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Topic Review
shashwat mishra

posted on 6-26-2018 at 09:36 AM

You could do a PPV of the best TV matches from the 1990s.

Some interesting candidates

Undertaker vs Samu (1993)
Mr. Perfect vs Doink (May 16, 1993, KOTR qualifier) - Doink's best match ever?
Ludvig Borga vs Tatanka (1993 again)
Bret Hart vs 1-2-3 Kid (July 1994)
Macho Man vs Yokozuna (1994) - screwy but some mark out moments


posted on 6-22-2018 at 08:30 PM

Originally posted by Jazzman
Jazzman presents - Tag Team Wrestlers in Singles Matches

Great unique idea. The only one of these I've seen is the Taker/Hardy ladder match, but it's been years. A bunch of these sound very fun. I'm particularly interested in Hawk/Flair to see how that played out. I don't have a ton of love for Hawk/Animal in terms of match quality.


posted on 6-22-2018 at 08:20 PM

After a short hiatus I'm back! I took shashwat mishra's Razon/Martel suggestion and did a themed show dedicated to the IC Title

On My Couch 3: Tribute to the IC Championship

Intercontinental Title Battle Royal - Judgment Day 2003

• Starting off with a Battle Royal to bring back the Intercontinental Championship after it had spent a while unified with the Big Gold Belt
• Only former Intercontinental Champions are eligible except for Booker T who is allowed in for some reason.
• Strong list of participants. Chris Jericho, RVD, Lance Storm, Christian, Val Venis, Goldust, Test, Kane, Booker T
• Lance Storm is first eliminated in the perfect distillation of his WWE career.
• They clear down to the final four insanely quick before settling into some actual wrestling.
• Christian’s elimination of Jericho was the highlight of the match, though the ending sequence was also good.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Shawn Michaels - Intercontinental Championship Match - In Your House 2
• Vince is really annoying on commentary in general, but his attempts in supporting HBK as the face are way too much. I’m reading way too much into it, but listening to this I feel like I get why the Roman Reigns mega push has been failing for 4 years.
• Jarrett spent a while doing a fun thing where he was outside the ring, would roll in at the count of 9 to avoid the countout, but then roll right back out to start the count. Fun delaying move.
• Second straight match with a ref bump
• Really good match

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga - Intercontinental Championship Match - The Great American Bash 2007
• I thought this was going to be a gimmick match of sorts, but I guess that is a different match between these two
• JR using the term Oriental in 2007 wasn’t a great moment for him
• Umaga using a springboard type Bonzai Drop wasn’t something I remembered, but was cool.
• JR also says “not sure how many sidewalks they have in Samoa” after and amazing sidewalk slam by Umaga. Really just a bad day for Old Man JR coming across as racist.
• Jeff still gets a great reaction in 2018, but damn is it fun to relive how insanely over he was in 2007.
• Excellent match

Razor Ramon vs Rick Martel - Intercontinental Championship Match - Raw 10.11.1993
• Not surprisingly, some of Heenan’s commentary doesn’t age well in relation to Razor Ramon, but he is so quick witted.
• Martel is one of those 80s guys that I haven’t gotten to see nearly enough to appreciate how good they were.
• Razor’s Edge is an alltime great finishing move
• Glad I listened to the recommendation. Fun match.

John Morrison VS. Rey Mysterio – Intercontinental Championship Match – Smackdown 09.04.09
• If I remember correctly, I believe this was early on in the first attempt in getting Morrison over as a face.
• Fast paced action with both guys bumping like crazy.
• I’m ready for a Morrison return to WWE/NXT.
• Great match. They got me on a few false finishes.

Chris Jericho Vs Jeff Hardy – Intercontinental Championship Match – Raw 10.03.2008
• This was when they gave Jeff Hardy a new theme with lyrics
• The start of this match was really intense and physical in the best way and never let up
• I could have watched another ten minutes added on to this match, but never the less it was very good. A hidden gem.

Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith "The British Bulldog" - Intercontinental Championship Match - SummerSlam 1992
• Figured I might as well main event my ppv with that I believe is the only time the IC title has been the solo title in the main event of a WWE ppv.
• The crowd really is pretty wild for this one.
• I hate airhorns
• I hadn't watched this one for a few years, but it really is worthy of the hype.

