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My Raw Thoughts
Krydor - 6-3-2003 at 10:42 AM

The Good- Naitch and HBK cutting cool promos, Y2J throwing paint on Goldberg's car, Mick Foley teased as a ref, Kane getting stunned.

The Bad- Test/Steiner feud escalates to a PPV match to posess Stacy. I think that's the match where people go for a pee. The Highlight Reel went on way too long. Evil Rock is dead, and Booker is the defacto new Rock? The Hurricane is now buddies with HBK and Nash? Redneck Triathalon? Oh lord, I hope it isn't a game of quarters, homemade hotrod racing (my primer Camaro versus your rusty Pickup truck)and picking up trashy chicks. I hope they don't read this and use any ideas I presented.

The Ugly- What the hell was that finish in the main event? Goldberg kills little Naich. No, I'm pretty sure Charles Robinson is dead. Christ, that was ugly. If he walks away with only bruised ribs and a dislocated shoulder, he's a lucky SOB. What does Mr. Bill think? Everyone under 150 pounds is an automatic bump machine?

A good show, but I have no idea why there was a 6 chick tag match or 2 polls. Next time they put something dumb up like "do you think JR's book will flop?" I'm going to bombard that website with the "wrong" answer. There are nifty utilities that can let you vote a jillion times a second.

Norm - 6-3-2003 at 11:07 AM

Flair's interview was actually haunting, until he prayed to almight Allah -- I mean Triple H, but Shawn saved it with his promo.

Unless Kane is turning heel to I cannot spell 'feud' with RVD, I saw no point there. I enjoy Kane, but they should have him feud with Kevin Nash in the battle of the Diesels.

By the way, I think it will be Terry Funk because JR said "middle aged and crazy" during the Main Event, and I really doubt Foley wants anything to do with WWE right now.

Steiner is stuck in midcard hell, and Test is nothing without Stacy. Otherwise, it would be a good match for the limited talent in the ring.

Is Evil Rock really dead? This was a Rock cameo, because the ratings have been flip-flopping. Just because he turned face for this crowd, doesn't me when he returns in 10 months that he couldn't become the heel prick he was, again. Good entertainment, nevertheless.

The Redneck Triathalon should be a beer drinking, pie eating, and belching contest. Throw in a arm-wrestling contest for fun.

I bet Charles Robinson wishes it was 1999 again, so Randy Savage could just break his ribs again with his all-elbow, flying elbow. That Goldberg spear was nasty.

I thought it was a great show tonight. Well, as great as Raw can be right now.

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cpdevine1 - 6-3-2003 at 11:59 AM

I think it's Foley, Austin doesn't have any pull with Funk as far as storyline goes. FOley is the only person who fits the description that Austin can get with one phone call.

I LOVE Goldbergs car (big mopar fan here), it almost hurt me to watch Jericho dump paint on his car (I am assuming not real paint, and it could just wash off)

doublee - 6-3-2003 at 01:48 PM

I thought it was a pretty good show as well.

Good old school promo between HBK and Flair I loved it. Made me excited for their match at Bad Blood, I only hope they deliver on the hype now.

I have a few questions though:

What was the Austin abusing Kane thing last night? That seemed out of the blue and had no general point to it. It is not like Austin is going to feud with Kane and it is not like he has a flunky like Chief Morley around to do his dirty work for him. So, what gives? That seemed like a waste of a segment to me. It didn't seem to be setting up anything for the future nor did it even foreshadow anything.

What was up with the finish of the main event? Does anyone know who actually won? Hebner had a look on his face like wait a minute this isn't how the match is supposed to end.

How did Flair get that nasty cut on the back of his head? Was it from HBK when he wacked with a kick? I did not notice anything else that would have caused a nasty cut like that.

This Redneck Triathalon thing could be a recipe for disaster. I understand they want Austin to get segments on the PPVs, but the bits he and Bischoff did on the last one were stupid. Besides, I want to watch wrestling on PPVs not a bunch of skits that could just as easilty be done on RAW. I bet this gets more airtime than half the matches.

Krydor - 6-3-2003 at 01:51 PM

Anything less than Foley means "craptacular", as far as I'm concerned. I mean, HitC? There's only one guy associated with that match, and it isn't the Big Bossman.

Steiner is in midcard hell because that's where he belongs until they can build him up as a viable contender.

rasslinjunkie - 6-3-2003 at 04:10 PM

God, I'm glad I'm not the only one fool enough to hope for Foley. I can't believe he's ready to associate with WWE again, but the way Austin put it, it sounds like it could only be him. Funk occurred to me, too, but he is a bit past middle-aged, isn't he? And I just cannot picture him standing between HHH and Nash. I swear, if this is a tease and they pull out someone stupid, I'll....well, I'll probably just get pissed and yell at the tv, but still...

