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Monday Recap
Dr.Evil - 11-27-2002 at 11:36 PM

It's Wedensday and still no Monday recap? What's with this Lee guy? HOw I long for CRZ .

HulkRulez - 12-3-2002 at 07:38 PM

Are there no more Monday recaps on this web site? I work some Monday nights often so I miss reading them.

Brett - 12-3-2002 at 07:40 PM


What's with this Lee guy?

He probably quit again.

If he didn't, he's undoubtedly got a bunch of lame and unbelievable excuses lined up. He's just trying to decide which one to use this time.

LeeF - 12-4-2002 at 01:58 PM

Still no Monday recap and it's now Wednesday? I think we all know this guy...and he flat out sucks.

Brett - 12-4-2002 at 06:16 PM

It's not his fault. Honest. He was going to use the work laptop, but some other "reporter" for the Des Plaines Shopper and Auction Mart took it and wouldn't give it back (probably a breaking story about the local Ladies Auxilliary's Pancake Breakfast). So he had to write it longhand. But then the cat threw up on it, and he couldn't decipher his notes through the pigeon feathers, hairball, Meow Mix(tm), and Hamm's extra light (which the cat had licked up after Filas spilled it on the floor). At this point, he had had enough, so he quit.

LeeF - 12-4-2002 at 07:15 PM


I don't have to explain myself to you or anyone else. The truth be told my Conmodore 64 fried this weekend. Me and the boys had a huge Pong tournament and I guess we were using too much memory. I will have a that 11/25 report any day now (if i don't decide to quit first).

2HoT - 12-4-2002 at 07:15 PM

well if y'all are feeling masochistic u could go check out Scott Keith over at that other website.

Eli - 12-4-2002 at 08:58 PM

Okay fellas, bess take this over to the "Comments About Online Onslaught" forum...

Eli - 12-4-2002 at 09:17 PM

Daaaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnn. Jeb lost that composure he so known for. How does it feel my man? (Switches to Darth Vader voice) COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE!!!

LeeF - 12-4-2002 at 09:25 PM

Relax. You are gong to have an Annerism (Vinnie Ru's words, not mine). Once again, I never claimed to be Lee Filas, Les Fetus, or Leif Garrett. I was simply having fun. If you don't like it, or for that matter if anyone else does not like it, I suggest you put in the best of Chris Benoit (The interview sessions), have a nice warm glass of milk, and take a nap. I ain't going anywhere. The last time I checked this was a public forumn where I am able to do anything or say anything I want (as long as I am not doing anyone harm).

Notice boys not one four letter word. Take notes.

Bonestein - 12-5-2002 at 12:46 AM

You forgot to mention Brett's brilliant attempts to get board heat by throwing out some racial blasts about Booker T on another thread.

salmonjunkie - 12-5-2002 at 02:52 AM

"two anuses might have a different outward appearance, but they both basically produce shit"

truer words have never been said.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 05:48 AM

Ah yes. Where would any thread be without Bonestine patting someone on the back saying his usual, "I agree 100% with you man" only this time it was not Big Fat Goalie.

If you know a way to shut me up, do it. Otherwise, live with it.

I'm O-U-T.

On the positive side Les Fetus did provide us with a recap and one whale of an excuse. Who didn't see that one coming from a mile away.

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 06:48 AM

Leef rymes with queef...

Timmy - 12-5-2002 at 11:03 AM

Ah, more ramblings from the split personality of LeeF and Brett.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 02:04 PM

Eli if you are going to attempt to be funny make sure you spell correctly Your grammar quite frankly is funny enough.

Timmy - 12-5-2002 at 03:29 PM

"you spell correctly Your grammar quite frankly is funny enough. "

Oh, the irony!

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 03:36 PM

D'oh...Damn punctuation!

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 04:33 PM

It is truly a sign of desperation when a poster has to resort to the tired, overused and generally impotent tactic of harping on spelling and grammer in a messageboard. It's even better when said poster can't even follow his own ramblings enough to avoid doing the same thing. I'm sure you can do better.
Grade: D

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 04:49 PM

Oh contraire mon frere. How is one to be taken seriously ( I know this is an oxi moron on a rasslin message board) if they cannot spell the simplest of words? Trust me Ellie coming from a business background the ability to write a cognizant (I will wait while you grab a dictionary--it's the big book without pictures)sentence is of the utmost importance.

Grammer? Is that the same as grammar?

To the back of the class you go.

Bonestein - 12-5-2002 at 04:51 PM

oxi moron? Is that the same as "oxymoron"? Back of the class with you, little bitch.

LeeFs Mom - 12-5-2002 at 04:53 PM

"hey, I'm sorry boys, is my boy not playing nice?"

"Shame on u LeeF, now get back to the trailer, you naughty little boy."

"You gonna have a lot a makin up to do to momma tonight, You gonna play finger bang with momma tonight?"

"sorry my boy troubled you nice boys, you can go back to talkin about your wrestling now"

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 04:55 PM

Hey it's Bonestine. Sorry girlie I did not recognize you without one of those patented "I agree with you 100% Goalie" comments. Way to mix it up. You are full of surprises.

