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borntorun - 7-22-2003 at 06:33 AM

First, I would just like to say hi to everybody, as this is my inaugural post. It's about time, after being an intranet wrestling fan for a few years, that I popped the cherry and started doing this sort of thing. Bear with me, though, 'cuz I'm not as savvy as most of you are in the ways of posting. I'm sure I'll learn, and if not, there's nothing wrong with quitting! Ha.

Anyway, I just wanted to give my thoughts on RAW tonight. In what should have been a blow 'em away, can't miss, near-PPV quality event given away on free tv, the WWE hit the mark on a few things but also nailed their thumb with the hammer on a few others.

Of course, the bright spot was the Jericho/HBK match. Although not as fast paced as one may have hoped for, the fact remains that these two men took up about 25-30 minutes of free tv time with just wrestling (and a terribly-placed commercial break). It's been a looooooonng time since a 1-on-1 match has had that kind of time on tv, and 30 minutes is even a lot to ask for out of a ppv match. Hats off to Shawn and Jericho for the effort. It was also good to see HHH/Goldberg set in motion--that could get interesting.

The problem is, those two segment were really the only memorable parts of the program. Linda McMahon must have taken speaking classes from her hubby, as she used about 3X the necessary airtime to get her point across...resolving nothing, basically making us wait until next week. My question is: if austin were there, would he have saved Linda from Kane's tombstone? Perhaps a good reason to keep the redneck around...

Speaking of the tombstone, you could probably have fit about 12 of those delicious pizzas under Linda's head to ensure her safety from that vicious attack; i've heard that double cheese protects against neck injuries. All inane jokes aside, I have no problem protecting her from harm from a potentially life-threatening maneuver. I do, however, boo the production crew's camera angle of choice. This gaffe, along with the awkwardly placed commercial break earlier in the show (during which HBK was in the clutches of the Walls of Jericho), display how important the little intricacies are to the overall enjoyment of the show. I mean, if I was just getting into wrestling and watching it over a friend's house, and the last thing I see is a woman's head DEFINITELY not hitting anything resembling solid matter, I would turn to my friend and say, "I know it's fake, but that was too fake." I would then make him switch the channel to Cartoon Network and await the start of The Family Guy @ 11:30.

Like I said, RAW was not the blow-em away show that it could have been. All in all, though, it was above normal quality based on the merits of Jericho/Shawn, the beginnings of a new World Title feud, and a pretty decent cliffhanger regarding Austin's role in the Kane/Linda angle. Here's hoping they can build on that for next time.

1 post down, 2,999 to go before my next oil change!

Drunknow - 7-22-2003 at 11:40 AM

Good post! Not that I'm an expert or anything.

Actually your post sucks because I disagree with some of your points : )

I hate this World Title feud. This set-up was so contrived and so boring. Even the head-to-head stare-down to start off with. Contrived. And good drama is based on conflict. Where was the conflict? Goldberg: You're Next. Triple H: Okay. Then Flair and Orton sorta/kinda look like maybe they'll jump Goldberg, but then maybe the guy's just paranoid. After all, Evolution just kind of walks off instead of being fended off. If I was in a bar and saw that exact "confrontation" I'd call everyone a sissy then beat their asses for them. Well, not really, but a lot of the E's fans probably would. The icing on the cake is that Goldberg looks like the next CRUISERWEIGHT champeen! To quote Chris Farley in Tommy Boy: "He's just a little guy..."

Lawler sucked, blew, then came back for more, and the Coach is the only one who got left with the semen stains. I know that's gross, but not nearly as bad as having to listen to RAW tonight. My thoughts are in the "Hell to the King" thread.

HBK/Y2J II was an awesome, PPV-caliber effort by both guys. Seemed a bit long, but I actually think if they would have waited to bring out Flair until closer to the end, everything would have been fine because he was a distraction in the waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop sense. Still, like I say, awesome job by both men, wouldn't mind seeing more matches like this on free TV.

Oh, yeah, the break during the Walls is probably the worst time in the match to take one. Someone tell the guys in the truck that the Walls of Jericho isn't a rest hold, it's his finisher.

Kane v. RVD. I sorta figured we wouldn't get an actual match, and when I saw they were going with Goldberg v. Triple H for SSlam, I KNEW we wouldn't get a finish out of this match (gotta save it for the PPV). Still, the segment was really cool. The chaotic feel of the end was perfectly pulled off, with the camera sorta distancing itself from the action, the refs and agents clutching their injuries like they'd just survived a Braveheart battle scene, and Linda taking the tombstone. Between her doing that and Vince taking first dibs at the one-legged guy, (not to mention Shane's entire in-ring career!)you can't accuse the McMahons of telling people to do stuff they wouldn't do! I don't care if she was nowhere near the ground because a. a tombstone/piledriver is usually a 50/50 proposition on looking good anyway, b. she's the CEO, and c. she's really hot.

Let's see, more random thoughts...I don't care if Kim missed a spot, everyone does and it's a women's match...Why is Booker already fighting in pointless matches and not feuding with someone over that "prestigious" belt already...Where was Theodore Long, playa?...Rosey is the SHIT, and I can't wait...RVD should have cut a promo on his buddy Kane sometime tonight so it doesn't just look like he's fighting him for throwing him through a wall...Evolution's entrance video is O!-kay, O!-kay : ) ...Once again, Lawler is either the biggest idiot on Earth or the biggest prick alive...Test was wasted tonight...Bischoff was once again on tonight "YOU. HEAR. THAT?!"...HBK/Y2J was great, especially for free TV!

All in all, they took what could have been a blockbuster show and made it MAYBE above average. The length and effort of HBK/Y2J and the spectacle of the Kane Smash! finale is what would make tonight above average.

Now where's my Linda McMahon Divas poster, ShopZone?!