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FFC Drunken Rumble! Now with 50% MORE Mrs. OpTard!
FusionFistCutter - 1-29-2005 at 12:43 AM

13 votes for yay. 3 votes for nay. You know what that means folks, the Tiara is BACK!

Now for the 3 nay votes, a big fuck you. You must be red-staters. Because the immoral majority has spoken
and they want to see a drunken FFC for the Royal Rumble.

Anyways, here's a rehash of how things work for some of you former champs who I know have brain damage anyways,
and for some of the new people that might want to play as well:

The Royal Rumble is Sunday at 8 pm. I will be watching this amongst bitter enemies and without a doubt getting
completely shit faced over the course of the evening. Why? Because it dulls the pain folks. The medicine of choice is
a 12 pack of cheap domestic. Budweiser. For all you fuckers that will inevitably mock my beer choice, piss off, because
when you only drink Budweiser you'll never be dissapointed that a bar didn't have your brand. Aim low kids and life can be
very good.

Anyways, the game is to name the point of the show that I basically stop caring about what's going on. This can be an
interview you think may happen, a match, a skit, or during this very special edition: a particular entrant into the Rumble.
Because God knows I'm walking out if Bastion Booger is the suprise entrant. Everyone can guess, but whoever answers first
correctly after I check back after my hangover on Monday morning gets the prize.

HOWEVER, the last champion can steal anyones guess at any point and remain champion. That man is 2Hot. You may remember him
as a ruthless dictator who enjoys feasting on the bones of his enemies, but we all know him as the guy who had an X-Pac avatar
for awhile.

And that prize? Why it's the...

FFC Drunken Tiara Avatar created by Smoley!

Winner has to proclaim their love to me by massaging my prostate and wearing this tiara as an avatar until the next PPV. At
which point I'll decide whether I'm doing another one of these.

Here's the lineup for Sunday:

Giant Man vs American Baldy vs Right Wing 10-Gallon Hat.

Van Taker Vs. Jobber

Metrosexual Vs Orange Man

Mirrored Chaps Vs Average Canadian

and finally,

29 men Vs Tattood Belly Button

Good luck everyone.

borntorun - 1-29-2005 at 12:46 AM

I'm taking Giant Man vs American Baldy vs Right Wing 10-Gallon Hat.

But really, I think now that the game is back, everyone wins. Especially Anheuser-Busch.

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Operation Pajama Pants - 1-29-2005 at 12:50 AM

i remember the last tiara challange for the rumble we were able to pick points in the rumble match specifically. so that's what i'm gonna do.

entrant 10-ish in the rumble match.

NNCW Paul Douglas - 1-29-2005 at 12:51 AM

I choose Hide n seek vs Overgiver. Because, let's face it, if you're not drunk by that point, you'll be slamming them down fast to numb the pain.

Endo - 1-29-2005 at 12:57 AM

You're drunk when Viscera makes his appearance, whenever that is. And I'll massage your prostate any day bro. Just say how many fingers.

Edited cause he ain't mabel no more....

[Edited on 29-1-2005 by Endo]

whyme - 1-29-2005 at 01:10 AM

at the beginning of the rumble

rk - 1-29-2005 at 01:31 AM

Right after the opening montage.

microplay_24 - 1-29-2005 at 02:25 AM

Damn...NNC stole my answer, but i guess then i'll have to go with this...

I'll chose the 3rd match of the Rumble payperview, whichever one that is...

TarheelMike - 1-29-2005 at 02:34 AM

Lock me down for Metrosexual vs. Orange Man.

As soon as Orton's music hits, it's all over!

GimmickMan - 1-29-2005 at 03:26 AM

HBK v Edge.

OOMatt - 1-29-2005 at 03:32 AM

During Cena's entrance.

Ando - 1-29-2005 at 05:46 AM

What kind of horse would a cowboy wearing mirrored chaps ride?

Entrant 12-13 of the Rumble. Former champ, out.

Columbo - 1-29-2005 at 03:33 PM

You will probably be bordering on being a complete drunken scallywag during the rumble match when Scotty Too Hotty clears the ring and does the worm on Chris BenWah.

G-B - 1-29-2005 at 09:29 PM

I'm new to this competition...

Say, entrant #7-10 of the Royal Rumble?

rk - 1-29-2005 at 10:46 PM

I've already chosen, but someone needs to pick Daniel Puder's Royal Rumble entrance. I believe that's when I'll stop caring...and I don't even drink.

crossface99 - 1-29-2005 at 11:20 PM

I've never done this, but I'm guessing the shark moment happens during some godawful backstage skit involving one or more of the useless Diva brigade. Joy, Amy, Christy, Stacy ... take your pick.

2HoT - 1-29-2005 at 11:39 PM

As the last known FFC Tiara Champion, I am going to choose Scottie2Hottie's elimination to be the point that Cutter stops caring.

AriestheRam - 1-29-2005 at 11:47 PM

I'll say when Regal does some silly backstage skit and you realize that Coach is in the rumble instead of Regal.

BC - 1-30-2005 at 01:36 AM

I say the first time HHH snarls at somebody or something

Stormtrooper - 1-30-2005 at 03:42 AM

As Heidenreich's music hits

microplay_24 - 1-30-2005 at 03:54 AM

Originally posted by Stormtrooper
As Heidenreich's music hits

Ya, i think he'll be gone by that point...

Stormtrooper - 1-30-2005 at 04:06 AM

Originally posted by microplay_24
Ya, i think he'll be gone by that point...

..or at least by the time his music ends.

microplay_24 - 1-30-2005 at 04:13 AM

Originally posted by Stormtrooper
Originally posted by microplay_24
Originally posted by Stormtrooper
As Heidenreich's music hits

Ya, i think he'll be gone by that point...

..or at least by the time his music ends.

I think we have a winner.

Toffile - 1-30-2005 at 05:14 PM

I'mthinking Orton/HHH personally.

Depends on when they put it on the card though.

ArmyofOne - 1-30-2005 at 10:58 PM

How about when BROCK LESNAR comes out as the surprise 15th entrant for SD! Why? Because he's BROCK.

FusionFistCutter - 1-31-2005 at 10:51 PM

Well a winner is Stormtrooper! I had not seen this "Heidenreich" character before, and his skit with "Snitsky" where the gay love was just oozing out of both of their pores was enough for me to slam 2 beers before the music hit. As it did, I believe we TiVo'd forward to midmatch just to get it over with.


Good god, that shit will haunt my dreams.
The rest of the Rumble was enough to keep my interest, but that match licked sac.

The best part of the evening? When Vince destroyed his knee and my friend claimed it wasn't a big deal and he was SUPPOSED to just sit in the ring like a dope and bark orders. But at that point things were hazy as fuck so maybe he was being sarcastic, I have no clue.

Congrats Stormtrooper! We'll see how the next PPV looks and whether or not you'll be defending your title. Until then, the avatar is yours.

NNCW Paul Douglas - 1-31-2005 at 11:48 PM

Damn it, so close. I'll get that tiara someday.

microplay_24 - 2-1-2005 at 12:26 AM

Damn was i ever close (read my last post, but it WASN'T official). And also, i predicted the 3rd match of the Rumble, but it ended up being the 2nd one, so damn.

Oh well, whatever.

Stormtrooper - 2-1-2005 at 02:42 AM