Over all watching this was a good reminder of why the IC title was commonly refered to as the workers belt. Not a dud to be found in the matches I watched. It wasn't techinically the best match due to the short run time, but that Jericho/Hardy match was the one I was most surprised by.


posted on 5-18-2018 at 09:24 PM

Interesting concept. I tried it out with a mix of matches I had seen before and those I hadn't. I went with the theme of tag team wrestlers (at the time) in singles matches, with the opposite type of match halfway through as a break.

Jazzman presents - Tag Team Wrestlers in Singles Matches

NWA World Title Match - Ronnie Garvin vs Tully Blanchard (NWA/UWF TV, October 1987)
Yes, Tully had been quite the accomplished singles wrestler but at the time of this match, he was 1/2 of the NWA Tag Team Champs with Arn Anderson and would largely remain a tag team wrestler going forward. A somewhat rare champion vs champion title match. Unfortunately, this match did not have an epic feel or a satisfactory conclusion, though it did come off as a solid, hard-hitting match. Thumbs down

The Dynamite Kid vs Randy Savage (The Wrestling Classic, 1985)
This was from the Wrestling Classic tournament so this was each guy's third match of the night. I was blown away the first time I saw it, in large part because I was unaware of Dynamite's singles history, only considering him a British Bulldog. Rewatching the match, I was surprised by how short it was, but it was definitely action-packed. It worked as a part of the story of the tournament but was a fun stand-alone match as well. Thumbs up.

NWA World Title Match - Ric Flair vs Road Warrior Hawk (Great American Bash 1986)
Unlike the Garvin-Blanchard match, this one has an electric atmosphere. Hawk was mega-over and the rare tag team wrestler who could credibly become a singles world champion then and there. Good solid match that played to each guy's strengths. Hawk's moments of vulnerability were credibly pulled off - not an easy feat given the perception of each guy. Thumbs up.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs Randy Savage (Saturday Night's Main Event, November 1987)
Another Savage match here as he goes from facing a British Bulldog to a member of the Hart Foundation. Like with Dynamite, this was the first real chance I got to see Hart against a true singles star and was very impressed. Great crowd involvement coming off the heels of the 3-on-1 Savage attack that led to the Megapowers formation added to this match and very good storytelling with Bret working Savage's leg. Thumbs up.

Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant vs King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd (Saturday Night's Main Event, November 1986)
A break from the theme to show four singles wrestlers in a tag match (although Studd & Bundy were known to tag from time to time). Good heat on the heels but this was more of a plodding affair. Placed on my card here, it was a letdown to watch this after being spoiled with Savage and Flair matches. The unsatisfactory conclusion doesn't help either. Thumbs down.

WCW World Television Title Match - Ricky Steamboat vs Scott Steiner (WorldWide Wrestling, 10/10/92)
Scott was definitely seen as 1/2 of the Steiner Brothers at this time who was in singles only because of Rick's injury and at a point in his career where he was still the freak athlete. Because of that, I had expectations that weren't quite met in this match, although Jesse Ventura's commentary was welcomed and helped advance the story they were going for. Thumbs down, albeit hesitantly.

Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs The Rock (Smackdown 3/23/00)
Buh Buh Ray was a tag champ at the time this happened. D-Von is out with him and would make his presence felt. This was a really fun match with Rocky hitting the favorites and the crowd eating it up. Funny to see how much a big hot crowd can add to the match, especially when comparing it to Steamboat-Steiner in the studio. Hard-hitting with a lot of personality. Thumbs up.

WWF Title Match - The Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy in a ladder match (Raw, 7/10/02)
Commentary made a big deal about this being Taker's first ladder match, which served to level the playing field. I was surprised how violent this match was compared to the current WWE product, especially since it aired on Raw and not PPV. Otherwise a good match, though not as great as I remembered. Still, good stuff with the style clash. Thumbs up.

