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Metal Is Still Alive
Slade - 6-10-2003 at 05:56 PM

No thanks to Metallica. Anthrax is back with a new record called "We've Come For You All". It debuted at #122 with a bullet! I haven't heard it yet, but I'm willing to bet it's a million times better than Metallica's latest effort, and will only serve to prove to the world why Anthrax is and always will be one of the best things that ever happened to heavy metal.

mooseheadjack - 6-10-2003 at 06:51 PM

seriously, what is it with your total hatred of metallica? Did Lars slap you when you were young or something? I mean you could argue the merits of their music (I have personally not been too interested in them since the Black album), but that would be a never ending debate.

oh and my two cents, Anthrax has been boring since Belladonna left/was fired whatever happened. To me they sound like any number of metal bands now

angstboy - 6-10-2003 at 10:07 PM

No, he hates Radiohead. Doesn't anyone pay attention around here?

metallikid - 6-11-2003 at 12:47 AM

I don't get how Slade can judge Metallica's new music if he already hates them. Did you like any of their stuff? Did you like the old stuff or are you just saying they suck because you've always thought they sucked. Anyway Metallica fans are happy with the album and that is what matters. The album is great to me and it is in my car CD player and probably won't be leaving it anytime soon. Seriously if you hate Metallica you can most likely get people to stop writing about Metallica so much if you just stop bitching. If their aren't any anti-Metallica threads then all the pro-Metallica threads will eventually water out in a month. You just prolong the topic with threads like these.

2HoT - 6-11-2003 at 01:20 AM

You know what I hate? Hearing about fucking Metallica. So their new album is good. Thats great. I don't need to hear about them ad nauseum. I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ANYMORE! Put your headphones on and shut the fuck up!!!

There, I just had to get that off my chest.

2HoT - 6-11-2003 at 01:56 AM


Slade - 6-11-2003 at 02:16 AM

He's madly in anger with them.

Slade - 6-11-2003 at 02:20 AM

Hey, Metallikid, how can you can judge Metallica's new music if you already like them?

Hey, doesn't that question sound stupid?

You bet it does. It kind of reminds me of the stupid question you asked me.

2HoT - 6-11-2003 at 02:30 AM

Threads about Metallica are dumb wankers.

Slade - 6-11-2003 at 02:34 AM

I am in agreement with you.

Ando - 6-11-2003 at 07:37 AM

If you're sick of reading about Metallica, don't open any threads with the word Metal in the title, cos you know what it's gonna end up turning in to. Hell, it's what I do. Never ever posted in that stupid BIY section, and as for Current Events.... shit, did that category ever go downhill quick!

metallikid - 6-11-2003 at 10:41 PM

If you want to stop hearing about Metallica stop posting threads about them. And yes I can judge the new album as a fan. They make the music for ME THE FAN, not for the people who hate it. They make the album for me and people like me around the world. If you don't want to hear it don't start or reply or read threads about it. Damn, that is too simple!!!

salmonjunkie - 6-11-2003 at 10:47 PM

You're old enough to drive a car, metallikid?

Hey, I thought this thread was about the new Anthrax album. I want to hear it. It's been a while since I've listened to Anthrax. Front 242 is the last album I heard from them. It was cool. I like their new pentagram logo, tho.

I actually prefer John Bush's vocals over Joey Belladonna's.

Anthrax. We're talking about Anthrax in this thread, not the other metal band.

Wasn't it the coolest when they were on Married With Children?

metallikid - 6-12-2003 at 11:36 PM

It may start out as a thread on Anthrax but bu writing in "unlike Metallica"...blah blah...Metallica bash...blah blah it opens the door for me to mention them. Just write Anthrax album coming soon. Damn, seems so simple.

Bonestein - 6-13-2003 at 12:17 AM

You win my vote for worst OO poster. Congrats, slapnuts.

BTW, St. Anger suck-diddly-ucks.

metallikid - 6-14-2003 at 12:55 AM

And your vote means soooo much to me, ass clown.

Bonestein - 6-14-2003 at 01:32 AM

Are you really going to call me out? You've been here for awhile... don't ruin it now by starting up with me, just because I don't like the most overrated band in the world, and you worship them. Go have your nap, and then come back and apologize, you little bitch.

LuckyLopez - 6-14-2003 at 01:50 AM

*tugs on Bones' cape*

Buhh... but he said "ass clown."

LuckyLopez - 6-14-2003 at 06:35 AM

I actually always presumed it was a mildly creative play on a band of the sub genre...


The 20th time I saw him talk about how much Metallica speaks to him I started to wonder about that one...

Alana - 6-14-2003 at 06:43 AM

Metallikid: for the love of god, shut up.

2HoT - 6-14-2003 at 06:45 PM

Does it speak to him in the same way Ozzy and Judas Priest told people to kill folks and commit suicide?



salmonjunkie - 6-14-2003 at 08:46 PM

maybe I should change my name to coldplaykid or u2kid. Or maybe bjorkkid? (rhymes with "orchid" ) how about nataliemerchantkid? No, I don't like Natalie Merchant, actually.