The "little bitch" comment though was Pure Bone though.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 04:57 PM

Oh no.....mother jokes? Now I am all broken up inside. Should I have expected anything less from rasslin' fans?

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 04:59 PM

See Queef? See the trap you are falling into? Really, this situation has been around as long as messageboards. You willl always undoubtedly end up in the same situation. Over and over again.
Note: Student's abilities to learn from her mistakes are suspect. Needs improvement.

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 05:01 PM

An you can harpe on mi spellling all you want cuz this rasslin bored aint "proffffesionil!

LeeFs Mom - 12-5-2002 at 05:01 PM

"LeeF, you are so naughty, dont make mommy pull your winky again, you know how much you cried last time"

Bonestein - 12-5-2002 at 05:02 PM

"girlie"? Ouch. Just... ouch.

Oh, and I already read something about how I apparantly agree with everything BFG says, can't you come up with some original content for us? I'm up to almost 800 posts or something, can't you dig up anything else on me? Obviously you have a raging hard-on for Bonestein, keep going through all my posts, you'll find something else for sure.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 05:03 PM

Quite the opposite Ellie. I have you idiots on this board trained like circus seals. Face it, I control every one of your posts in his thread. I can only sit back and laugh.

Pssst...there is only two "l's" in will.

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 05:06 PM

A raging hard-on Bonestine? I seem to remember in one of your previous posts you claiming some other poster (no doubt male) had a raging hard-on for you as well. Hmm...I think I see a trend developing here.

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 05:07 PM

I am not concerned about spelling. So mention it as much as you like. What I am concerned about is you unoriginality with harasssment. Think of something better.
Also: The above "will" has three L's, not two I's.

Bonestein - 12-5-2002 at 05:08 PM

Yeah, the trend is that I get frightened when posters get crushes on me.

LeeFs Dad - 12-5-2002 at 05:10 PM

My boys turned into one of those queers!

Boy, your coming home with me! Daddys gonna teach you not to hassle rasslin fans!

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 05:11 PM


It is apparent you are not concerned with spelling since you misspelled harassment. How concerned are you with grammar? Not very much either I presume.

This is fun.....weeeeeeeee

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 05:12 PM


No one, and I mean no one, has a hard-one for you. Keep barking though circus seal.

LeeFs Dad - 12-5-2002 at 05:19 PM

"Boy, you gonna get such a spankin!!!"

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 05:20 PM

That's funny.......Can you balance a ball on your nose as well?

LeeFs Dad - 12-5-2002 at 05:25 PM

"Sounds like you been balancing other men's balls on your chin boy"!

"God damn cock sucker"

LeeFs Mom - 12-5-2002 at 05:26 PM

"My baby's not gay, he loves his momma"

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 05:27 PM

Ellie my girl they get funnier and let's see you clap...there's a fish in it for ya.

LeeFs Mom - 12-5-2002 at 05:32 PM

"Ah, I remember when you gave Momma the clap, you are such a naughty boy, poking your 4 incher in your Grandma like that."

Silent Bob - 12-5-2002 at 05:45 PM

Funny family you got there.

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 05:57 PM

Oh I get it, you like attention. You can't get it through normal posts so you come up with this stuuff to draw attention to yourself. You have no ryme or reason other than to make yourself the center of attention. That's interesting in an Anna Nicole Smith sort of way.

salmonjunkie - 12-5-2002 at 06:00 PM

Who is sadder? LeeF for being such an anus, or me for reading the shit he just spewed?

Bonestein - 12-5-2002 at 06:53 PM

He almost makes me willing to take back tcb with open arms if he leaves forever.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 06:56 PM


Taking someone back with open arms? A little gay don't ya think? You don't have a raging hard-on for TCB do ya?

Bonestein - 12-5-2002 at 06:59 PM

So you really don't have anything better to do than flame guys on a board you apparantly dislike? Go out and get a job or something. Maybe see if you can find out what an actual WOMAN smells like. Preferably one that you don't have to pay to sniff.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 07:02 PM

And Ellie.....I don't even know where to begin. Your posts don't even warrant a response until you learn there is an "H" in the word rhyme. I thought we cleared that up 10 posts ago? Oh yeah I furgot you don't kare nun fer spellin.

Bonestein - 12-5-2002 at 07:04 PM

Hey LeeF, you still haven't been able to address your inability to spell "oxymoron". I mean really, who the hell would even think of spelling it "oxi moron"? Burnout.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 07:05 PM

Come on Bone Smuggler. This is fun for me. Apparently if you feel I have nothing better to do then you must feel the same way about yourself seeing as how you have responded to every post I have left. Again, you guys are like trained circus seals.

You can pay a woman to smell her? Bonetine, where are you hanging out?

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 07:07 PM

You are right. I misspelled oxymoron. My apologies. Now, let's address your raging hard-on for TCB...

Bonestein - 12-5-2002 at 07:12 PM

Trust me, this is just as fun for us. I think it's hilarious that you come on here and act all brilliant, trying to compensate for your ninth-grade education by trying to exude verbosity, while misspelling words and fucking up grammar in every second post.

