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ModSquad - 7-1-2007 at 03:33 AM

This forum was originally created so people who'd flip out about Benoit jokes like a bunch of fanboys or deputies in the "morality police" could be protected from reading mean things. Now it's a place for things that don't belong anywhere else or can't be posted anywhere else without breaking some rules or ruining someone's day. If you're worried about getting busted for looking at this forum at work, switch your board theme to White Out or Admiral Piett or something that looks official and browse in Firefox with images disabled.


1. Everything is pretty much OK. Double post, double quote, NSFW whatever. There are probably some rules that will get enforced eventually if you think up something really evil or really stupid, so try not to be really evil or stupid.

2. You can post anything, image-wise and even break tables. But try to keep the breakage under 1000 pixels, otherwise no one can read anything.

3. No malicious links. You want to rickroll someone, fine. You want to link someone to a site that automatically loads window after window until their browser crashes, you're scum. Banned scum.

4. We reserve the right to fuck with your posts because it's funny or they aren't.