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Topic Review

posted on 1-17-2020 at 08:18 AM


No season 2. I’m ok with that. Just amazed at how much they were able to deliver in 9 episodes.


posted on 12-23-2019 at 07:30 PM

I really enjoyed this show, really liked how they tied everything together at the end there. From what I've read, Lindelhof only wrote this to be a single one-and-done season, but did not rule out the possibility of a second season if a good idea comes about. He likened it to True Detective, where you can tell stories in this universe that is self-contained, and not doing continuous serialized seasons just to do them.

That said, I really loved the Angela Abar character and I loved Regina King in the role, but you're all correct, in that this story really does a great job of telling her story, and we don't need another season of her being the central character.

G. Jonah Jameson

posted on 12-23-2019 at 04:22 AM

I've been a week or two behind most of y'all watching this show, so I haven't been finding many opportunities to chime in, but I think I'd be OK if this was it for "Watchmen." Up until the final episode, I was thinking there was far more story to tell and that the show would have to continue beyond the season finale. But after the way it was wrapped up, I'm not sure it's necessary. Credit where it's due to the show for doing a yeoman's job of finishing out so many story threads in a single episode.

I can't say I'd hate watching a trial-of-Ozymandias second season, if only because it would give me more Looking Glass and because Jeremy Irons' scenery-chewing as Adrian Veidt would put Nicolas Cage to shame. But I'm with n00b on the Sister Night storyline having reached a very satisfactory ending, and I don't think it really needs any more development. I'm enjoyed the character, and I've enjoyed Regina King in the role, but I feel like the concept of "otherwise ordinary person becomes Dr. Manhattan" is something better left to our imaginations.


posted on 12-20-2019 at 02:32 PM

I’d actually be fine either way. If this is it, so be it: they told a story that continued one a good portion of the audience maybe wasn’t familiar with without that being an issue and wrapped everything up nicely. Closure: it feels good when it’s done right.

But if it isn’t it (which, based on reports and how West World has played out, would probably be at least two years off), I trust the writers to continue the story in just as entertaining a way as they did with this season. But the Hooded Justice/Tulsa story is wrapped up and doesn’t need anymore added to it. Heading to Washington to see the fallout of Ozymandius finally being called to account for the millions he killed and his role in manipulating the country after has real world parallels like Tulsa did that it can draw off of (so long as Looking Glass comes along for the ride).

But again, either way I’m satisfied with the ride: great story, great acting, and if they want to tell more they can, but they don’t need to.


posted on 12-20-2019 at 02:05 PM

So, I may be in the minority, but, I'm hoping that was it for Watchmen. No second season, please. Angela is probably the least interesting character on the show to me. I don't need to know if she's the new Dr. Manhattan.


posted on 12-14-2019 at 05:51 AM

So, Jon said where he sent the kids, but not when. Is it possible he sent the kids back in time with his DNA so they could fight off the bad guys?

Also, Veidt may be freaking out because he knows Jon is gone, thus the feeling of being trapped. Keep in mind that the Veidt stuff seems to be going at a different pace as the trial lasted a year.

And yeah, not knowing WHO Lady Trieu‘s dad is leads to all types of possibilities, from Blake to even Jon himself.

This show has been fantastic.


posted on 12-9-2019 at 06:37 AM

Kind of a wild set-up for the finale. Kind of explains why Veidt has been behaving so oddly, not the calm and collected person he was in 1985. Being stuck in utopia's driven him kind of nuts just from the sheer boredom. Terrific too to see Doc make people go all explodey in the same way they depicted it in the movie.

Gonna be fascinating next week, just to see what that millennium clock is supposed to do. Save the good guys? Make things worse? Hoping they reveal too that Lady Trieu is another one of Edward Blake's bastard daughters, from a different Vietnamese wife he didn't gun down in cold blood.

[Edited on 12/9/2019 by Paddlefoot]


posted on 12-6-2019 at 12:43 AM

I’m excited and slightly nervous for next week. If the CGI is good, the next two episodes could see some really cool shit.

Also...I’m not sure how to feel about this potentially being a 1 and done series. It’s been so fantastic that I don’t want them to continue JUST to continue, but man...I kind of want more than 9 episodes.


posted on 12-5-2019 at 06:13 PM

I gotta say, the alternate Saigon and all the Vietnamese being spoken on the show is pretty darn cool on a show like this.


posted on 12-2-2019 at 04:29 AM

Sing in a bouncy tune, ohh, it's not TV it's HBO!


posted on 11-27-2019 at 06:27 PM

This most current episode Sister Night reliving her grandfather's memories was quite the masterpiece. I love how they were able to use the lack of information on Hooded Justice in the comic to service this storyline. The way everything was put together, it was almost as if the mystery behind HJ was planted all the way back when the comic was written. It's been a while since I've read the book, so I had to read a few review articles to make sure, but the reveal in the episode doesn't require any changes or scrubbing of the comic book's version of HJ, which is pretty amazing.


