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Assholes can get beat up
merc - 7-18-2016 at 09:03 PM

In today's old school video we visit Japan. The Great Antonio was generally considered an asshole in pro wrestling. Here he takes on Antonio Inoki, yes the same guy who fought Ali. Inoki, in addition to being a legend, was also the promoter.

You will see some real asshat no selling, then when TGA decides to go stiff what the result ends up being. Hang in there to the end.

denverpunk - 8-8-2016 at 10:18 PM


bopol - 8-10-2016 at 04:05 AM

I think the 2nd blow out of the 4 blows across the back of the neck at 4:35 is what set Anoki off. It was just sloppy as shit and probably wasn't pulled at all. Anoki probably decided he wasn't going to let this fat fuck paralyzed him and decided then to fuck him up. Antonio, who was apparently a little slow on the uptake, didn't realize when Anoki came out of that grasp that it was now war and did little to protect himself (or was too stupid to realize that Anoki could fuck him up).

This is an all-time great shoot. By Japan standards, right up there with the Great Sasuke and Dirt Bike Kid.