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Where are you now!!!!
BigBlue86 - 2-22-2002 at 07:32 PM

Ok...where's all the peaceniks who were insulting me for wanting to wipe out all the dirt vendors from the Middle East???

Yeah...let's all turn the other cheek and hope the for the best. Then, we can all watch UNARMED newsmen get DE-FUCKIN-CAPITATED!!!!

So...I guess we should let these cocksuckers shit on us some more. We'll just turn the other cheek, right?

Wonderful line of reasoning people.

etee - 2-23-2002 at 04:45 AM

Chill, chill... these are the same SOBs who kill women and children in the name of their God, and who "executed" a retired man in a wheelchair. Somehow, I think they will get what they richly deserve. (See The Onion for an example of what I am talking about.)

They truly are a group of people who desperately need it done to them.

Ultra Magnus - 2-23-2002 at 08:26 AM

There have been decapitation murders in the United States *THIS YEAR*. I say we also kill every American on the planet. However, I suggest a trial run. Since you're such a vocal proponent of this sort of genocide of entire nations and races due to the criminal actions of individuals, here's what I think is fair. We'll arrange to take you out into the town square, and douse you with napalm--LIVE ON AIR--to see how America feels about being wiped out themselves. Then, we'll hold a special election and vote on whether to continue annihilating the entire populace.

What's that? You didn't do anything? You just want to live your life? *You* didn't decapitate anybody, so you don't deserve to die? It's funny how things work when it's you and not some "dirt vendor."

The way I see it, you have two recourses in this matter. A) Volunteer to die. B) Admit you're a racist piece of shit who doesn't have the balls to live by the rules he sets out himself.

Normally, I try to mix in a well-worded, intelligent point with my caustic responses, but you don't deserve any more of my time. Fuck you.

Eli - 2-23-2002 at 05:31 PM

He is right Bigblue. Your words sound awfully racist.

Chris Is Good517 - 2-23-2002 at 05:58 PM

Whoa... before everyone goes off on a spree bashing Blue, I'd like to remind everybody that he's upset because some jack-offs in the Middle East executed an unarmed reporter for nothing more than trying to do his job... a horrible, tragic thing to happen, and it's easy to understand why Blue is mad.
HOWEVER, Blue, you need to keep in mind that this was an act by a few corrupt, evil people and their acts do not represent their society as a whole. These are the same people that kill women for the simple offenses of exposing their faces in public, or trying to eduate themselves... they stone women to death for trying to read a book? It's completely unthinkable, but it isn't the way that all Middle Easterners want to live their lives... it's the life that's forced upon them. Does that make them all bad? No. Just the ones that have the power. THEY are the ones that need to be eliminated, not the entire population.
Think of it like this... let's say a WHITE man broke into your house and killed your family. Would you hate all white people, or just the one that hurt you? Now what if it was a black man? A Mexican? An Arab? See how easy it is to hate people because they're a little bit different? Don't fall into that trap, man...

BigBlue86 - 2-24-2002 at 03:49 AM

First...Ultra Magnus: GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Second...While my heated post may smell of racism, and while you may not believe anything I write, the truth is that I know who the enemy is. I don't want to fight and or kill all people from the Mid-East, just the sumbitches who decided that thier religious beliefs who more important than innocent people.

Third...Magnus, you seem to be very anti-American...GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

Fourth...These same barbarians commit genocide on thier own people. They torture and kill thier women and children who are also innocent.

Fifth...One more time Magnus, GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

Sixth...I was screaming for the head a Timmothy McViegh, The Unibomber, Terry Nichols and other Americans of thier ilk, when they commited their acts against humanity. These bastards are no better than the savages in Al-Queda or Hamas.

Seventh...Magnus? Yep...GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

Finally...You hate me, you love me, you agree or disagree...I don't care! These are my opinions, and if they bother you...get a hobby. But Ultra Magnus, please...GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

RhynoesRUs - 2-24-2002 at 05:46 AM

Who are the enemies BigBlue86? Specifically, not in general, since you know, who are the enemies? I'm not "flaming" you either, I'm curious. By name, who do you consider exactly is the enemy? I'm asking you because I don't believe you really know.

Of course that execution is horrible, unfortunate and unforgiveable. And the perpretrators MUST pay for thier crimes.

But that isn't my gripe here. My problem is that I'm sick of people trying to insinuate that by wanting to seek justice, not revenge and proceed with a thought out plan, not just go obliterate everyone equates in some way to being anti-American. Personally, I have had my ass in harm's way FOR THIS COUNTRY. Personally, I have participated in a military responce in defense OF THIS COUNTRY. And I will, as I have in the past, do my part to defend THIS COUNTRY. I've defended the rights of racists to hate me and I have no regrets or disillusions about it. Yet with all that being said, I'm no more or less American than you are, even if you are just some citizen born here that's done nothing more than run your mouth about what "we" need to go do (while having done nothing yourself). Unlike our current President, who is someone I'd put in this catagory, I'm not saying you are included. Only you know if you are, and it doesn't matter to me either way. I and the other people that have actions speaking for them louder than words are like those "scrubbing bubbles" when it comes to people like that. "We'll work hard, so you don't have to".

Now, that being said, your opinion, like mine, is nothing more unless it contains FACT. You are, of course entitled to whatever you want to believe. And, as I'm sure you know, you should feel free to express whatever that is. But as a piece of advice (not a "flame"), I would suggest that you not buy too much into even your own opinion without FACT. And also, instead of shutting out others opinions, evaluate them for thier worth first. Just my contribution to the thread, do with it what you will.

To end this on a lighter note, I won't be going anywhere and fucking myself, just thought I'd let that be known in case you decide to respond.

Ultra Magnus - 2-24-2002 at 08:09 AM

You know...

I *could* probably reply with something "witty" about how I'd go fuck myself, but your MOM(!) got me all tuckered out(!!)--and still come off sounding better than you--That's just not any fun.

So Blue, you want "scorched earth," but you want to only target certain people? You want to "wipe out all the dirt vendors from the Middle East," but only certain all dirt vendors? Wow, I couldn't even express that second one in understandable English...

Here's where you're at: You're looking to kill. You're looking for death, revenge, destruction--to make you feel better. You're no better than the cowards who killed Danny Pearl. They felt wronged, so they went out and they killed an innocent. You feel wronged, so you want to go out and kill innocents. That's what "scorched earth" and "wipe out all the dirt vendors" connotes--indiscriminant killing. You assume everyone is guilty by association--they thought Danny Pearl was guilty by association. At least these guys had the sack to go out and do it themselves. You want to sit on your couch at home and watch people die on CNN. As cowardly as it is to kill an unarmed man, it's even more cowardly to kill someone you can't even see. They can't defend themselves any better than the unarmed man, and you don't even have to look at them, ever.

So if your way is the American Way, I'm proud to be anti-American. I just don't believe your way IS the American Way. In fact, I believe I'm probably more of a patriot than you could ever be. To me, being patriotic is not standing around blindly following Bu$h and doing what I'm told. To me, it's more patriotic to burn a flag if they tell me I can't than it is to salute a million flags because they tell me I should. I am a free man, and I won't compromise that for anyone or anything. I believe in the basic tenets that this country claims to uphold, and because of that, I will fight every step of the way until either I am dead, or every man, woman, and child--not only in this country, but on the entire planet--is truly free. I believe in something higher than Bush, and if that makes me un-American, then I'm glad for it.

Eli - 2-24-2002 at 11:10 AM

There is a phrase for people like you Bigblue, it's called "part of the problem."

BigBlue86 - 2-26-2002 at 02:21 PM