I'm a college student, and my landlords are renovating my apartment, therefore I can't sleep all day. So I have to do something, and luckily your dumb ass is providing some nice morning entertainment. What's your excuse for answering every one of my posts? That's right, bark boy, bark... I'll toss you the ball eventually.

Now quick, go get your dictionary and try to come up with a word that will stump the wrestling audience so that you can feel like you could be smarter than someone.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 07:17 PM

Stump the wrestling audience? That is rich...hey there is a word right there that I am sure stumps half the board. Not you though, I am sure with your college education you understanding it all.

Stealing my circus seal jokes, monkey boy? How pathetic (oops there's another over two syllable word again. Have to remember the audience).

Please site every second post I f'd up? Come on have all kinds of time.

Fun, good fun.

Bonestein - 12-5-2002 at 07:23 PM

You make it too easy.

"Not you though, I am sure with your college education you understanding it all."

You understanding it all? What?
Did you just switch off to ebonics there, or what's the story?

"Please site every second post I f'd up?"

I believe that the word you are looking for is "cite".

Atta girl!

Well, just about time for the workers' lunch break, so I'm off to nap for awhile. You keep posting though and showing us how you're one step away from MENSA membership. You really are the wind beneath the OO Message Board's wings.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 07:29 PM

You are taking my atta girl's now too? Boney boney boney. If you are nothing else, please be original. Sweet dream's of ***** Chris Benoit /Lance Storm match while you nap unless you still dream of Big Fat Goalie that is...

Pistol Pez - 12-5-2002 at 08:01 PM

once again, more proof that Online Onslaught is the gathering place of the mature wrestling fan. why don't you guys spend a night at the opera and work this out like gentlemen?

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 08:18 PM

"Oh yeah I furgot you don't kare nun fer spellin."

Like a child in LD, you learn. Just slower than your peers.

Why do you crave attention so much?

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 08:21 PM

You and your girl Bonestine kill me Ellie. You say I crave attention yet you answer every single one of my posts. I will ask you that very same question.

P.S. I think Boney has a thing for TCB (or is it Goalie) so you may be barking up the wrong tree.

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 08:35 PM

How about just answering it?

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 08:44 PM

I don't crave attention Ellie. I just LOVE pushing people's buttons. And dayyyyum it's easy to push the buttons of people like you and BoneSmuggler.

Now, same question to you...

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 08:54 PM

Why do you like pushing people's buttons?

salmonjunkie - 12-5-2002 at 08:58 PM

Because if he did this in real life as opposed to on the boards, he would keep getting his ass kicked.

Either that or no one gives him the time of day in the real world.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 09:07 PM

Ok sorry I am back. I had to take a Bonestein.

I just love seeing how far I can push people. It's fun. No other reason.

Salmon, if I wanna hear from an asshole I'll fart.

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 09:11 PM

But, what is so fun about it?

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 09:15 PM

Ya know Eli I don't know. You have made me feel so inadequate. Now if you excuse me I must go curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb and I am sure you have to go watch the Power Rangers.

OOLee - 12-5-2002 at 09:20 PM

1) I noticed that my buddy Brett has decided to shut up. I wonder why? Did he decide that he cant keep up with the diatribes that have been spewed forth against he and LeeF and therefore has turned in his keyboard? Or, has he switched to a porn site and has been busy "polishing his keyboard" so to speak.
What is exceptionally funny are the names of newspapers that I work for. However, if he would just check through the archives, he would be able to discover what paper I work for.

2) I received an e-mail not to long ago from a guy who named himself "Kordell Stewart." I bring this up only because he said - point blank - that he loves to push peoples buttons - and also appointed himself the master of puppets - or some crap like that. I'm wondering if LeeF is one and the same...which leads me to wonder this: Why doesn't he just come forward and use his name? Or even stick to one moniker? I mean, for a guy who likes to weild that kind of power, you'd think he would stick to a single name to show people who holds the true power against people. Instead, he develops a list of names and hides behind this facade of being someone else. So, LeeF, are you just so bored with your own life to such an extent that you need to live vacariously through other people to such an extent that you adapt the moniker of people who hold some influence over your everyday life?

Like, tomorrow, will you become one of those other names you have discovered? Will you become Boney...or Ellie...or something like that? And, will you continue to live your life vicariously through them? Or, in the future, you know, after you move out of your Mom's basement, will you eventually develo your own life, or will you continue to be someone else?

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 09:36 PM

It seems as though there is another detective amongst us. How about that? Funny thing about your premise Lee is I am from Pittsburgh but alas, why would I ever use the moniker Kordell Stewart? Although he is a great team player he is a horrible quarterback. Sorry that is not me. Who else on this message board you, Les Fetus, uses their rela name? Get a grip. This is the one and only nickname I have ever used on here. I would never create false names like “Leef’s mom” or “Leef’s dad”. I wonder who did that? Any ideas, Eli? As far as living in my mom’s basement? I will put my W-2 up against your W-2 any day of the year Lee. I am a homeowner. Not an apartment dweller. In addition whenever I need something (like a new computer) I go out and buy it. I don’t have to wait to see what the Christmas envelops have in store for me. How pathetic.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 09:43 PM

Excuse the typos.....

