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My thoughts of Raw
Bud Ellock - 11-27-2002 at 08:57 AM

Good show, except for the Triple H ending. I mean, can't they get away from one guy being in the spotlight? I mean what would be wrong with HBK getting a clean win off of RVD or maybe even RVD winning by countout or something that would have kept RVD in the story. Instead he gets knocked out by Triple H and RVD is treated like a speed bump.

No offense to Triple H, but the guy really needs to take a long vacation before somebody tries to shoot him. We had people try to knife Hogan during his nWo stint, so I can't believe there isn't any crazy nuts that wouldn't try to do the same to Hunter.

Hunter has way too much control, or at least people he associates with think he really is a big draw. The guy doesn't get booed or cheered and most people leave the building for their piss break during his matches and interviews. Although the South Ca crowd seemed to have a small Triple H following -- unless it was canned heat through the speakers -- which I doubt (although they did it for Hogan when he didn't need it in Indiana earlier this year).

All I know is the show was great until the ending. I even loved the old skits with Jericho (playing heel Edge) and Christian (playing himself).