am uncertain as to how to proceed" the former drone declared.

"What do your instincts tell you, Seven?"

"Do you wish me to act upon my instincts, Captain?"

Kathryn nodded.

Seven slowly walked towards her, not letting go of her eyes. Suddenly, she grabbed Kathryn's shoulders and hooked her leg behind the Captain's, causing her to lose her balance. Before she knew what was happening, Seven had scooped her up and tossed her on the bed. Kathryn was breathing heavily, in eager anticipation.

To Be Concluded...

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