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Raw was okay again
#tcb - 7-30-2002 at 07:03 AM

The Good:

-- Great Main Event between Flair and Rock, and Rock almost was getting Wrestlemania X-Eight heel heat before the end of it. Rock kipping up, however, should have lasted a little longer. Instead we got the quick Rock comeback and win. At least Hogan would Hulk Up and give Flair about two minutes. Rock kips up and BINGO-BANGO. Still, classic Flair match . . .

--The Wild Samoans beating up the Old Women. I was laughing so hard because the way they're booking Bischoff -- I smelt it coming.

-- The match between RVD and Beniot and not giving us a predictable ending. Having Beniot (as a heel) actually cheat to win was a plus for once. I rather not see him put over at all, but at least RVD didn't tap to that lame finisher. (Don't bother telling me how real the move is, I know -- it just looks lame and wrestling is about looks -- not reality)

-- The Undertaker getting the clean win off of the little Harvard punk, but then getting punked out by the Canadian Dumbf**ks. The best part was Taker no-selling the chairshot the first time. Classic Taker. "Why didn't you fall?" "Cause I'm the Undertaker".

-- The attempt to make Big Show a monster again. I'm guessing right now that maybe it was Show that destroyed HBK.

-- The Triple H heel speech (That was ruined by Triple H finding Shawn backstage and claiming he didn't do it -- have to see how they play this out before final judgement).

-- The Rock's promo on the Coach and cows. LOL brotha.

The Bad:

-- The Hardcore Title. As Scott Keith loves to say -- the gimmick has been dead since late 1999 and the corpse is really stinking now. I mean the title should just die. The Hardy/Bradshaw bout was fine -- but then they have to keep doing the "24/7 rules". That is so dead . . . I don't mind them having a Hardcore title, but the 24/7 is dead. GIVE IT UP!

-- HBK always putting himself and his personal issues into current storylines. There was no real reason to slam Bret Hart, but Shawn gets more kicks out of it now-a-days than Vince does. Although I'm sure Shawn preaproved it and even if he didn't -- it's Bret Hart, right. Who cares about him, says HBK and folks. (Don't get me wrong, HBK challenging Triple H and his segments were cool, but he seems to always try to make any storyline become his own person plot. Remember when HBK went Rock was keeping Triple H down? Remember when HBK called Sycho Sid the best piece of luggage he had ever carried through a match? I guess it is just Triple H's way.

The Ugly:

Booker T vs. Eddie G -- Was Eddie off tonight or what. He doesn't really sell the Axe-kick, nor did he do a good Hurriranna either. The match seemed more like something out of NWA/Mid-South. I'm not trying to knock either guy, but this was either Eddie not trying or serious style contrast. Who knows . . .

Chris Jericho joining Raw -- just kidding.

RogueRacer - 7-30-2002 at 07:17 PM

- Rock/Flair was good although I wanted to see Rock do a Flair Flip into the corner, since Rick really can't do them any more. Does this mean a Flair/Jericho feud is coming? (ie. Flair was going to retire, but now he has a mission)

- I think they have something with the whole "3 minutes to fill" thing, but it's just not clicking right yet. I can't believe that Mae Young didn't end up with something broken. She has to be brittle. Hats off to the women for taking bumps like that, but I sure hope I don't need money that bad when I'm that age.

- They are slowly getting tag teams over in Raw. It almost looks like they maybe do have some long term planning.

- Rock is great on a mike, but the whole cow thing lasted about 10 times longer than it needed to.

- RVD/Benoit was good, but I'm betting they have better matches as they work more together. They need to let RVD have time to work the crowd. Pay Pantera and give him his old song back too! Benoit still needs a haircut. Benoit is playing a confident heel, but a little emotion once in a while outside the ring would be nice. Maybe they should try channel some dickishness into his character ala Hennig or Orndorf. I would love to see a few month long feud between him and RVD. (ie. heel cheating to win, getting himself DQ'd, face always chasing)

- Dreamer with the hardcore belt is fine, but why through a schmoz? I agree, drop the 24/7 thing. That was for comedy and it looks like they are going for violence now with the hardcore belt.

- I had a love/hate thing going on with HBK getting punked out and HHH's response. The whole idea of not liking someone, but caring about them when something happens is fine. Real life is that way. The only problem is it doesn't help HHH return to being a monster heel... yet. Let's see where this one goes. It could be good. Oh yeah, regardless it added to Bischoff's dickness.

- For a big "hardcore" guy, Bubba is really good at doing spots with the ladies and making it look good without killing them. The action wasn't perfect between Molly and Trish, but they can work a match. I hope this gets through to some of the other ladies.

TigerChungLee - 7-30-2002 at 07:26 PM

I really disliked the Flair Rock match. Flairs moves looked rally forced and Rock was forced to oversell them. Flair really needs to retire. Insert Flame here.

The Rock promo was very very painful to watch. It was neither fun nor funny.

bigfatgoalie - 7-30-2002 at 10:04 PM

I have to agree that it was a good RAW...hell, it was close to damn great...

A few thing...gotta love the psychology of the Eddie/Booker T match (Eddie working Book's back), Show/Molly vs Trish/Bubba (show working Bubba's arm), and Benoit and RVD.

Reely big props to the RVD/Benoit match...I like how the crossface has the "out of nowhere" aspect in being applied much like DDP with the Diamond Cutter. But submision moves and finishes ALWAYS look good when there is a build up to said finish with simple psychology.

#tcb - 7-31-2002 at 01:48 AM

One more thing Goalie about the Eddie/Booker match. To me, Eddie looked like he would rather be someplace else and to me he hurt the match big time. I got a feeling that Eddie might be off the wagon again, if he was ever on it. Then again, he might have just been having an off night, but he botched two moves. I'm sorry buddy, but I found no redeaming value on that match.

Now as others said, a lot of wrestlers were off last night -- but I felt that they covered pretty good. With the exception of maybe the two chairshots on Taker, but that might have been because "I'm the Undertaker" and not because of foolishness on Team Lance "Boil" Storm's part.

The best parts of the show had to be Bischoff, the RVD/Beniot match, Mae Young getting squashed by those Wild Dudes, and Flair vs. Rock.

Flair vs. Rock had no backstory and felt like a special PPV type match. Like I said in the above post, I got shades of Wrestlemania X-Eight with Hogan and Rock with this match. We even got heel heat for Rock in the middle of the match, and it was booked like a classic Flair match -- much like Rock's Wrestlemania X-Eight match with Hogan was booked Hollywood Hogan style and when somebody like the Rock can work with the old guys and actually make it look good -- it captures time and makes people think maybe the best years haven't gone by. Sure the feeling ends quick, but during the match it was 1986 again until Rock won the match. It was all classic Flair, with the exception that Flair can't do the flip or the run to the top like he used to -- so they didn't use it. Wise choice.