I also loved the cameo of Action Comics #1, and the parallel of Kal-El escape from Krypton and Will Reeves escape from Tulsa. And the very noir feel of the episode, including the scene transitions, the music (oh that old timey music), and of course this crazy story they're telling.

And yes, that Looking Glass origin episode was fantastic as well.

This show is so so good.

[Edited on 11-27-2019 by salmonjunkie]


posted on 11-21-2019 at 06:27 PM

I don’t have the link but when I get home I’ll post it, the “no internet” and “limited technology” deals are explained in something called the Petey-pedia, which is the official diary of Agent Pete (Silk Spectre’s partner/bang buddy). Apparently, the official explanation is that, due to the squid drop being attributed to corporations messing around with portals, technology came to a cautious creep from then on, as to not mess with any other dimensions or tamper the “already-open” one the squids come through. And I appreciated that as someone who only saw the movie.

This show thought of everything.

[Edited on 11-21-2019 by nOOb]


posted on 11-21-2019 at 06:16 PM

Yeah, seeing on screen the absolute carnage that resulted from the mega-squid's death was fairly horrific. It was wild enough in the comic but putting it on screen was something else. Terrific episode from beginning to end. Great touch too with Wade eating a can of beans with his mask rolled halfway up his face, just like Rorshach did when he broke into Dan's kitchen. Interesting too that the circle of knowledge about Veidt being responsible for everything came from a taped message to President Redford as opposed to being from Rorshach's journal being disseminated among the conspiracy cultist readers of the New Frontiersman tabloid. Be neat if they got Robert Redford to do a cameo of himself as a POTUS in crisis as Veidt's carefully planned-out world starts falling apart.

It's also odd, and kind of amusing, how the dominance of the tech that Veidt and Dr. Manhattan were developing in the 1980's, like the electric cars and such, are counterbalanced by the apparent absence of modern items like cell phones and desktop computers, as shown by the cops using old-ish walkie-talkies and doing old-school paperwork at their desks. No Strategic Defense Initiative being required due to the success of Veidt's false peace between the US and Russia apparently meant no massive flooding of money into military high-tech that resulted in due course in things like smart phones and the internet.


posted on 11-21-2019 at 04:58 PM

The Looking Glass centered episode was amazing. His “origin story” of being saved from “death by psychic backlash” because he was tricked by promises of getting laid in an 80’s funhouse to a very real look into his resulting PTSD caused by both the backlash and getting robbed of his pants seconds before all the way to his entire world being turned upside down in one night, not to mention the theme song to his life becoming Careless Whisper, was one of the best executed episodes of TV I’ve seen...ever?

And the Ozymandias stuff happened to take a turn in a very short span through all of this because now it’s not so much a question of “What (and when) is he plotting?” as much as it is “Who set up his new prison area and who does he think is going to help him?”

Also I’m glad this show is smart enough to ripe the Senator Keane bandaid off. His good guy schtick seemed fake because it was. And it wasn’t dragged out.

Between this and Westworld, and the fact HBO’s streaming service is going to add on Titans and Doom Patrol to available viewing, HBO is making it hard to cancel post-GOT.


posted on 11-12-2019 at 04:31 AM

This is just an amazingly good show.

As somebody who has the Absolute Edition of Watchmen, I’ve been worried every time they expand the universe. But somehow they get somebody like Darwyn Cooke or Damon Lindelof and it does justice to one of the all time great pieces of fiction.


posted on 11-5-2019 at 05:04 AM

Good disturbing laugh moment too when Laurie took out that metallic blue size-20 dildo to help her get to sleep before she opted to bang the young agent.

I'm guessing also that there's something negative that happened to Dan Dreiberg, given the senator dropping the hint that in return for a favour he could get "anyone freed" from a bad situation no matter what law they broke. I'm assuming this means that sometime in the last several decades Nite Owl went active again in violation of federal law and got arrested, with no one around to rescue him from incarceration the way he and Laurie did for Rorschach in the original story.


posted on 11-4-2019 at 09:50 PM

I think Jeremy Irons dressing up in Ozymandias gear and saying the Game Warden would soon face the wrath of *dramatic pause* Adrian Veidt pretty much solves that issue. But after rewatching Watchmen (the movie) recently, I'm thinking they might revisit that "I knew you might be able to stop it when you learned about it which is why I launched my plan two hours ago" bit with Veidt, where the newspaper at the beginning wasn't wrong and Veidt is actually dead, and the Veidt scenes (and his clone murder experiments and plays) are all flashbacks, which, I mean, could work, but also Westworld did the same thing with it's first season, so it might lose a little kick.