Overall an enjoyable exercise that made me seek out matches I normally wouldn't have. Great concept. I may revisit with a new theme once I have a good idea and the time to explore in one sitting.


posted on 5-18-2018 at 05:35 AM

Wrestlemania 18 (Done right)

WWF World Heavyweight Title Match

Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. Ric Flair Vs. The Rock Vs. Hulk Hogan

-25-30 minutes
-Tear it up in a manner most entertaining
-Flair wins after stealing the victory after Rock gives Austin a 4th Rock Bottom and gets clobbered with the title
-Hogan gets screwed by Nash and Hall, turning face

WCW World Heavyweight Title Match

Champion Booker T vs. Bill Goldberg

-Booker is the heel, and has held the title since the final Nitro.
-Goldberg won this opportunity by winning the Rumble
-10-12 minutes, with solid work by both
-Hot ending sequence where Booker T missile dropkicks Goldberg, Goldberg rolls back into a corner, no-sells, and Spears Booker T leading into the Jackhammer finish. Would be super hot.

ECW World Heavyweight Title Match

Champion Mike Awesome vs. Rob Van Dam

-Awesome has held the title since September, beating Rhyno for it.
-15-17 minutes
-Crazy match, as expected, probably the most wild of the night.
-Awesome beats Van Dam with an Avalanche Awesome Bomb through a table.

Taz Vs. The Undertaker
-In this perfect world, Taz never got injured and would still have 5-7 good years left in him.
-20 minutes
-After suplex after suplex after suplex at high angles (and reversing most of Takers offense), the endgame begins after Taz reverses the snake eyes/big boot into a capture Tazplex, and goes on a tear, reversing a tombstone into a gutwrench Tazplex, hitting two t-bones (one through a corner table), and then crossfacing Taker until he's bloody, before locking in the Tazmission and tapping out Taker
-I ran this by Cornette during a signing and he said he had never thought about it before, but, and I quote "That sounds like an incredible encounter! I'd pay to see that!"

WCW Tag Team Title Match
The Outsiders Vs. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels

-12 minutes of some of the most hype crowd you'll ever see
-Styles wins after rolling up Hall, and the crowd EXPLODES
-Afterwards, Hall and Nash ask why Hogan wasn't out there watching their backs. Dissenting seeds are planted

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

Rey Mysterio Jr. Vs. Champion Eddie Guerrero

-Oh man, can you imagine the greatness?
-13-15 minutes
-Somehow, the two have a contest on-par with the Halloween Havoc 97 match
-Eddie retains after some real heel shit involving taking off Rey's mask, giving him a brainbuster, and then Frog Splashing him as he can't do anything besides cover up his face. Ultimate heel stuff.

Sting Vs. Kurt Angle
-American Babyface King Vs. The American Hero
-20 minutes
-Angle and Sting have such a match that it actually turns into a face/face dynamic.
-Sting goes over after Benoit SUCCESSFULLY interferes and fucks over Kurt

Steel Cage Match

Triple H vs. Scott Steiner

-Both are actually in great condition, and have a dramatic affair.
-Triple H wins in about 13 minutes

ECW Tag Team Title War

Champions The Dudley Boys Vs. Balls Mahoney and Spike Vs. Raven and Stevie Richards

-Really ridiculously blood match, involving flaming tables, cheese graters, and yeah, you know.
-12 minutes
-After an insane flaming table spot where Spike takes a powerbomb from the Dudleys, they retain.

8-Man Tag Team Match

The Hardy’s/Edge and Christian vs. Jarrett/Kanyon/Bagwell/Storm

-8-10 minutes
-Seeds planted to break up both tag teams, yet the Hardy’s/E&C still win

Intercontinental Title Match

Champion Diamond Dallas Page Vs. Chris Benoit

-DDP has held the title since Survivor Series
-20 minutes of really intense work from both. Match of DDP's life!
-Benoit wins by making DDP pass out after Angle unsuccessfully tries interfering (accidentally hits DDP), furthering their feud

Dean Malenko Vs. William Regal in a grudge match
-10-12 minutes, and REALLY hard-hitting
-Both men put on a great display of technical European-style mat-wrestling
-Malenko goes over with the cloverleaf

Ladder Match for a shot at the WCW Tag Team Titles later in the show

Psicosis/Juventud Vs. AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels Vs. Jamie Noble/Kidman

-Opens the show
-16-18 minutes of wild shit
-Styles and Daniels go over to the surprise of EVERYONE

Those are my marquee matches.

Maybe one day, I'll finish it up.

