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Topic Review

posted on 6-8-2019 at 05:36 PM

Do the charge back for sure.

As for what else you should do? More Trish related content is always a good idea.


posted on 6-8-2019 at 05:31 PM


Is it worth my time to build a website over it? Probably not. However, fuck them in their ass. They stole my money.


posted on 6-8-2019 at 05:28 PM

Question: How much is the gift card for? Just wondering if this is worth your time, despite the bullshit factor on their end.


posted on 6-8-2019 at 04:51 PM

In my professional, nuanced, and reasonable opinion, my suggestion is that you:


posted on 6-8-2019 at 04:47 PM

Originally posted by BBMN
Here's another trivial issue I want help with...

Should I be the petty asshole? Or just pray for a charge back to work?

You can do two things. Do both! And keep us updated!


posted on 6-8-2019 at 04:06 PM

Here's another trivial issue I want help with..

Bought a Lyft gift card from a Kroger store. Gave it to my girlfriend, as I'm a Luddite with no Uber or Lyft app, and it's only fair for me to help out since if she's using Lyft, there's a 95% chance I'm with her.

It doesn't load. I figure they're having server issues so no biggie. She tries a few times over a few days and it never works. She reaches out to their text-chat-support team.

They initially say the card was used. It wasn't. When asked for dates and locations and amounts of each use, they say it was used on rides in March. Two months before I bought it. My girlfriend has to explain that they're wrong, and that was with a different card. Clearly they aren't actually investigating anything, and just giving blanket denial messages.

Eventually another rep admits that the card was never actually loaded with funds. What? Turns out Lyft canceled all physical gift card sales (I'm guessing sometime in April.) They say that Kroger wasn't supposed to sell that card to begin with. Great.

I talk to Kroger in person, and on the phone. The guy in person was baffled and only knew that they did not refund gift card sales, unless corporate got involved. Which I'm sure won't happen. Phone support tells me something that makes total sense - They only had my money for a moment. Once the activation receipt prints (which I still have) the funds are sent to the merchant (Lyft.) They don't have my money. They, of course say that it's the merchant's duty to get the cards removed, not theirs, which is of course the oppostie of what Lyft claims.

Lyft has my money. And it refuses a refund it. Should I just go thru the charge back process with my bank?

I'm debating taking some free time here and making an website detailing the experience. Because I'm a petty nerd and at this point I'd rather just give them as much as a headache as possible, because they've basically stolen from me. Basically spam it all over their twitter, and tag Kroger as well because they're not 100% innocent in this shit show either.

Should I be the petty asshole? Or just pray for a charge back to work?

Here is a picture of Trish for your time spent on this urgent matter.

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