Now if you will excuse me I need to do some work.


OOLee - 12-5-2002 at 10:03 PM

Does this job you have to return to consist of you asking "Would you like paper or plastic?"

As for your W-2 vs. my W-2 - sure. We'll compare and contrast them if you'd like. Go ahead and toss them out and let's see what the local grocer is paying this time of the year. And, dont play me for a fool and just chuck any figure out there. Feel free to go ahead and copy, cut, then paste your W-2 on this message board - or hell, send it to my e-mail address - to show me documented proof of what you made from the Piggly Wiggly last year. I'll make sure that I do the same for what I pulled down from the Daily Herald during the same time span.

And, just because your mother owns a home doesn't mean that YOU own a home. Sure, she may give it to you when she dies, but until that day happens, its officially hers.

As for the BRILIANT computer thing you brought up - see, I happen to like to store money is other areas, like a 401K plan or an IRA account - so that when I retire in 33 years, I'll have some money for me to enjoy. To do that, I make sure to budget my money. Now, with Christmas right around the corner, I think it's stupid - even for a guy like you - to rush out and make a large purchase, like a computer for myself, when I enjoy showering my friends, family - and here's one thing that you will never be able to say - GIRLFRIEND with gifts during the holiday season. See, thats called responsibility...something that you have no intention of ever understanding. (And, waking up at half-past noon to walk (or ride you bicycle) to your job at the grocery store does not equal responsibility. Well, it does for a 16 year old kid, but not for someone who is in his mid to late 20's and still eating his mothers food.)

However, you never did answer my question before. Will you continue to live someone else's life, or will you eventually get your own?

kiez - 12-5-2002 at 10:26 PM

but, talk about wrestling, please, wrestling.....

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 10:28 PM

Sure. Let me scan my W-2 and post it right here on the message board with my social security listed no doubt. I will tell you what big man, you first. If you have the stones I will as well.

You are correct. My mother does own a home. But guess what, so do It was just reappraised at $235K

As far as savings, I contribute 15% every two weeks to my 401(k) plan. I maxed it out back in August. As you know, being the super genius you are, you can only contribute $11,000 per year (unless you are over 55 at which time there is a catch up provision). An IRA? Please. Chump change. Two grand per year. That is hardly even an expense for me.

I don’t have to worry about saving up for Christmas. I have saved enough through the year that when I need to make a purchase as small as a computer it does not put a cramp in my lifestyle (Come on Les $1500.00 can’t hurt you that much). That goes the same for showering others with Christmas gifts. But hey you don’t have to worry about a computer you can always sneak using your one while you are at work. Laughable. As far as a girlfriend, got one. As far as my occupation, I am a financial planner and if the market keeps rebounding the way it has this year I will be sitting prettier than I already am.

The supermarket comment was cute. Not very witty but cute. But hey I did break down and read your column this week. I should expect nothing else.

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 10:38 PM

Now look who is getting their buttons pushed. Mr. homeowner himself. Wile I appreciate being accused of coming up with other identities, I am sorry to say I'm not the guy.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 10:44 PM

Hey welcome back. Is that Benoit interview tape over? To be honest, I have a lot of down time right now at work (or maybe it is too cold outside to play with my school chums--you decide).

Ellie. My buttons are never pushed. i type all this crap with a huge ass smile on my face. I can tell by the venom spewed by guys like you and Bonesmuggler that this is not fun.

Don't worry guys, plenty of appointments tomorrow so i won't be harassing your cute little message board.

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 10:50 PM

"Ya know Eli I don't know. You have made me feel so inadequate. Now if you excuse me I must go curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb and I am sure you have to go watch the Power Rangers. "

So, you dont know why you like to push people's buttuns? Yet you do it anyway? Make me understand this. Please dont't contradict yourself or say anything that makes no sense. like the above statement.

LeeF - 12-5-2002 at 10:56 PM

Ellie, I will not answer any of your questions until you prove you are literate. I feel embarrassed that I may know what you are asking. But first let me translate. Buttuns=buttons, right? Don’tt=Don’t (or do you stutter when you type..are you that nervous?)

It’s fun to push the buttons of the functionally illiterate rasslin fan. I know it is cruel. It is the equivalent of making fun of the handicap. I know I will probably burn in hell for it. But, that’s it. Plain and simple. There is no deeper meaning

OOLee - 12-5-2002 at 10:56 PM


Of course, I assume that you are talking about actual financial planning and not counting the money that your mom gives you for an allowance.

But, let's just go ahead and ASSUME that you are this big financial wizard that you claim to be:

First, on the W-2 thing. Despite it being YOUR idea, you want me to go first? I could have sworn it was YOUR idea that I agreed to? I said sure, go ahead, throw out your number and I'll be sure to throw mine out.