[Edited on 5-18-2018 by CamstunPWG187]

shashwat mishra

posted on 5-14-2018 at 04:57 PM

Do watch:

1994 Royal Rumble: Bret Hart/Owen Hart vs The Quebecers (I think you can find this on YouTube) for the Tag Championshps

October 11, 1993 - Razor Ramon vs Rick Martel for the Intercontinental Championship

September 18, 2000 - The Undertaker vs The Rock (Non Title Match) - what a strange match this was


posted on 5-14-2018 at 04:10 PM

On My Couch 2: Is Late Era WWECW Better then Late Era Original?

Finlay vs. Rey Mysterio – Stretcher Match (Cyber Sunday 2007)

• Fans had to choose between a Shillelagh on a Pole, No DQ, and Stretcher. I would have gone No DQ, but I would have been wrong
• Finlay forcing Mysterio into a front baseball slide from in the ring to the stretcher was a great spot.
• They also did a bunch of the Shillelagh on a Pole spots, so they clearly prepared for all the match types.
• Shillelagh is an all time great foreign object. Looks vicious. Yes I did have to google how to spell Shillelagh.
• Great closing spot ruined by a cord getting caught around a wheel of the Stretcher, but they recovered quickly and smoothly. I would recommend this match.
• If he had been younger Finlay could have been a main event heel at this point. Such a good worker.

CM Punk vs. The Shield (TLC 2013)
• CM Punk definitely looks a bit haggard at the beginning here. I’m not sure if I’m reading that into this knowing he is a few weeks away from quitting or if there were signs there.
• You can see Roman’s swagger and potential here. Shame they would screw it up so badly.
• On paper it’s hard to imagine a 3 on 1 match where the 1 wins and everyone comes out looking good but it works. The Shield looks awesome, but CM Punk also showcases an I won’t die attitude and a ring mastermind ability to not get overwhelmed by the numbers.
• I’m ready for the return of Dean Ambrose the heel.
• Watching this makes me sad. I miss CM Punk. He gets to choose how he wants to live his life, but seeing him win a 3 on 1 match against the Shield when I know he is about the quit because he doesn't like how he is being booked is insanity.

Juventud Guerrera vs Billy Kidman (Bash at the Beach 1998)
• Flock Era Kidman with Lodi!
• Juvi without his mask.
• Seems to be a defacto No DQ match as they aren’t doing a good job of hiding the cheating from the ref.
• Juvi/Michinoku Driver is one of my personal favorite moves.
• Just a classic WCW Cruiserweight Match. Lots of high spots and cool moves, just ok selling and storytelling. Very enjoyable, but not a must see.

Hart Foundation Vs The Rockers (Saturday Night’s Main Event 4.28.1990)
• Starts with a quick Mean Gene interview with The Rockers. HBK says something about it not being the OK Corral which was very confusing until we see Vince and Jesse are wearing Cowboy hats and have horses behind them. Apparently we are in Texas.
• I miss crowds like this. Just a ton of noise when interesting thing happen. Not every reaction has to be a chant.
• Very good match, but no clean finish is a little disappointing and prevents me from recommending it.

Christian Vs William Regal – ECW Championship (Breaking Point 2009)
• WWECW rightfully gets a lot of crap, but by the final year it had actual become a very good show. If it had been named something else it probably would have been beloved similar to NXT now. Building a show around Christian has a 100% success rate. Shame it didn’t happen more often.
• Really good match. I’ll give it match of the night for this show. Would recommend

Justin Credible vs. Tommy Dreamer – Stairway to Heaven Match for the ECW Championship (Heatwave 2000)
• From the tail end of the revival ECW to the tail end of the original ECW
• I was a big Justin Credible mark, but if I’m being honest 80% was because his name was a pun. The other 20% was probably Lance Storm.
• Apparently this match is famous for a bunch of people from a local indy fed showing up and making a scene of themselves before the match begins.
• They fight into the crowd on this one. The crowd is exactly what you imagine an ECW crowd to be. Very drunk dude-bro filled.
• I not sure they ever said the rules, but barbed wire is hung where the title usually would be in a ladder match. Using barbed wire isn’t exactly unusual in ECW, so I don’t get the match.
• Justin Credible went back first into a ladder and came up with a bladed face. E-C-Dub!
• Anything with women in ECW is embarrassing.
• Would not recommend.

