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Topic Review

posted on 1-2-2019 at 04:23 AM

Nice. Thank you for the votes, mates!


posted on 12-29-2018 at 10:24 PM

Aaaaand that' a wrap.

Winners are posted.

Thanks, all, for playing.


posted on 12-21-2018 at 11:05 PM

Starting to post the finals threads. When noms are dead for a few days and people are resurrecting old threads to post their Twitter handles, it is time.


posted on 12-9-2018 at 08:33 PM

Ah the bOOardies. That thing at that time of year where we do stuff and then stuff happens and then we talk about doing it better/different next time and then repeat.

Here's how this works:

We have categories.

You nominate up to 3 in each category. These will be up over the next few days. Maybe. I'm not setting dates for how long this will be open.

The top 3 nominees (based on total # of nominations) go to votes via poll.

Top vote-getter in the poll crowns the winner. Polls will run 2 weeks.

For those new to bOOardies or needing a refresher, I’ve copy/pasted this handy dandy FAQ to orient us all and kick this sumbitch off!

Q: What the fuck are bOOardies?
A: Annual “awards” that are bestowed upon posters, posts, threads, and the like for contributions made to the OOForums over the calendar year, in this case 2018.

Q: Great. I want one. How do I get one?
A: bOOardies are based on the nominations and votes of your fellow board members. We don’t just give these out to ANYBODY.

Q: Fine. I knew it would be harder than just asking for one. I assume this is like Oscars and the like where there are categories. So what are they?
A: The historical batch of categories and their definitions are:

  • Poster of the Year – for the poster who brought it best and/or most consistently for the year
  • Lifetime (un)Achievement Award – year(s) of contribution.
  • Jackass of the Year – you don’t want to win this one. Unless you're the type who relishes being named an asshole by all your peers.
  • Wrestling Thread of the Year – started in Wrestling and stayed in Wrestling
  • Off-Topic Thread of the Year – started elsewhere / wasn’t wrestling-related
  • Trainwreck Thread of the Year – started as SOMETHING but ended a messy mess
  • Post of the Year – for that one post that just rocked
  • Flame of the Year – for that one post that just so obliterated someone
  • Feud of the Year – for the ongoing animosity and back and forth between two posters
  • Avatar of the Year - duh

Also....we have some a few wrestling categories.

  • Wrestler of the Year – so we can argue about Becky
  • Match of the Year – if we can remember anything
  • PPV of the Year - where we have to pick just one NXT event to win.

Q: This sounds like a bunch of self-congratulatory masturbation and the like. Stroking yourselves and each other….
A: That’s not a question. But yes. Actually it’s equal parts recognition and reflection. There is some memorable stuff that happens here and the reminiscing that this enables is half the fun.

Q: I forgot shit. How does I remembers?
A: We had a memory jogger thread here, for whatever it's worth.

Q: Who's won this shit before?
A:Through 2006 is here
2007 is here
We didn't run them in 2008 cuz of the great board outage.
And 2009 is here
And 2010 is here
And 2011 is here
And 2012 is here
And 2013 is here
And 2014 is here
And 2015 is here
And 2016 is here
And 2017 is here

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the rest of us, Amazing Larry?

  • With the exception of this thread, everything bOOardie-related will be posted in the It’s a Celebration subforum above.
  • Got a question or suggestion you want to ask/make and don’t want to post it? U2U me and I’ll answer or try to get you one.
  • Detailed instructions for each category will be posted in the nominations threads. But know this – anything post or thread related is ultimately gonna require a link to the post/thread for the nomination to count. So if you know something you wanna nominate but don’t remember where it is off hand, start searching. Others will help you out in the actual noms, but do everyone a favor and start looking now.
  • Ultimately I'm going to be the arbitrator over things if need be but my goal is to not have to do that. If you guys think a thread is both off-topic and trainwreck...nominate and the top nominees will advance, as an example. I'll try to steer to what I think it is...but your actions will ultimately decide

Go do stuff.

go to top

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