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Noble and Nidia suck too
#tcb - 7-12-2002 at 02:33 AM

I'm watching them right now, but my dad keeps on changing the channel -- he won't give them a chance. Says that if you promote trash you get trash, and he wasn't doing to allow white trash to be on his TV-set.

I can't blame him. I mean everybody knows either Nidia or Noble are from West Virginia and the whole white trash thing isn't doing anything for me. It is like Godwin city, revisited. Each person does their job well, but I can't get into it.

As much as I think cruiserweights are useless midgets, I think it would be better to just let them wrestle and f**k the gimmicks.

bigfatgoalie - 7-12-2002 at 03:41 AM

"As much as I think"

What??? There was thought in those comments??? Noble gets a reaction from the crowd...a FACE POP!!! So how is that being useless??? Over with the crowd and delivers good matches....AND THIS IS AS FILLER BETWEEN SPOTS FAETURING MAIN EVENTERS.

Let's face it, you can't have all mainevent all the time without it being overkill. The cruiser provide solid matches, and everyone but Chavo has some kind of character.

RatherbeinChyna - 7-12-2002 at 07:25 PM

Exactly what i am saying about being to negative. Tell Dad to turn on a really good a Friends repeat or Greg the Bunny or if you are really lucky 60 minutes may be on. You and your dad must have never liked Austin then either. He was a PWT hero and probably the biggest draw ever. If you dont like it turn it off but do cry when 90% of people like something and you the writing genius say that it sucks.

eViL - 7-12-2002 at 07:39 PM

That dude #tcb thinks everything sucks. You know what sucks? People who watch and whine about shit that they think sucks. Seriously, stop watching.

#tcb - 7-12-2002 at 10:28 PM

eVIL, son -- that is not true. I only complain about what I don't like about the shows. I liked 90% of Smackdown where it involved REAL STARS like Hogan (in JTTS retirement mode), Edge, Kurt Angle, and The Rock. The rest can go die.

The Undertaker -- I wish he would tear his quad and spare us and his really bad theme music.

Chris Jericho -- Midget and where he belongs -- jobbing to rookie punks.

Mark Henry, Lance Storm, Christian, Test -- Waste of airspace. I won't go into the other wasted space.

At least real stars like Hogan, Rock, Angle, and even Edge are there as saving grace, those other queer goons than die.

As for the Friends-guy. Friends was a gay Tv-show and I'll say no more.

bigfatgoalie - 7-13-2002 at 12:18 AM

Rock's comments on Edge while WWF was courting Jericho "Edge...Jericho wannabe number 1"

Remember Angle saying how much he hated Edge for being a blond, big mouthed, roick star wannabe, Canadian? And how he hated all people like that??? Except Jericho ofcourse.

#tcb...come up with something to back up why all these other people suck. Saying Mark Henry sucks is like pointing out Jenna Jameenson fucks a lot. As for your other opinions...they are typically about as strong as the hairs on my ass.

Ryan O Reily - 7-13-2002 at 02:53 AM

No argument there, Noble isn't anyone, he was just one of those dorky ninjas that battled 3 Count. I honestly had no idea because I didn't keep up with the young dragons story line, but his abilities are nothing to boast about. and Nidia is just one of those lucky jerks that got the WWe "InstaContract" via Tough Enough

#tcb - 7-13-2002 at 02:06 PM

Goalie -- I don't need to explain why people suck. In this Political Correct word, if you explain your true feelings they lock you up in jail because it isn't what the status quo wants to hear. You know, the liberal fruits of the world.

eViL - 7-13-2002 at 08:58 PM

#tcb, you clown, who's lockin' you up for having an unsubstantiated opinion on wrestling? That's just retarded. And if you meant that as a joke - then it wasn't funny.

If anything you just sound like a whiner who just likes to say things suck but not give explanation. If you like 90% of what you see on WWE, why aren't 90% of your posts about what you like?

bigfatgoalie - 7-13-2002 at 11:09 PM

Because bitching is more fun and gives a person a sense that they know more then people in power. Seriously though, either way you've got to support your thoughts.

Or they are worthless.

Ryan O Reily - 7-15-2002 at 03:32 AM

And with those few words BigFatGoalie has justified bitching through the internet for all

bigfatgoalie - 7-15-2002 at 04:17 AM

Yup I did...because you have the right to an opinion...the thing is, if you don't back it up with VALID facts and views, then your opinion is meaningless. Even on the internet, you'd think people would want their opinion to mean something.

#tcb - 7-15-2002 at 05:27 AM

My opinion stands on its own merit. Like the late Howard Cosell used to say. Do you hate me because I don't agree with your ideas. Do you depise me because I tell it like it is. Do you hate me because I really show facts, and yet in perspective -- you dare not see my facts for they are true. If you hate me, good because at least you paid attention and maybe you'll learn something. Until next week, this is Howard Cosell.

Xoid - 7-15-2002 at 03:52 PM

#tcb, just remember, we can all have our own opinions, but not our own facts, and you seem to have a fuzy idea about which is which.

eViL - 7-15-2002 at 05:25 PM

#TransexualCowBoy is just a kid who has way too much time on his hands. He actually developed a character to post on this message board. What a joke! Apparently his gimmick is quoting old-timers when his posts get torn apart, talking about his Daddy (which is creepy when you consider how occupied he is with the gay thing) and somehow blaming liberals for something or other (I haven't quite figured that out and I don't plan to think much about it). I guess his thing is trying to get a rise off of the people on this board, but I consider him more of a comic relief than an annoyance (all the while I'm probably laughing at everything but his jokes).

In regards to Noble and Nidia. I like 'em. I think they successfully portray their characters and Noble is gonna put out some great matches.

#tcb - 7-15-2002 at 06:10 PM


WOW! How did you know I was a cow boy? Duma$$. TCB stands for what Elvis Presley, King of Rock and Roll, meant it to stand for. I guess calling Elvis a cow boy is okay since he is dead.

bigfatgoalie - 7-15-2002 at 06:25 PM

Calling Elvis a cowboy...could it be that he recorded country and western songs as well as the rock n/or roll??? Maybe it's because he has worn a cowboy hat...

Don't know...oh, and to quote BNL..."look at Elvis, he sold his soul and you crowned him King"...

Captian Mayhem - 7-15-2002 at 06:31 PM

What to do with Noble and Nidia
Noble: Put him in a he-he bar as a janitor
Nidia: Put her back where they found her