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Stratdweller deleted the thread that made him look bad.
ModSquad004 - 3-29-2004 at 03:34 AM

Stratdweller. Thanks for deleting that thread. I was going to close it anyway.

It won't change that a lot of people here think you're a tool. Even if you're who you say you are.

Sacrifice all you want, but you still looked really stupid in that thread.

ModSquad - 3-29-2004 at 04:24 AM

People who delete threads when the responses they receive don't please them (or disagree with them) get banned. If you're an asshole who'd rather destroy a bunch of posts because you can't receive criticism... get off message boards, 'cause they move too fast for you.

Sratdweller is welcome to return under some new identity. But this one has been poisoned.