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First 9

posted on 5-13-2019 at 03:22 PM

As a 27 year old who already has back problems and a fucked up wrist, threads like these scare the fuck out of me.

Hope you get better Pad, but if shit gets worse and you want to end it all in style, feel free to drop by my third world shithole. Hospitals and all other essentials are prhibitively expensive but coke, hookers and avocados are cheap as hell.


posted on 5-12-2019 at 05:51 AM

Yes, it is known. A perfectly logical and sensible thing to do, and covered ethically & morally by the absolute right of the individual to make their own decisions. No one else has the privilege to decide how much pain anyone else is obligated to suffer. Like, butt out already, shrinks and busybody church jerks!


posted on 5-12-2019 at 05:40 AM

I myself and me are prOOud and delighted to be a part of the LGBTQ section of the OO Community.


posted on 5-12-2019 at 04:34 AM

No dispute there. Just commenting that here it's a long wait for a non-emergency situation. No system is perfect. I know the American one sucks for anyone who isn't rich or well-insured but the rest of the world has it's issues too, with excessive wait times for anyone in pain (but not in imminent danger of dying) being the primary complaint of patients almost everywhere. Don't take everything I say as the start of some sort of fight. I'm just a smarmy & sarcastic motherfucker far too often.


posted on 5-8-2019 at 05:19 PM

Originally posted by Paddlefoot
As per our one-for-all all-for-one! yay, us! Canuckistani health care system I finally got in for a MRI a couple of weeks ago, about six months after it happened.

Well in the good ol' US, home of the greatest healthcare system in the world, you would have needed to go to your general doctor (which could take a couple of weeks, depending if they considered it an emergency), obtained a referral to a neurologist, (2 months easy for an appointment) then they would need to schedule your MRI in about 2-3 weeks. Assuming your insurance doesn't want you to do some other tests first, that are "cheaper".

So you waited 3 months but saved about $2,000-$3,000 easy.


posted on 5-8-2019 at 12:00 AM

I've had the low-grade electricity done before at a chiropractor's clinic. At a physio place too. Didn't mind it at all with the biggest disappointment being that it felt good for a while but didn't last. Hopefully a good blast of the juice actually blows through whatever knot or pinching is occurring and things get restored to semi-normal again.

I too get the things in the hands, like the small and ring-finger half of the hand falling asleep when I lie on my side. I also get the shakes sometimes in my hand if I write for too long, or hold onto my paint airbrush for too long. Here I was hoping that the traditional prostate cancer running through the family would be what took me out, instead of ending up with a degenerating nervous disorder that gets me stuck in one of the crappier nursing homes too early in life. Once again, yay?


posted on 5-7-2019 at 11:44 PM

Had that done for issues with my hands (being 38 and struggle to hold a pen is not fun) and a) didnít hurt, b) actually helped, kind of like it jump started my hands. Donít be alarmed if they turn up the voltage if things donít fire right away.

Count Zero

posted on 5-7-2019 at 11:43 PM

Make sure your neurologist's last name isn't McMahon. We don't want you getting the nut-zaps.

Well, Janerd probably does because he's kinky like that.


posted on 5-7-2019 at 11:18 PM

I get to see a neurologist next month for more tests. Apparently they'll course electrical pulses down my back and into my legs to see which nerves are and aren't firing. Been a long time since I've done the equivalent to holding onto a spark plug without a glove while someone yanks on the engine start-cord. Yay?

[Edited on 5/7/2019 by Paddlefoot]


posted on 5-7-2019 at 07:53 AM

Originally posted by Matte
Or folby without a weird, toothy fish?

He changed it for a bit! I dunno if he ever went back, but he actually did change it to... some UFC dude at one point.

I've had my gal for 13 years now.

Then, Now, Forever. Like I said a little while ago when we were assigning wrestlers to ourselves... Jericho. GOAT.

I feel you, Paddle. I've had a bad neck since I was a teenager. No idea what started it, but just the basic rigors of everyday life and random strain here and there over 25ish years have taken their toll, to the point where I have no feeling in the index + middle finger on my left hand. Getting old sucks and is stupid.


posted on 5-7-2019 at 01:33 AM

Or Teh Rick without the Kaientai shirt/alcoholism av.


posted on 5-7-2019 at 01:21 AM

Or folby without a weird, toothy fish?


posted on 5-7-2019 at 12:30 AM

Two things....

If you donít have a family Dr., get one. If you do, get a new one thatís willing to to work with you.

And 2nd....yeah, some folks should not be able to change avatars. Whatís next, an av without a glass dildo holding/licking pornstar for punkerhardcore?


posted on 5-6-2019 at 11:59 PM

Go back to your old avatar, damn you!


posted on 5-6-2019 at 07:52 PM

And despite all that it still can't account for what exactly has caused my foot to go numb...

Well... you ARE Paddlefoot...


posted on 4-16-2019 at 07:45 PM

So my foot went numb back in November. It's been paralyzed on the interior side. Basically from the tip of the big toe down to about the mid-point of the arch feels like a piece of frozen meat. As per our one-for-all all-for-one! yay, us! Canuckistani health care system I finally got in for a MRI a couple of weeks ago, about six months after it happened. Went to see the doctor today for the results and, he sez, I gots:

- spinal stenosis
- arthritis all up and down my spine
- a flattened disc I already knew about that's caused bouts of sciatica for me for the better part of the last thirty years

And despite all that it still can't account for what exactly has caused my foot to go numb because there's no sign of a pinched nerve that would do it. Next referral, probably in another six months, is to a neurologist. To maybe find out if it's all just a structural defect in the spine causing this or something a lot more fun, like a growing nervous disorder that will have me poppin' & twitchin' like Michael J. Fox and leave me shitting myself in a wheelchair in a nursing home within the next ten years. Oh, yeah, I can't take anti-inflammatories either because I start vomiting within about five minutes of taking one. And, just for extra shit-icing all over the shit-cake I got served up today, the condition it in enough of a grey area that I'll most likely be rejected if I apply for any sort of disabled status. I didn't want it for money either, BTW, just for official acknowledgement that I can no longer do heavy labour, lifting shit, or crawling on a filthy floor wearing coveralls. How greedy & selfish of me to think that way anyhow!

So, yay me? Anyone got a spare .38 revolver and just one bullet they can lend me? I want out but I don't want to leave any gooey messes behind for anyone else to clean up. You're also more than welcome to process as much soylent green as you can from my oversized corpse.

And here I was patiently waiting for the asteroid to arrive, preferably right on top of Mar-A-Lago, just so I could have one last really good moment in my life.

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