Ending with that terrible ECW match put a bit of a downer on what had been a decent show. Second straight show where I did a poor job picking the main event, but I'm trying to find stuff I haven't seen before or at least long enough that I don't remember well.


posted on 5-8-2018 at 08:21 PM

I’m always looking to find the time to watch old stuff on the network. I occasionally start something chronologically and usually give up too quickly. I’m also apparently the only human alive that is sad that the number of WWE PPVs is dropping so dramatically in 2018. My wife suggested that I try making my own shows to watch every week or two. Through a combination of the WWE Network and some of my personal dvds I watched the follow card:

ToD Presents: On My Couch 1

Ultimo Dragon vs. La Parka (Nitro 8.18.97)

In the future, I’d like to try and plan out the show in advance, but as a test run I just fired up the network and tried using the search feature to find Ultimo Dragon matches. In related news, the search feature on the network sucks. They really need to find a way to include information like what show the match comes from and ideally match length. This 4 minute match didn’t provide the cruiserweight action I was looking to open the show with so I decided to have Ultimo pull double duty. Thumbs Down.

Ultimo Dragon vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (World War Three 1996)
This is more like it. A very entertaining match. Definitely was a match that focused on highlighting Ultimo Dragon’s offensive skills, though it made Rey look like a tough bastard. Announcers were annoying, as they couldn’t even get Ultimo’s name correct. He was called Ultimate Dragon multiple times. Ultimo hit this slingshot sitout powerbomb that looked awesome and someone should steal to use as a finish. Slingshot moves are underutilized. Thumbs Up

Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle – Three Stages of Pain Match (Final Resolution 2009)
The end of TNA’s golden era before Hogan’s arrival. This was a very good match that was hindered by an overly complex gimmick. AKA the story of TNA. The falls were: Pin, Submission, Escape the Cage. Strangely, the whole thing took place in a cage, but using the cage as a weapon wasn’t legal until the third fall. Way too complex and I have a general dislike of escaping the cage in general. Still, watching two people of this talent level go at it is worth the time. Thumbs up.

Paige vs. Emma (NXT Arrival)
This match made me instantly fall in love with Emma and Paige back when first watching it, and it holds up. A bit melancholy to watch now with Emma gone and Paige retired. These two should still be tearing it up on a weekly basis. WWE really missed the boat with Emma. She spent this matching showing off a submission specialist moveset that was great even following Desmond Wolfe and Kurt Angle. She never really got the chance to show that skill on the main roster. Thumbs up.

Stevie Ray vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. (Bash at the Beach 1998)
This doesn’t really count as a match, but it sure was fun. This was during the Chavo as a crazy person stage of his early career. Chavo was going to have to immediately follow this match with a Hair vs. Hair match with Eddie and the way he got out of this one was loads of fun. Thumbs Up

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. – Hair vs. Hair (Bash at the Beach 1998)
Definitely a comedy match. It was legit funny too, but I would have liked it to have gotten more serious as it went along. The ending also wasn’t great. Still, it was a comedy match and I laughed. Thumbs Up

King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Batista vs. Finlay – World Title Match (No Mercy 2006)
The main event! The last match led to me to explain Eddie to my wife. When I mentioned Eddie’s last match was against Drax, I decided to have my main event be a Batista match. I was a big King Booker mark, and Lashley is back, so I remembered this one. No idea how the existence of this match was still in my brain, but it was. This was your typical four way with one or two people taking a powder outside and match ups rotating. Booker and Finlay spent most of the match working together and Batista and Lashley were largely kept apart to try and build fan anticipation to the eventual confrontation between those two. The lack of reaction when they finally did square off doesn’t help build confidence for Lashley’s current day return. This match also reminded me of how good Finlay was. We also got a pre-Hornswoggle appearance of “That Little Bastard”. Nothing to write home about but it was solid. Thumbs in the middle.

Overall this was a fun way to spent my time. Hopefully other people will join in doing something similar or at least providing some recommendations of matches I should watch or themes for upcoming cards I put together. I definitely want to find a good Finlay match to include and a tag team title match.

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