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WWF titles mean very little, anda shoot on Chyna
CaseyDiabloShotJimRoss - 1-28-2002 at 10:12 PM

In All Do Respect The WWF havent meant crap for quite a long time. Especially the World title. Did Everyone happen to see the whole fucking INVASION skit. Hell Fucking Edge had the US and the IC titles, there was a god damn title change each and every TV show.

Don't get me wrong but I do respect Edge but, no one in the WWF should have to be a duel champion. (With the Exception of the awesome Triple H / Austin Tagteam, IC champ, and World Champion holders)

Although I am a fan a Jericho I was rather pissed off that they felt that it was his time for the world title. If you ver seen Jericho outside of the ring (most likely on his way to his rental after the event) you'd think where's the rest of him? Jericho is way too goofy to maintain a singles world champion rule. They should slap the IC belt on him again for a bit.

Which brings me to another clasic WWF title scene. Does everyone remember when the WWF had the marvelous idea to make Jerich ICchampion, and then made Chyna CO-CHAMPION?WHAT IN THE FLYING PIG SHIT IS A DUEL CHAMPION?
In case anyone of you Chyna supporters want to debate my he/she bashing, Remember Chyna dumped the WWF. To Chyna your support meant nothing because she beleives she is better then the WWF. Chyna was asked if she wanted to stay but she left us.

Personally I wish Chyna all te luck in the world, because every dog food commercial needs a spokes-bitch, and she fills that roll.

Remembering also the way Sable left the WWF? Well think of this as being the same situation.

Chyna was put on the Playboy magazine as a deal. The WWF came to the PLAYBOY mansion with a Steve Austin Edition F-250 full of cash, signed some shit and with a great punch in the groin to all WWF fans and perverts alike an ogre hits it big.

Personally that is why I read HUSTLER Magazine instead.

Well later all take care

beatenlikeagovernmentmule - 1-29-2002 at 12:02 AM

Uh, yeah ok dude.

BigBlue86 - 1-29-2002 at 06:43 PM

Remember Chyna dumped the WWF

OK, that is your take on the situation and that's fine. I'd be a dope to fight with you over that. But...

Chyna started out as an amazon woman who beat up men. She also went as far as wrestling men on a full time basis.

Eventually, she streamlined her look to appear more femenin. The WWF took advantage of that by working out a deal to have her pose in Playboy magazine. Which, by the way, the WWF made far more money from the deal than Chyna.

But then, none of the "boys" wanted to work with her, and it was pointless to have her wrestle women who CAN NOT WORK WORTH A DAMN!

It was pointless for her to stay with the company. Think about it, from January 1 - May 20th, 2001 she was on TV approx. 12-15 times.

So...Joanie Lauer to a shot and asked for a big payday to stay, the WWF turned her down because in thier minds they felt she wasn't worth the investement.

Please, continue to keep your opinions flowing, but don't be brainwashed by the internet geeks and Dirtsheet writers who all bash Chyna, but have the Playboy issues with her feature.

NoneSoVile - 1-29-2002 at 08:35 PM

Chyna was so annoying; thank god she is gone. I really never met anyone who was an actual Chyna fan. Also the Playboy spread she did was just totally wrong to do. I only saw a couple of pictures from her latest shoot and it was horrific. She has no career outside of wrestling because she is still a man-beast no matter how much surgery they do on her.

Without Triple H, she was nothing. Hell she turns men gay too because shes so manly.... she was the last chick that hung out w/ Billy Gunn before his wrist went limp.

Kneecaps - 1-30-2002 at 05:54 AM

Originally posted by NoneSoVile I only saw a couple of pictures from her latest shoot and it was horrific.

LOL. I loved the way they surrounded her with 5 other women to draw the attention away from her manliness.

CaseyDiabloShotJimRoss - 1-31-2002 at 12:06 AM

Sounds to me as if someone's diapers are on too tight :-/ see alot of the stuff I wrote was true, just because you're mad because Chyna is gone don't come here with that sad attitude, you can still watch Hey Arnold beaten

Jimpick - 1-31-2002 at 05:34 PM

Originally posted by BigBlue86
Remember Chyna dumped the WWF

Eventually, she streamlined her look to appear more femenin.

Streamlined? That is a funny way to describe a pair of giant implants.

The China situation was doomed from the start. She was booked as being too powerful for the women's division, but "the boys" didn't want to lose to a woman. How the hell can you have long term success in that situation?


Puritan - 2-5-2002 at 03:51 PM

Originally posted by CaseyDiabloShotJimRoss
In All Do Respect The WWF havent meant crap for quite a long time. Especially the World title. Did Everyone happen to see the whole fucking INVASION skit.

While I agree that all of the other titles changed hands too much during the Invasion, the one title that always has meant something in the WWF was its world title. Even during the Invasion where other belts (especially the IC and US belts) were changing hands almost every week, the WWF world title had stability and meant something -- only four men held the belt during all of 2001. And while other titles were just auxilliary add-ons (remember the Edge/Christian feud that just threw in the IC belt as an almost afterthought), the WWF world title always meant something. Just my two cents...

Eli - 2-7-2002 at 06:13 PM

Hey CaseyDiabloShotJimRoss,
I found out what makes you so obnoxious. It's not your asinine opinions . It's your more-annoying-than-DDP's-white-teeth size font!
Love ya,