[Edited on 6-14-2003 by salmonjunkie]

Ando - 6-14-2003 at 11:54 PM

Or what about Homer Junior? The kids can call you HoJu!

metallikid - 6-15-2003 at 02:58 PM

Just so you guys know, I'm not pissed off that you are bashing Metallica. I get mad because everytime I try to defend thm or say my opinion you go after ME. Come on now Bonestein. I can't call you ass clown in jest while I get called slapnuts. I'm thinking if it doesn't bother me to be called slapnuts it shouldn't really bother you to be an assclown. I figured on a wrestling board my play on the joke would be cheered but it seems that isn't so.

Seriously I want to ask this. I'm being dead serious now. Why do you guys hate me so much? I've been here since December and this is the first time everybody is jumping on my back and I really don't see why. Yea, I'm a Metallica fan and yea I think they are the best band but that is just MY OPINION. You can have whatever opinion you want. I don't call any of you the worst posters ever or assholes when you talk about things I don't like. You guys on this board are so negative. Most of what I say is postive to Metallica and not negative to other bands. Maybe the positivity is getting me more in trouble. Anyway, I'm being serious, I want to know what I do to make you so mad and try to say what I do and not that "I love a corporate band" or any of that because that is why you don't like Metallica not why you don't like me. Anyway, I'm actually asking for this but try to be at least a little bit cordial with your answers. I'm not trying to be an asshole here.

[Edited on 7-16-2006 by Jeb Tennyson Lund]

Bonestein - 6-15-2003 at 03:57 PM

You know what? You are absolutely right... you can't call me an ass clown, and I can call you slapnuts. I'm a little too hungover to deconstruct the hierarchy right now, but here's the way I can explain it best...

I'm on top, you're not. It has nothing to do with liking Metallica, or liking Milli Vinilli, or loving the sweet stylings of Roxette. It's all about the rockitude of the reservation, and understanding how much your particular reservation is rocked. Myself, I rock all 6 nations.

Now excuse me, I have to get this dog's ass out of my head.

2HoT - 6-15-2003 at 05:15 PM

I am not interested in preventing your opinion. I disagree with it but I still believe you are perfectly entitled to have it. The problem I have is the fact that you feel the need to express it in just about every post in this section. Great, you love metallica, now we know. We don't need to hear it 50,000 times! I am sure you have other opinions about other things and other bands right? Why not try sharing those opinions with us and give the Metallica schtick a rest.

You might find that others will lay off ya.

[Edited on 6-15-2003 by 2HoT]

metallikid - 6-15-2003 at 05:59 PM

I agree 100% with you 2Hot. I apoligize for my post in the Megadeth forum, I don't know why I did that one. All other posts though were in sections where it WAS RELEVENT to mention Metallica. I don't think I overdue it when I'm in categories marked St. Anger is Here. You know what I'm saying?

Oh, and Bonstein, thanks for clarifying the heirarchy for me.

cpdevine1 - 6-15-2003 at 06:02 PM

looks like an olive branch from Metallikid.

2HoT - 6-15-2003 at 06:21 PM

Perhaps my beef isn't even with you, kid. Perhaps my problem is that there are TOO MANY METALLICA THREADS!!!! in this section. I suppose in that case, That scoundrel Ando and Princess Alana should be as open to this barrage as anyone else. The reason you got singled out as I see it, is that you fought back.

Slade - 6-15-2003 at 06:34 PM

Hey, Metallikid. I've never attacked you personally. I haven't got a problem with you as a person. I just have a problem with your undying love for Metallica. I feel the same way about Ando. And because the onyl thread people were posting in was "St. Anger Is Here" for a week or more, I decided to start my own threads about other things. I found some Best Of Lists recently that were worth posting, but before I could find anything that was unrelated, I found ways to start new threads about why Metallica sucked. And I had a blast arguing about why Metallica sucked, and eventually finding others like 2HoT and Jeb to jump on board with the anti-Metallica sentiments. It really is nothing against you. I fully expected you to either defend the band, or shut up so the entire brou-ha-ha would die out. You chose to defend them, so I chose to continue to hate fun with it. That's all.

LuckyLopez - 6-15-2003 at 08:46 PM

Kid, I don't think everyone hates you... well except maybe for Bones and Jeb, but they seem to hate everyone. Waiting for Bones to come at me. But this place is very much a locker room/frat type atmosphere. Shit will be dealt out and you learn to take it or you get out. In return, once one proves themselves they earn the right to start dealing the shit out themselves. Now people are going to get annoyed with you. You talk too damn much about Metallica. Hey, I like the band and respect your opinion... and you certainly haven't spawned every conversation about them. But damn, man... talk about someone else once and awhile. No matter how valid your opinions may be, if you express them every single time you come in the room they're gonna get pretty annoying. You have to use a certain degree of temperance in these matters.

For example, if I don't stop defending TNA everytime any newbie or generally absent poster decides to take a shot, I'm sure the boys are gonna open up on me soon.

2HoT - 6-16-2003 at 03:03 AM

Yeah, damn that TNA crap is getting annoying Lopez. Why dont you shut the hell up!