Even though I'm not a huge financial wizard like you claim to be, I STILL have come up with an IDEA that may live up to YOUR standards of excellence. They do sell Sharpie's in Pittsburg, dont they? I mean, they're pretty inexpensive marking pens that are used for all types of things. What you could do is have your secretary (HA!!!!) draw a line through your social security number - and then scan it in. Then, just go ahead and send it to my e-mail or paste it here. Of course, that is ASSUMING that you have this huge portfolio that you claim to have.

It's this simple, you want to issue the threat - then back up your words. I have nothing to prove...I never did...I never threatened to put my W-2 up - you did. So go ahead - big man - back up your words and make us all cringe at your financial knowledge.

As for your house, well, I still have no proof you actually OWN a home. I mean, you could tell me that your home is worth $1.5 million, I wouldn't know whether to believe you or not. So, tell you what, take a picture of it with your ass smiling at me AND post it here...once again, back up the words you spew.

See, ass, I cold look at you and say "My value is in excess of $10 million," but a picture says a 1,000 words. So far, you haven't proven dick, and I dont expect to be receiving that proof anytime soon.

However, I'll ASSUME again that you have all this responsibility and that you have a huge house worth $215,000 and maxed out the 401K and own more IRA's than I do cats...then riddle me this, Batman: Why are you such an asshole? I mean, lets face it, you have a million other things you could be doing with the time you spend on this could be making more money for other people like you claim you are supposed to be doing. Yet, you seem to derive more pleasure from being an ass to a bunch of people behind the moniker of LeeF. Yet, for some reason, I dont buy it. See, if you were really as powerful as you claim to be, and as responsible as you claim to be, then you would not act like such a child on an anonymous board like you have been.

So, either you are the largest BS artist in the land - making my Piggly Wiggly/living in Mommy's world theory correct - or you are wielding this "power" you claim you have to compensate for other things. Kind of like a guy with a small dick owns a Corvette is making up for his "shortcomings" by driving the most expensive car he can get his hands on.

So which is it: Do you enjoy pulling other people strings to make up for your "shortcomings," or do you do it because you are a complete liar who is not happy with your life and therefore must live vicariously through other people?

Eli - 12-5-2002 at 11:17 PM

Simple fact of the matter is: He doesn't walk the walk. Thats obvious. With all due respect, the stuff he says just doesn't make sense. He talks of us having venom or being nervous about posting (???) but he is the only one speaking of such details. He truly is a queef.

2HoT - 12-6-2002 at 12:00 AM

All I have to say is that this guy reeks like a little droid who used to stink this place up a few months ago. You lifers will know who I mean. LeeF, have fun while you can because your act grows old really fast and eventually we will all just ignore you. Of course, in that instance, you will probably just change your name and start spewing off as someone else. I admire your persistance tho.

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 12:58 AM


You own cats? Too f'ing funny.

--Laughing all the way to the bank.

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 01:13 AM

Seriously though…. I sincerely apologize that I made you so angry as is evidence by the 600+ essay you wrote on me and how I am a fraud. (although for such a bold statement I would think you would have some proof). If I do want to fax my W-2 to you would I fax it to (847) 680-5506? I just wanted to make sure I had the right number and all since this is a public forum. I do not have a secretary but they do sell Sharpies in Pittsburgh (with an “H”). Maybe to appease your curiosity I will do just that. But if that is all you want me to do is throw out a number, I will. I made $67,287.33 in 2001. If I annualize this year’s salary I should do something just south of six figures. But hey Les this is not a pissing contest. Obviously by how loud you are barking this is your yard. I am sure all your sheep will back me up on this. But will I leave. When I’m ready.

P.S. All these mommy comments make me wonder about you Oedipus.


Keep trying. I know there is a funny guy in there waiting to break out.

Dr.Evil - 12-6-2002 at 01:15 AM

Damn I am sorry I brought this topic up. My ears are starting to bleed.

Eli - 12-6-2002 at 01:23 AM

Please think of a funnier nickname for me.

Bonestein - 12-6-2002 at 01:24 AM

I love how this guy thinks that people are taking his insults seriously.

Yeah LeeF, we're all just sitting here, ready to smash our monitors because you make us so mad. Get over yourself.

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 01:26 AM

Ya know what. Since you did not misspell one word in that last post I will do that.

Eli - 12-6-2002 at 01:28 AM

Because, when compared to "queef," "Ellie" just aint geting it...

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 01:31 AM

Yes. I have heard a ton of compliments on that one. There is your wit at work again though. The name is Lee F not leaf. I think your purpose was to form a rhyme (notice with an "H"). Queef does not rhyme with LeeF. Try again.

salmonjunkie - 12-6-2002 at 01:39 AM

LeeF doesn't rhyme with queef. It rhymes with fucking retard.

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 01:44 AM

I am no English major but I am quite sure that does not rhyme.

Bonestein - 12-6-2002 at 02:07 AM

Whatever. Regardless, the only thing you have accomplished on this board so far is that you have us wondering "why couldn't his daddy have pulled out?"

Eli - 12-6-2002 at 02:46 AM

Dude, your name is LEEF. You will always be LEEF and it will always ryme with QUEEF! SUCKA!!!!!!!!!!

Eli - 12-6-2002 at 02:47 AM

Or perhaps you are right. I should call you Quee F.