Same with the Flair/HBK match, it looks golden, so much so that it would take real effort on the part of WWE to screw it up. I've been waiting years to see them together---has match of the year candidate written all over it.

I for one enjoyed seeing Austin abuse Kane; somebody needs to. Kane's "thing" is getting really old. What is he? He's not scary, and he's not funny enough, either. Anything that lights a fire under his ass is fine by me---saw the pun halfway through, and said what the hell, lol. But what was up with that odd moment when Kane trailed his hand down Austin's chest? That nearly ruined it for me, and set off wild laughter among all of us watching. He did it twice, but the first was the worst---anyone else catch that?

The main event finish was fucked up, but it didn't spoil the show for me---hey, shit happens. I always try to sift out the good in RAW, but lately, that job has been much easier. If they keep this up they could manage a slow burn back to where they ought to be, ratings and earnings wise.

LuckyLopez - 6-3-2003 at 04:12 PM

doublee, as far as the Kane-Austin segment. I believe the subtext was supposed to be that Kane's last 6 months have been a sad departure from his past. The teaming with RVD has mellowed a wrestler who's main weapon was his intensity. I can only imagine that this leads to Kane getting back his intensity and either (a) turning heel or (b) finding his tag partner upset at him and turning heel. Seems like a good way to play what we've all been expecting for a long time.

And am I the ONLY one who things Test-Steiner will be ok? Maybe I'm just an unevolved fool who thinks two brutes slugging it out of over the honor of a woman is a suitable story, but... I dunno. Seems like a suitable 1st or 2nd match on the card. An Orton-Hurricane bout might be better wrestling, but at least this has some good ole' fashioned wrestling story...

And yes, junkie... I too was a bit unnerved by Kane's gentle caress of the GM. Chyna... Tori... Katie Vick... See what happens when he gets spurned too many times?

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rasslinjunkie - 6-3-2003 at 04:19 PM

Laughing my ass off, Lucky. Yeah, I pulled out quite a few Katie Vick jokes last night. Maybe Austin should leave Kane's...uh...intensity alone. Man I bet the boys in the back were all over that. Damn, Kane.

"The fire still burns..."


Slade - 6-3-2003 at 04:23 PM

Middle-aged and crazy, eh? I don't think it's Foley. The thought never ever crossed my mind. Besides, he's not even 40 yet. Funk was my first idea, but I'm not sure now. If everybody thinks it's too obvious, the I think middle-aged and crazy could only mean one thing: Goerge "The Animal" Steele, baby!

RAW rocked last night. The only thing that bothered me was the shitty ending to the main event. It made no sense. JR was tried to suggest that Hebner didn't feel safe and called the match off. If they wanted to do that ending, shouldn't he have done it after he lost control of the match without a wrestler pinning another wrestler 12 inches away from his face? What the hell! The fans hated that ending, and for good reason. The better ending would've been if he'd just counted to three really quickly and then got the hell out there and let them continue to brawl. That would've made more sense, the fans in the arena wouldn't have felt cheated by the ending. And why did Hebner check Huricane's shoulders and then call for the bell? Good lord, I don't get it. I really don't get it.

That aside, the whole show could've been a piece of shit, and yet I would've still would've liked it because of Ric Flair alone. The man's been on fire for the last 3 weeks. And that promo was fuckin' A!

outback jack - 6-3-2003 at 05:45 PM

Remember when HBK tried to snap Jeff Hardy out of his slump with the sweet chin music? Maybe the next crossover book after JR's cookbook will be a new business book touting knocking out co-workers as a motivational tool.

"7 Finishers of Highly Effective Managers" or "Who Stunnered My Cheese?"

Thom - 6-3-2003 at 06:06 PM

As far as the Hurricane-Nash-HBK thing goes, its just a somewhat continued storyline from last week. Orton comes in and helps with the beatdown of HBK, so hes in Michaels and Nashs doghouse. Then Orton jumps Hurricane earlier this week, which sets up the 6-man. Not that big of a deal. And besides, Hurricane has been in a semi-war of words with HHH and Flair for a while now (see my signature). It all actually comes together pretty nicely.

doublee - 6-3-2003 at 07:41 PM

If they are indeed setting up a Kane and RVD split the timing of Austin's tirade seems a bit odd to me. I understand the whole bit about trying to fire Kane up and all that. But, if they are sowing the seeds for a split would it not maybe make more sense to have Kane blow the PPV match where they lose the belts to La Resistance?

