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Any Deadites in here?
Cobra - 1-8-2002 at 10:55 PM

For some reason, most wrestling fans I know are also fans of the Evil Dead Trilogy. Anyone in here love 'em?

Who else thinks Bruce Cambell should star in EVERY movie?

Cuthbert - 1-9-2002 at 01:03 AM

At times I think that I am the only person in the world who watches movies but hate Bruce Campbell. He has never done a role I like. I like the evil dead movies, but he is forgettable as an actor, in my eyes.

Shastar - 1-9-2002 at 05:52 AM

Nahh, Bruce Campbell is the quentissential bad actor. He hams it up with a flair like no other, and all his characters are the type that you could enjoy having around just to make you look all that much better.

Oh, and if anyone wants to see what Bruce would look like as Johnny Bravo (as well as a pic of me shaking hands with Mene Gene Okurland) go here:


beatenlikeagovernmentmule - 2-12-2002 at 08:21 PM

The Evil Dead trilogy kicks ass. I'm a huge fan of cheesy low-budget horror movies, and you can't get much better than Bruce Campbell as your B-movie lead actor.