Then again, this show is hitting on all cylinders right now and if that's where this goes, so be it: I'm excited to get there.


posted on 10-30-2019 at 05:16 PM

Irons' character definitely screams to me that he's Veidt - particularly because of the color scheme, the idea that he's in hiding and faked his death, etc. At this point, though, I feel like that the writers want the audience to think he's Ozymandias, since a lot of the visuals and the eccentricity seems so on the nose as being Ozy, that it'll end up being a misdirect.

It could very well be that he's Dr. Manhattan pretending to be Ozy - which could be why he seems so over the top because he's acting the way he thinks Veidt would act. He did say he was the son of a watchmaker, and it was Dr. Osterman's father who was one in the graphic novel. So....


[Edited on 10-30-2019 by salmonjunkie]


posted on 10-30-2019 at 01:15 PM

My first thought was that Jeremy Irons was Dr. Manhattan after the lady cop and the guy in the wheelchair said Dr. Manhattan couldn't look human, or could he? But, it makes a little more sense that Irons is playing Ozymandias. Here's a quick article about that theory.


posted on 10-29-2019 at 11:06 PM

Guess the betting odds are that Jeremy Irons is Dr. Manhattan, given that the apparent clone servants are the life that he was leaving Earth to go create at the end of the original story. Plus the giveaway comment that he's just a "watchmaker's son" in the first episode. The only problem with that is Dr. Manhattan didn't really have the same kind of impish emotions that the Iron's character does, with the frustration at the clones fucking things up like baking the cake wrong or flubbing their lines during the play. I suppose with the purple/violet hues in his clothing indicate he could be Adrian Veidt pulling some sort of con on a world that thinks he's dead, plus Veidt would certainly be smart enough to create cloning technology. It might be more interesting though if the Irons character were someone different altogether, like the son of Janey Slater and Jon Osterman who was conceived before the accident that created Dr. Manhattan, and that he's planning to do something really horrible to live up to dad's legacy.

Regardless of what happens it's interesting so far. Keep up the pacing just like the did with the original comic book way back when and the fans will be pulling their hair out in frustration.


posted on 10-29-2019 at 10:46 PM

Yeah, that was a good one, too. I'm very curious about a lot of things now.



posted on 10-29-2019 at 07:04 PM

Alright I’m all in after that one (though the play could have done with less blue penis). That was some great character development and now I sort of care about what happens to two guys who we’ve only seen in masks on top of being invested in the Abar family, understanding where the kids came from (I was either on the “previous marriage” or “a guy really hoping a paternity test isn’t necessary” bandwagons). I’m also assuming Ozymandias is going to decide that all the racial and police-focused violence can only be solved with another one of his radical solutions.

I’m glad I remembered to DVR this one.


posted on 10-23-2019 at 10:26 PM

I liked two things about this that made me decide to give this additional viewings:

1) It didn't make me feel like an idiot for my only familiarity being the movie. And the fact that there were only a few things that I had to have explained to me by someone at work (specifically the weird "squid attack") didn't do anything to affect my enjoyment.

2) It felt like a show with real human interaction that happened to have masked cops fighting masked racists and be in a world where Robert Redford was president, a naked blue energy guy was living on Mars, and squids fell from the sky.

I'm also glad the ratings were there so that, if the show doesn't decide to start sucking midway through, we'll likely get a season two. It'll just depend on how casual viewers latch on (if you expect them to read or watch a two hour Snyder movie to be familiar with the material, good luck) and how much the diehard fans don't blow their tops about something inevitably not lining up with the comics. But I liked the first episode enough that I'll stick around for this season.


posted on 10-23-2019 at 07:36 AM

Just watched the first episode of HBO’s Watchmen. My thoughts:

1. Wow.

2. I’ve always liked Regina King. A solid actor with some good roles. Now I can see that she’s a great actor and kicks ass. I love this role for her.

3. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s score is fucking fantastic. I loved their work on Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War. What they’re doing for this show, just awesome.

4. Loving them taking what happened in the comic book as the past in this universe and giving us a new story in present day. It really didn’t feel like a superhero story at all (and of course neither did the comic). Rather than rehashing old shit, telling this new story is great. Some powerful shit.


6. Some great visual editing between scenes and I really liked how they made some not-at-all subtle visual references to the comic.

7. Fuck you Zack Snyder. I didn’t even hate your movie, but now I truly see how shallow it was.

8. I literally clapped as the credits started. I am so amped for the rest of the season.

9. Wow.

[Edited on 10-23-2019 by salmonjunkie]

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