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 03:17 AM


Not one four letter word? Is someone gaining a vocabulary? I am so proud of you.


Ya see I was a bit hasty. Not all rasslin' fans are dumb. Some are exceptions to the stereotype. Some of these guys do form complete, coherent sentences, You my friend, however, are not one of those. You are truly as dumb as a bag of hammers. R-H-Y-M-E. Not,,,R-Y-M-E.

Sheesh...class dismissed

Eli - 12-6-2002 at 03:35 AM

You're a one-trick pony Quee F.

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 03:41 AM

Ellie girl just keep jumpin through that hoop for me. I like you though, at least you are trained. Can't wait for your response which I guarantee wil be forthcoming.

Eli - 12-6-2002 at 04:13 AM

...yea, yea, yea, yea.
I am under your spell oh great and powerful QUEEF. No one can resist you. You control everything. You are the puppetmaster (or some sort of sealmaster) and so on and so forth...
Please, tell us more of your cult-like methods...

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 04:17 AM

I am not a puppet master by any means (not even sure I know what one does). That phrase I do believe came from my buddy Les Fetus in one of his many Gettysburg Addresses he has posted as part of this thread. You Ellie are just as predictable as hell. No ifs ands or buts.

Eli - 12-6-2002 at 04:18 AM

I've certainly been called worse...

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 04:22 AM


Eli - 12-6-2002 at 04:24 AM

Looks like we are winding this thing down Queef my man. If there is one thing to be learned through this its that the age-old saying is true: Arguing on the Internet is like the special Olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded.

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 04:39 AM

Ellie I am witcha....PEACE!!

maestrom4 - 12-6-2002 at 04:43 AM

usually I don't lower myself to these flame threads.. but

What kind of unholy union is taking place here?

LeeFs Mom - 12-6-2002 at 10:54 AM

Well done boys, now play nice

Brett - 12-6-2002 at 02:47 PM

Sorry I didn't respond yesterday, Filas. I took the day off to go sledding with my daughter.

Incidentally, I would have had no part of what went on here. That kind of arguing is no fun. Although I do admit I just read all of it while I was having breakfast. Some of it was funny.

And, I actually did read all of your columns prior to you quitting. Yours and Rick's were the only things I read. But something about that whiney quitting column and then that kind of whiney return column has turned me off to your writing (gotta choose words carefully around here to avoid the sophomoric gay humor).

No need for porn sites when you have Usenet and Yahoo! Groups.

OOLee - 12-6-2002 at 06:46 PM

See what happens when your home computer is shot? You miss all the fun....

But, quite honestly, where do I begin?

I'm glad Lee F actually took the time to confirm that I have a job...I mean, in order to confirm it, he had to check out my newspaper's website, call the main office number, ask the receptionist for the number to my desk, then he had to write it down and post it here. (That's a lot to do for a guy who works at Piggly Wiggly.)

I imagine that this was a huge thing for him to do. I also imagine that he sat there gigling like a 13-year-old girl riding a horse when he released my work number over the message boards. I imagine that was sitting there just expecting me to throw some sort of tantrum for putting my office number here for everyone to call me.

However, it doesn't bother me at all. See, ass, it's really not a big deal to call me at work...and anyone who ever really wanted to get in touch with me could have followed the same plan he did.

However, my question lies in the motivation of why he did what he did: wasn't it about a month ago where the almighty jackass of the civilized world (Hyatte) printed Scaia's (albeit wrong) number on his website - but left the last four digits off the post?

Now, what would make someone STOOP to a level where even Hyatte wouldn't go?

During my last post, I mentioned two scenerios where the motivation of Lee F's existence here was questioned: Whether his life sucked so bad that he had to live vicariously through the eyes of others, or whether his johnson was so small that he had to pull the strings of other people to make him feel superior and powerful.

His next post was him releasing my work number on the net for the whole world to see...hmmmm.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I'm on to something here: I must have hit the damn nail right square on the head if he would stoop below Hyatte's level just to achieve some sort of pathetic victory me. I figure he released my number as a way to fire back at me and to "control my strings," like he has admitted previously that he enjoys doing. Yet, the effect has backfired on the pathetic stooge...

However, I'm still not sure which scenario was correct: Does he have a small penis or whether his pathetic life is so bad that he has to live the lives of others to become a person. Well, I know it's GOTTA be one of them, but I may never find out the answer because Lee F will never tell the truth.

As for pissing me off, well, you haven't. You have just made yourself look like a complete ass to the people who's strings you admittedly are trying to pull. In fact, I daresay that it's your strings that have been yanked around by me for the last 24 hours, when I finally decided to drop down to your level of maturity and enter your little flame war. It must hurt to get bested in something you absolutely love to do...and it really burn yor ass knowing that your little attempts to throw me off my game has not phased me enough to make me do anything beside crack a smile.

As for the people being sheep and following me: You could not have been more wrong. In fact, about five or six of the people you accused of being "sheep" are people who do not like me at all. Hell, one of them is Eli, and anyone out here can tell you that we have differences of opinions on almost everything we do. So, as you can see, moron, calling him one of my sheep is as far from the truth as you could have possibly gone. (What I truly find ironic, though, is that he dislikes you more than I do...especially considering that the whole facade you put on out here is done to irritate me. His hatred for you in that light, right there, should tell you something.)

