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Let's finish Jeb's story.
Norm - 6-4-2003 at 06:24 AM

Jeb started at great story, at my expense, on the TV board, and I thought the story was so cool, that I decided to post it here and see if we could continue it.

Fat Redneck Idiot: The bar door is locked! I can't get in!
Bartender(portrayed by Arnold Swartzenegger): You have lost... ACCESS.
Fat Redneck Idiot: Noooooooooo!
1,000 French Locksmiths: Quoi?

Fat Redneck Idiot: Le barman a dit que j'avais perdu l'accès.
1,000 French Locksmiths: L'idiot le pense peut parler français.

salmonjunkie - 6-4-2003 at 06:40 AM

Let's not.

2HoT - 6-4-2003 at 06:51 AM

and say we did.

and then edit it to not say we did.