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Author: Subject: What is working, what isn't working?
Creepy Little Bastard

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posted on 9-9-2002 at 04:18 AM Edit Post
What is working, what isn't working?

Which angles/wrestlers do you think are working for the WWE right now, and which not? (Note: Billy and Chuck are off limits, as that one could fill a page on itself)
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American Dream

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posted on 9-9-2002 at 05:41 AM Edit Post

Building Brock Lesnar as a monster.

Building Triple H up as a monster heel. A good face is only as good as his foe.

Rey Mysterio...the giant killer.

The Un-Americans getting ANY face over.

Benoit, Guerrero, and Angle providing solid ring work.

Booker T getting over ala his world title run in WCW.

Edge becoming a superstar.


Not Working:

Undertaker as a main event star. He needs to be used ala Hogan to put others over.

RVD being pushed over Booker T. RVD can't cut it on the mic...that will hurt him and Booker has bigger pops, and better mic skills.

Steph. Decent heel...terrible "tweener"...

Heat and Velocity. These are glorified recap shows. Remember when Foley won the WWF title on HEAT???

Bradshaw. He pops a crowd...but doesn't sell tickets, t-shirts, or PPVs. @ least Jeff and Matt sell swag.

The puppy loving King. This makes woman matches between Trish and Molly seem like T&A when actually both girls are trying to bust ass to give us a good match.

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The Rowdy One

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posted on 9-9-2002 at 05:56 AM Edit Post
Good list BFG, really, I agree with everything except for pushing RVD over Booker T. I think RVD as main event is going well, he does pop the crowd huge- but I do think Booker should be next in line.

As far as Bradshaw, I think Bradshaw is the guy I hate to see the most now that X-Pac is gone. Honestly, people talk about HHH's backstage influence, but I swear Bradshaw must have some pull too. No one can deny that he has been given plenty of opportunities to get himself over, and failed on every one (except when he stole Austin's act with the APA). It made me sick when he got a main event push after the roster split. And his stupid speech on the post 9/11 Smackdown, it was just an attempt to get himnself over. And when he got to run in a stop the un-Americans from burning the flag. And the way he looks at the crowd trying to get a pop for his stupid overhead slam. Basically I guess what I'm saying is I hate Bradshaw.

And I hate the King, but thinking about Bradshaw has gotten me all worked up, so I'm not going to talk about the King other than to say he literally ruins matches. That's really saying something when a fucking commentator can ruin matches completely. Anyway, I digress.

That's racism man! I love to racism bro!

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The Great One

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posted on 9-9-2002 at 07:26 AM Edit Post
RVD needs to learn to how to sell injuries and submission holds.

What isn't working:

Anyone weighing less than 250 in the main event or even made to look good(HHH is just HANDED a title, Undertaker shrugs off an Angleslam and a Crossface/Anklelock like he's bored, Mark Henry squashes Tajiri, Kane beats BOTH the tag camps - if you MUST push useless lumps into the main event at least put guys who can carry them to a watchable match there too - Benoit, Kurt, Eddy)what happened to that kickass posse they had with Edge, Rey and Cena?.

Undertaker in the main event again - putting a fossal who won't sell or job clean against the monster is stupid on so many levels.

Booker T being involved in anything important or getting any major wins, if you ask me HE should stop Brock's streak clean.

What is working:

Matt Hardy developing a personality and ever so slowly becoming a pain in the ass.

actual 'wrestling' matches(as always Eddy, Angle and Benoit carry the torch but Edge, Jericho, Storm, etc are doing some good stuff), if only they'd let Brock do more.


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posted on 9-9-2002 at 05:36 PM Edit Post
I say that Lesnar is not working. I do not buy him as champ. Sure he is a big guy but if you look at other wrestlers like batista he is even bigger than lesnar. I liked the comment about ‘how can you take a guy seriously who looks like a cross between bob backlund and psycho sid’.
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Man of a Thousand Holds

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posted on 9-9-2002 at 06:33 PM Edit Post
as far as bradshaw gettin push after push after push...i remember reading somewhere he was taker's boy & taker used him as his locker room "enforcer" & used his clout to get him a push...but now that taker is on SD! & the hardcore title is gone..maybe we'll see less of bradshaw
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posted on 9-12-2002 at 10:31 AM Edit Post

Booker & RVD as next big things on RAW

HHH back where he belongs as a monster heel

Brock's push

Benoit as the no.1 badguy on SD!

Edge's push, but he needs a feud with Benoit soon.

Angle slowly turning face, but a lack of top drawer heels on SD! would hurt the show.

Not Working:

Undertaker as a ME, he's busted up and should put over Benoit / Angle before taking a few months rest

Crusierweight divison: the CW title should be the no.2 attraction on SD and this is best facilitated by a Rey - Eddie Guerrero feud as well as two - three matches per show with Hardy, helms, Moore vs. tajiri, Chavo, Noble.
Resigning jerry Lynn couldnt hurt either.

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