As for my long essay answers - as you know (after you called my office to verify my employment) I am a writer. I use as many words as needed to translate my thoughts onto paper - whether it's 1 word or 10,000 words, it doesn't matter. I get the job done.

And, one last thing about your income: You claim to have pulled down $67 grand last year as a financial planner? Well, then, you must not be a very good one considering you only beat my salaray by $10 grand last year. (What's worse is that journalists are considered to be EXTREMELY underpaid - a lot like teachers - and that the entire staff at our company took a 5% hit last year to make up for a shortfall in profits due to the opening of a new $1.5 million printing center in DuPage County.) Jesus, I figured a guy of YOUR stature - you know, paid off house, maxed out 401K and with numerous IRA's to boot - you would have a salary WELL OVER 6 figures. But, then WAS just a number you THREW out here to try and impress the masses. Well, consider me unimpressed.

So, please stay and write some more...I wait with utter anticipation for your next sentence that I'm sure will boggle my mind. I mean, I think of you as a great writer....and when I mention great writers, I immediately think of Tolstoy of War and Peace, Hemmingway of "For Whom the Bells Toll" - and Lee F of the Online Onslaught message boards.

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 07:48 PM

1,000 words. I warrant 1,000 words from the great Les Fetus. I do not even know how to begin to retort. What’s with the fascination of Piggly Wiggly. Life long Pittsburgher here. There are no Piggly Wigglies. We have Giant Eagle where I did in fact work, when I was 16. That was 9 years ago.

I never called your office. Why in the hell would I do that? Do you think you are that interesting? I was merely searching for your fax number on the net since you were not forthcoming with it so I could fax my 2001 W-2. I saw a number on your “newspaper’s” web site and I thought that might be it. Trust me chief, I wouldn’t waste the dime (or $0.35 for that matter).

You say you are not angry yet you call me plenty of names (eg, ass, jackass, moron, etc.) Sounds like the ranting of a child or like that of a 13 year old girl, someone you compared me to. I am surprised you did throw out poopie head. Look in the mirror if you own one and don’t have to wait until after the holidays to purchase one.

You want to compare lives? Would I rather have the life of someone that has to sneak a peak at his computer at work hoping his boss does not catch him? Someone that is so concerned about what others say about his girlfriend that he feels the need to issue threats? Someone that works for a third-rate newspaper (The Daily Herald? Not exactly the Trib now is it?) Yeah you are not angry. That’s rich. I would not want your life personally but if that is all you used to then more power to ya. Remember in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king (or something like that).

You resort to talking about the size of my penis and claim you are not mad? Good one Les. A truer professional I have never met. You are a single guy, living in an apartment, making, what $55K and you can’t afford a computer? You must do coke, right? Where does the money go?

Don't take it personal Les. I am just having fun witcha.

Eli - 12-6-2002 at 07:53 PM

So, did he fax you his w-2 or what?

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 07:58 PM

I do not have his fax number that's what I was searching for. To be honest, though what will that prove? I could fax him anyone's W-2 and say it was me if I truly did work at the Wiggly Piggly. Lots-o-holes in Fetus's methods but then again he ain't that bright.

Eli - 12-6-2002 at 08:05 PM

How much acess do you have to people's w-2s?

NoNameRequired - 12-6-2002 at 08:16 PM

Personally? A ton. I work people's personal and business financial plans for the bank I am employed by. Part of that work entails doing client's personal income taxes. Again Fetus did not take that into account. This is something I would never do no matter how big of a scumbag people might think I am. However, I am quite sure I could do a Google search on the net and find one and fax it right off to Les. Got to run though for now. I have to be at the Piggly Wiggly to punch in in the next hour. I will check back in tomorrow for the brilliant pearls of wisdom by one Les "Aristotle" Fetus. He is one of the great thinkers of our time ya know.

LeeF - 12-6-2002 at 08:26 PM

Thanks "NoNuts" but I don't need any allies. Please, "Les Fetus" is all mine. Don't steal my thinder.

Eli - 12-6-2002 at 08:36 PM

Ha, ha! He posted under a different name!

OOLee - 12-6-2002 at 08:39 PM

Oh, I'm not that bright? Hello kettle, this is pot. You're black.

You claim to have never called the home office for my newspaper, yet you managed to get my work number. Not just my work number, mind you, but the direct line to my desk - by the way, here's the invitation: go ahead and call and I'll be more than happy to talk to you.

That phone number isn't listed on the site, unless you know a special place on the paper's website site that I - nor anyone else in the office - has learned about. That, of course, leads me to believe that you called the home office - not my bureau mind you, but the home office - to get my number.

As for the size of my paper - you're correct, we aren't the Tribune, but neither is the Pittsburg Courier, the Pottsville Republican, the Pittsburg Tribune Review or any of the other newspapers listed in Pennsylvania.

