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Future of the WWE Network
pocho420 - 2-20-2014 at 03:40 AM

With the Network, and what it might lead to, my idea would be for wwe to produce new tv 7 days a week.
We will start with Tuesday. Create a new brand split. I mean there are currently 80+ superstars on the WWE website, plus 33 others at NXT. It could be done.
Tuesday would have a new show, broadcast live. Smackdown will be the other half of the split, and will also now broadcast live, but on Thursday. One would get the US title, and the other gets the IC. Tuesdays will focus more on creating new superstars, and it's lower card title will be a cruiserweight title. Smackdown will focus on more established stars, and it's lower card title will be a TV title (must be defending every week on a TV show). Too keep the performers fresh, Tuesday workers will have Wednesday and Thursday off, Smackdown performers will have Tuesday and Wednesday off.
Wednesday will be a NXT show. I'd prefer if it were live, and with it always being at Full Sail, equipment wouldn't have to be broken down, so it could possibly be streamed live on the network.
Fridays and Saturdays would be home to WWE's new regional promotions in Japan and Mexico. I would send Rey, ADR, "sin Cara" and Hunico down to WWE Lucha, at least at launch. These would be broadcast by tape on each of those days. Subtitles, interpreters, or just leave at as it is, I don't know.
Sundays are left for PPV or a review show of the week
RAW becomes the flagship. Mix of any superstars from any of the 5 brands could be booked to show up, either to help bolster a hot feud, or create a new one based on trying to "steal" a title from one of the other brands. Do each of the brands have a top title, and then there be one over all WWE champion that could be from any of the shows? That sounds interesting. Maybe someone like Tensai wins the US title, and decides to go back to Japan to be a monster Gaijan, meaning that smackdown performers are sent one at a time to try to get it back, while being special attractions in Japan (and earning themselves a pay bonus from WWE). Instead of just randomly having a new mexican superstar show up and having the announcers say this is special, have actual WWE Lucha highlights that can be shown to prove that why it is a great surprise that he has shown up on RAW. This could lead to more people getting interested in watching the other region shows.

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mastermind - 2-20-2014 at 06:10 PM

I like your screen name.

Grand idea too; it seems to be a popular train of thought these days. My only complaint is "sensory overload". I already have enough trouble trying to keep up with the 7-8 hours of wrestling (depending on whether I try to watch Main Event on ION) on TV every week. Plus I'm of the dying analog/digital breed that still has most of this shit on DVD anyway. It would be interesting to see more international-style feds from the WWE as you described it, but I still can't see it ever truly exploding in popularity. There used to be a Lucha show I watched on the Spanish channel, but I can't even find that anymore. If people have time to watch 7 days worth of wrestling matches and still not miss great TV Shows like Shameless or The Walking Dead, then power to them.