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"The Man Show"
brianfigliola - 3-20-2002 at 07:13 PM

Talk about the Man show, like Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Correla and the Girls on Trampolies and the so sooo fine juggies.

DennisIsEvil - 3-21-2002 at 07:50 PM

Girls on Trampolines always rule.

bigfatgoalie - 3-28-2002 at 10:16 PM

Kay, a little bit of an observation...the juggies ARE THE F'N GIRLS ON THE TRAMPOLINES!!!!

DennisIsEvil - 4-2-2002 at 03:36 AM

I caught that episode on Sunday, that episode rocked. I love Asian nurses! I also liked Friday's episode. They need more shows like that one on TV.

Eli - 4-2-2002 at 09:24 PM

I noticed that on RAW lat night that RVD could have used some "Manpons."

DennisIsEvil - 4-3-2002 at 12:08 AM

LOL Manpons. Use `em or you'll get sweatstains on your tights. Sweaty tights lead to swamp ass. That always sucks.

Eli - 4-3-2002 at 12:51 AM

Is "Swamp Ass" similar to the Chafe?

DennisIsEvil - 4-3-2002 at 12:54 AM

Swamp ass is when your ass itches like crazy. It annoys the hell out of you.

shithousepoet - 4-30-2002 at 05:15 PM

The Man show is one of my favorite shows, Juggies rule.