However, since the Tribune is the seventh largest newspaper in the US, and the Sun-Times is'd be shocked to find that the Daily Herald is 78th with a circulation of about 200,000 per day. In comparison, the largest paper in Pennsylvania, the Post-Gazette, only has a circulation of 240, it's not as small as it seems - especially considering the amount of newspapers there are in the United States.

But, I digress...Truly, I am not angry with you. In fact, I consider your rantings a nice break from the every day. You make me laugh...sure, it's from the pure stupidity of the thoughts you spew forth, but you make me giggle. Your ranting - albeit incoherant - are often times laughable and enjoyable to me. You are the sunshine in my life right now, and I honestly cant wait for you to come forward with your next announcement...especially the ones that are complete lies.

Your comparison of my life is a little off the mark - but if that's the way you view me, then so be it. I could care less...however, it's not my life that is truly on trial here. It's yours and your need to continue to try to pull the strings of the people around you. It has become a joke - you are a man who clearly has no life so he has to resort to working a power trip on people he doesn't know in a nameless forum.

He must be making up for his shotcomings in other ways....good job, bud, we're all proud of you.

No, run along and play with your toys and hope for the best in the world. And, if you'd like to fax over that W-2, send it to (847) 680-0189 - but make sure you leave your name on it - or at least the fax number - so I can trace it back to you. Of course, I dont epect to see it..because you being the bright guy you are would know that I could trace back that fax number and within three hours, I'd be able to prove/disprove all of the claims you've made in the last week.

So, I'm waiting - send the fax...

OOLee - 12-6-2002 at 09:41 PM

Did you just post as Nonamerequired!!!


You just screwed your main name on the board!! Way to go, moron!!!

salmonjunkie - 12-6-2002 at 09:51 PM

I don't know why, but this thread has been quite fun to read.

Eli - 12-6-2002 at 10:06 PM

This is like when a masked heel wrestler loses his mask and is revealed to be a face.
Why nonamerequired? Why?

OOLee - 12-6-2002 at 10:19 PM


And, suddenly, no name grows quiet, busted.

God, now THIS is funny shit.....

I remember all of those times where he said he doesn't go onto wrestling boards to do anything but harrass peole, yet no names been here for months on end - and has even carried on discussions on wrestling!!

Suddenly, the glass ceiling of no name required/Lee F shatters and falls down...

King316 - 12-6-2002 at 10:40 PM


Bonestein - 12-6-2002 at 10:56 PM

Wow. That has to be the funniest thing I've seen yet on this board. How fucking DUMB to you have to be to make a fuck up like that? I guess he's retiring the "nonamerequired" handle, eh? Oops, I used a 4 letter word there.

Great job today guys.

OOLee - 12-6-2002 at 11:11 PM

Okay - so Lee F - who has revealed himself as no name required - said he only comes to wrestling boards to piss off the people on them...yet, here he is on the board TALKING wrestling:

I have to disagree. As far as wrestling ability goes that are pretty close. I give the edge to Angle based on his amateur background. But the thing that undoubtedly puts Angle heads and tails above Benoit is his mic skills. Benoit is a shade more talented on the mic then RVD. But hey I may be a little partial too coming form Pittsburgh.

What an ASS!!! I cant believe that you actually screwed up as bad as you did, Why did you have to hide, there no name? Why couldn't you come forward and admit who you were when you started this crap? And, what's worse, why did you come out here and try to hide the fact that you were no name AFTER you screwed up?

What a complete JOKE you have turned out to be. Man, you make me sick!!!

Bonestein - 12-6-2002 at 11:16 PM

Yeah, I guess we don't really need some long boring article to ruin this thread anymore... I'm thinking the whole thing is done now.

salmonjunkie - 12-7-2002 at 12:58 AM

"This is like when a masked heel wrestler loses his mask and is revealed to be a face.
Why nonamerequired? Why? "

You mean like when Hulk Hogan found out that the Butcher was Brutus Beefcake?

Oh this has been a riot!

Sad thing is that LeeF turned out to be an adult and not a kid after all. What a putz!

mallrat - 12-7-2002 at 05:24 AM

10 to 1 he was every lame ass "character" that has ever posted here, even if he’s not that’s still pathetic.

2HoT - 12-8-2002 at 05:13 AM

Nonamerequired.... wow what a sweet swerve. this sure has been fun. hey wasnt r2d2 a rich guy from pitsburgh? If you're gonna come up with a new alias, a new background makes it much more convincing


maestrom4 - 12-8-2002 at 06:04 AM

Damn... What a swerve! NoName was Queef... But really shouldn't we have seen this coming? Lets review Thelma.

Another of our favorite threads from the past month.

Where we see the seed was planted.


I really don't think too much of this guy. I mean anyone that has to go into so much detail in his first article back as to why he went away in the first place should probably just stay away. I mean come on he threatened someone in his first article about insulting his girlfriend? Sounds pretty thin-skinned to me.

So it was obviously going to be NoName or the old amusement park owner.

Bonestein - 12-8-2002 at 06:20 AM

The whole thing was soooo Sara's stalker is DDP. A real surprise from an annoying angle. Terrible heel turn, noname, terrible heel turn.