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Are the Oscars RACIST???
bigfatgoalie - 4-5-2002 at 09:01 PM

Ok, because nobody else has said anything...

Now I'm going to say something as a white man that is odd...but I feel the Oscars told my race to go fuck themselves. Seriously folks, how else should a person feel???

Now I'm not saying that Denzel is a bad actor, but nobody I know thought that his performance was the best of the year...hell, even in reviews it was noted as a great performance but not THE PERFORMANCE. Conversely the whole focus of "A Beautiful Mind" was the performance of Russel Crowe. I'm not saying it was a one-man act, but it was damn close to being so. If "A Beautiful Mind" was the best picture (and most agree it is with possibly the exception of a few nods to LOR) then Crowe was shafted.

As for Halle Berry...this was likely deserved...but Nicole Kidman and Sissy Spacek would have just as easily made good choices. Actually, some would say the only reason that Kidman didn't win is because she split her vote between The Moulin Rogue performance and her performance in "The Others". As for Spacek, I think her major downfall was the supporting character was done so extremely well by Marisa Tomei.

So why is this Racist and just not people getting shafted??? Well look no further then Sidney Poitier. Yes the man deserved his special nod...but even Denzel had to make note that when he finally won the big one (supporting awards are nice, but not the big one) that it was on the same night that Sidney got one as well.

Anybody who reads has probably heard of the idea or theory of reverse racism, and I truely believe this was a case of voters feeling the pressure and voting for people not because of great performances but because of the colour of their skin. A great example of this is the plot twist to "The Animal" and otherwise forgettable movie. It's no secret that the Oscars have ignored the performances of black individuals for a long time, and have been feeling pressure the last couple of years about it.

I know this is a tuff topic, and most people would worry about people thinking they are racist for even suggesting such a thing. I'm not worried. I think Denzel Washington and Halle Berry had very good performances. I just have to question why they were chosen as the performances of the year when clearly there was other and very possibly better options.

RhynoesRUs - 4-7-2002 at 03:45 AM

There was obviously an underlying racial current running through the oscars, but I don't see what you have chosen to take it personal. The other 40 years or whatever (for the male, it'd be the other rest of eternity for the female) weren't enough? One year they decide not to give one of thier two silly awards to someone White and it's "they told us to go fuck ourselves?" Sorry, but don't see it. Personally I don't care for celebrities in general and I could give a *bleep* about thier stupid award show. But I'm not an actor or a celebrity so it doesn't matter. Apparently they look at it as a top achievement, and they have every right to. I feel the oscars are nothing more than a silly award picked (not voted on) by some silly foriegners that don't even see the films (the way I hear tell it, they just view representative clips). Which is why garbage like Gladiator (actually not a bad film, but nowhere near the best of ANY year) can get the Film of the Year. I feel that this year the acadamy or whoever decided that they would have a Black host, give the top two to Denzel and Halle (Denzel's skill goes without saying, but I don't think this role was better than Malcolm X or Hurricane and as for Halle, I didn't see her flick, but I don't think she is a great actress at all, she is just very pretty. I view Halle Berry pretty much the same as Carman Elektra with more talent, class and intelligence), and what the hell, let's give Sidney Poitier an award too.

I'm just ranting here because I'm about to go eat, but the point I'm trying to make is basically the Oscars are fixed and little more than an excuse for rich people to show up and other people to comment on what they wear at this point. Yeah, it was a "Black night", but so what? I don't see how doing a Black thang should be taken as disrespect to another race. It's ALL bullshit to me though, so keep that in mind.

Hope I helped somehow... gotta chow...

bigfatgoalie - 4-7-2002 at 04:59 PM

My major problem, and the reason I take it personally is because nobody sees this as something wrong...a person should not be punished or rewarded for the colour of his or her skin.

I take it personally because I turn on TV, it's all Denzel and Halle...I talk to people about movies, they talk about that...I know the Oscars are not important, I just get annoyed when something has to be classified as a victory for a particular race, and the only way for me to not hear about it is to watch porn or sports.

CaseyDiabloShotJimRoss - 4-11-2002 at 04:27 PM

the Oscars are rigged so that the publics favorites always win, just like any other award Emmy, Grammy, Golden Globe you name it. They're all the same fucken award just done at seperate times of the year so the public doesn';t have to wait a whole year for the show. You don't have to beleive me, but watch them long enough, it has nothing to do with racism. It's just the way the Award Association and the media go hand and hand.

etee - 4-14-2002 at 04:46 PM


I don't think the Oscars told White people to go f**k themselves this year, just as I don't think they have been telling minorities to go f**k themselves over the past years. I think that these types of awards are judged in a similar fashion to figure skating - by a professionally inbred group of people, who have their own agendas and prejudices, and don't hesitate to let them show through. For some reason, this year the Academy was extremely sensitive to the lack of Black winners in previous years, and with Washington and Berry being in a position to capture both Best Actor and Best Actress, the judges felt it was time to "make it so". It certainly increased the interest level in an otherwise booooring event.

I have decided to stop looking for racism under every rock and tree stump - if it is in the open and blatant, I will confront it and deal with it. If it is of the "hidden" variety, then it may well exist only in someone's hyper-sensitive mind, and it is for THEM to deal with, not me.

DennisIsEvil - 4-14-2002 at 11:54 PM

I agree with you a lot of those shows are judged like the olympics. By some asshole with an axe to grind against so and so. It's time to quit playing the race card and admit the real problem. People are assholes.

bigfatgoalie - 4-15-2002 at 04:06 AM

Agreed..people are assholes...

I'm an assholee who likes to acknowledge what I like and dislike, and I REALLY dislike seeing people get praise for reasons other then the work they did.