I would have liked a little more closure to the segment, they seemed to leave it pretty open ended as to what it was all about. But, I will put my faith in the RAW writing team as they have been on a pretty good roll since the weeks leading up to WrestleMania.

Blown Spot - 6-3-2003 at 08:21 PM

Who said Kane and RVD are splitting up?

Thom - 6-3-2003 at 08:43 PM

Spot- Lucky alluded to Kane and RVD splitting.

Bonestein - 6-3-2003 at 10:48 PM

I just want to give Norm full credit for brushing up on his "smart knowledge", and bringing out the Rock's real name. By calling him "Dwayne", you have earned my eternal respect and admiration. I would like to present you with a gift...

A nice big basket of fuck off. Do whatever you want with it. I'm just hoping it occupies your time for awhile so you stay the fuck away from these boards. Bye for now, buttercup.

rasslinjunkie - 6-3-2003 at 10:50 PM

Damn, Bones. let me know if I ever start to piss you off, alright?

Bonestein - 6-3-2003 at 11:01 PM

Hey, I would DEFINITELY pray to a dude who smells like green peppers. That is, until that wrestling encyclopedia known as Norm came around. Heh... Norm. Great name, Bud.

2HoT - 6-4-2003 at 12:12 AM

and unless Kane is turning heel to feud with RVD, I saw no point there

Of course there was a point. It put Kane on our screen.

Otherwise, it would be a good match for the limited talent in the ring.

This would be a good thread if not for the limited talent on the board.

He was probably going to do it as a Dark Match, but WWE decided to put him back on TV.

You got Gerwitz on speed-dial?

Beer drinking, pie eating, and belching contests.

Sounds like party time at the Ellock house.

Earl Hebner screws up again. Don't ask.

We didn't. If we did, we wouldn't ask you.

beating up helpless guys like David Crock . . . uh . . . Charles Robinson.

Speaking of beating the helpless...

I thought it was a great show tonight. Well, as great as Raw can be with the people on the show and who is being puished.

Perhaps you should get Gerwits back on the line and see if he will give you a job. Then you can fix it for the good of us all.

P.S. Excessive quoting is stupid.

Bonestein - 6-4-2003 at 02:12 AM

Compromise? I think we can work one out without wasting U2Us. Here's the deal...

You go back to the gutter like a good little dog, and I will go back to ignoring you. Fuck off.

Norm - 6-4-2003 at 02:53 AM

Originally posted by 2HoT

Excessive quoting is stupid.


[Edited on 6-4-2003 by Norm]

Bonestein - 6-4-2003 at 03:56 AM

How fucking dumb are you that you have to edit a post where all you type is "Whatever."?


Pistol Pez - 6-4-2003 at 04:19 AM

Am I the only one who thought Austin was talking about Jack Nicholson?

2HoT - 6-4-2003 at 05:05 AM


Whatever? Whatever yourself. At least have the courage to stand by what you say. The fact that you went and edited your post to take all the quotes out just makes you look spineless.

Conviction, tho it may not be immediate, can garner respect. Going back on what you say to save face is just weak.

What would Freddie Blassie think of that?

salmonjunkie - 6-4-2003 at 05:27 AM

2Hot: Blassie would simply call him a pencil-necked geek.

2HoT - 6-4-2003 at 06:01 AM

Why not? It works for the French.

If only you could show this much poise in your u2u's...

Norm - 6-4-2003 at 06:46 AM

Hey we all have the rights to our opinions. Just remember what Paul McCartney said in "Fool On The Hill."

[Edited on 6-4-2003 by Norm]

Norm - 6-4-2003 at 11:14 AM

Jeb, put in Magical Mystery Tour and listen to it.

If you don't own it, buy it, or steal it you pencil neck geek.

Quentil - 6-4-2003 at 12:14 PM

Well, Raw still seems to keep me mildly interested in spurts but overall fairly indifferent.

The Kane thing could be cool, although I almost wonder if RVD won't be the first offering to a reinvigorated monster...Or whatever. Honestly, Kane isn't (and has never been) one of my favorite guys. The Stone Cold-Kane thing was at least fresh and different.

The Rock/Christian/etc segment was also sort of fun to watch, although I sort of lost interest after awhile for whatever reason.

I honestly am sick and nothing but apathetic towards anything involving whatever the hell they are doing with Test and Steiner. All they need now is Albert and it would be the shitiest match in history. I mean, yeah, Stacy is hot and all, but that isn't enough sugar to sweeten the utter crap that this match will bring to the ring.

The main event was pretty much what I expected. Which isn't bad, but really doesn't equate to 'good' either.

Raw is a lot better than it was only a handful of months ago, but it still seems lacking at times, especially since they are trying to build up the PPV.

Ah well.